Do Arsenal need a new Vieira?

by Graham Fisher

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

Talent is undoubtedly running through the veins of the current squad but there isn’t that character in the team who can pull them through tough games where they are not at their best. In fairness to Arsene Wenger he has recruited some good experienced players in the last two seasons, like the Arteta’s and Cazorla’s of this world.

This type of midfield player is perfect for the way the Gunners play, though it could do with being complimented by a general in the middle of the park who will bark the instructions and rally the players when they need it. In years to come Jack Wilshere has all the qualities to become this type of player for the North Londoner’s. This is another reason why a vocal and passionate leader is needed at this moment in time to prepare Wilshere for the future.

The last time Arsenal won a trophy was the 2005 FA Cup. Patrick Viera was in the starting eleven that day along with some other big names, including Dennis Bergkamp and Robert Pires. These players amongst a few others were match winners during Wenger’s most fruitful spell in charge of the club.

As much as a real dependable midfield leader is needed, it is hard to pick four or five match winners in the current squad. Last season Robin Van Persie could always find a goal and Alex Song could always supply the pass the Dutchman required. Theo Walcott statistically was one of the best right wingers in the league last season and could become a regular source of goals for the Emirates based outfit if he was moved into the centre.

This campaign Santi Cazorla has been an absolute revelation. The tricky little Spaniard has all the ability in his locker to thread through perfect passes but has not shown to be the type who will rally the troops on the pitch as such. What he does do well though is take the ball at every opportunity and control games for his team thus setting the tone for the 90 minutes.

However ability is not enough, sometimes players need to be told how good they are and have the arm put round them to feel secure in the team in the knowledge that they know their captain or one of the leaders on the pitch has their back.

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  • bobdenjy

    As a long-term Arsenal supporter myself, we do not only need a new Viera, but also a new Seaman, Dixon, Bould, Adams, Pires, Bergkamp, Henry, Ljumberg, Parlour, Keown and Merson ! The current ones are too lilly-livered and will never stand up to the Chelskis and Manures of today ! One of them even found nothing wrong swapping shirts with a ‘traitor’ at half-time !

  • Sammy

    Yeah, because it’s so easy to buy a new Vieira. There isn’t ateam in the world that wouldn’t give anything for a new Vieira.

    The guy was a one-off, a force of nature. The only player who comes close to him right now is Yaya Touré and even he isn’t in the same class as Vieira.

  • MM

    Good point in that Viera was a one off. But so was Roy Keane and how many trophies have they won since?

    It’s time for Wenger to go upstairs and get someone else in.

    It’s been groundhog day for 7 years now.

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