Do Spurs fans really want Luka Modric in their team?

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Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

What has happened to football today? Where is the passion? Where is the drive? Having endured a torturous 90 minutes of the Man United vs Tottenham match – all be it I write this from the perspective of a Spurs fan – I can’t help but feel infuriated and sickened by footballers today.

I cannot deny that when I heard the reasoning behind Luka Modric not starting, I did expect it. I’ve often tried to see the positive in all footballers, at one point in time I remember attempting to justify Joey Barton’s antics. However, it has gotten to a stage where there no longer can be any justification. If your ‘head isn’t clear’ – get up and get on with your job like any other working professional. Tell me, do us average wage earners not go into work because our ‘head isn’t clear’ – no.

The problem behind this incessant transfer saga whining is that, managers, sporting directors and chairman’s pander to it. Of course I can relate to the fact that you want to keep a player – I want Luka Modric to stay at Spurs just as much as the next person.  Unfortunately, having watched Tottenham’s defeat it was clear to see that we missed him a great deal. We had no creativity or flare in midfield – yes Bale was often a threat, but we can’t rely on Bale for a whole season, we all know how injury prone he is. However, I have to question that by attempting to hold on to a player by the skin of our teeth – really is the best solution? We all can recall what happened with previous Eastern European Sagas (Berbatov) and have we not learnt? Isn’t it easier to sell the player now; rather than suffer the consequences later?

If we sold Luka now, we could potentially rake in £30 million and with that we could buy a selection f players; a striker, another creative midfield player and if we have a little extra – another defender. If we try and hold on to him and play hardball, like we always do we will come across as the weaker side.

Lets be progressive Harry and acknowledge the fact that we can still move forward without Modric or even Bale. I know its difficult to fathom how – and I am sure many of you would disagree. But, it will have a much more positive effect on football in the long run.

If more managers took the approach of Ferguson, maybe more clubs could be on the same scale as Man United. No player, in essence, would refuse to play for Sir Alex and expect to get away with it. I guarantee you; they’d be asked to leave.  Ferguson has the correct approach – no player is bigger than the club.

Therefore my message to you Harry and other managers, is take back your control and show them who is actually the boss.

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  • Darren

    judging by Mondays performance yes. but if he doesnt want to be there (Fabregas, Nasri) get rid now. 35m is a lot of money for a money for a player who couldn’t even make the first team 2 seasons ago.

    Replace with Diarra, and maybe a younger more creative player and yr in business.

    anyway, why do I care? I’m a Arsenal fan

  • sheikh352

    Levy’s the boss and he’s said the player is NOT for sale. In the past few days, Modric has earned more than the average working Briton earns in a YEAR. For what? He didn’t play, when he could have. His team (my team) got slaughtered – especially in midfield and, as a result, we are bottom of the league. A nil-nil draw would have put us above Arsenal on goal difference! Harry has shown the way, this week, by insisting that Modric takes part in at least one match, by the end of the weekend, or face being refused permission to play for his country, next week.

  • keith robins

    why do u believe our manager i dont head not in the right place
    who made that assumption harry ,god help us he does not stop spouting off to the media/talksport/papers why doent he shut up u seem to believe a lot that that pillock says
    Nothing has changed dan levy said 2mths ago modders is going no where ,only thing changing is harry with his drivel everyday/week

  • Clive

    Yes they do. The first season Arsenal refused to let Fabregas go to Barcelona he was brilliant, the best player in the league, so it can work holding on to them.

    We all expect him to go in a year if we don’t get Champions League football. Taking the stance now and not being bullied into selling him cheap, which is what this tapping up through the media has been all about, is the right course of action.

    If you want a player that bad you pay, you don’t tell him to try and force a move. There is to much breaking of the rules, Man City trying to fiddle a sponsorship deal, Wenger trying to cheat a ban, Chelsea tapping a player up.

    Stand firm and say no.

  • Nick

    i feel the same way. ship the little rat out. but the problem is that with the current transfer fees what they are we wont be able to buy “a striker, another creative midfield player and if we have a little extra – another defender” for 30m we supposedly gonna get.
    plus im really pleased to see Levy keep his word and not cave in to chelsea.
    man u and alex went through the same ordeal with ronaldo and real for about a year.

  • Spurls

    robins, couldn’t agree more mate. the only person who has said anything about it for weeks is redknapp. literally the ONLY person. Not Modric, not his agent, no one. So why the F&*K are you talking about it redknapp. It’s because he’s constantly self-promoting. I’ve also heard that one of the main issues between Levy and Redknapp is that redknapp wants old, experienced premiership players with one year left in them, and levy is trying to build. I don’t know whether this is true, but it fits with certain facts, including, quite tellingly, that redknapp is basically hated by every club he ever managed because he leaves them with overpaid, unsellable old men with no future. I’m getting sick and tired of it.

    Oh, and to respond to one of the article’s main points, we, as fans, need to get over the idea that players are loyal in any way. Sad, I hate it, but it’s a fact. No, you don’t go into work if your head is not right, but at the same time, if you worked for Ryan Air and BA offered you three times your wage, wouldn’t you want to leave? And wouldn’t it be illegal for Ryan to “force” you to work for them? It’s a business now, deal with it.

  • Spurls

    oh, and that’s another point good nick, love the way redknapp bangs on about how £30m would bring in 3 or 4 players. Really redknapp? Which ones? it would buy two decent ones max. unless you mean we could buy jenas, hutton, defoe and bassong. guess that’s about 30m. sorry for the rant everyone, but i’m so angry with redknapp at the minute. stop doing f*&king adverts and coach our team.

  • Indyfan

    Of course we want Modric. Only a few loonies would be angry that he wanted to leave – though they themselves would not hesitate to grab a chance to triple their salaries by leaving their jobs, or their home or even their wife!

    Modric did not grow up in Tottenham. His services were purchased and he came here; if players were accused of disloyalty whenever they moved clubs all the supporters of all the clubs in England would be throwing their toys out of the pram in rage.

    Luka is a great player, on of the very best in the country and we need him at WHL this season and hopefully he’ll be there for years to come. He deserves to be the highest paid player on the club and I’m sure Chairman Levy will see that he is well rewarded for staying.

  • Georgia Knight

    I know 30 million isnt a lot of money in footballing terms – and the thought that it isnt, nearly makes me sick. However, we have to be pragmatic in the way we spend. Yes, i was being a little bit optimistic in how much we can get for 30 million .

    All i am saying is lets not wait till last minute and sell him – get less- and then then the transfer window shuts and we cant buy.

  • Shannon

    In fact, Fergie also held onto Ronaldo when he wanted to leave, though it’s true that Ronaldo never had that “head” story. Sorry, Luka’s a cunt.

  • Val

    There seems to be some sort of lack of urgency at Spurs both on the pitch and the management/administration/ transfer side of things. Why are we so lack-lustre in everything we do. This ethos HAS GOT TO CHANGE. BTW, play Modric on Thursday and then let the git go to whoever wants him. And let VDV go as well, he seems to want to do everything on the pitch at the cost of the team. Sometimes it works, the majority of the time it does not.

  • ray

    MODRIC IS AN ESSENTIAL PLAYER WHICH WE WILL BE SORRY TO LOSE. If you saw the match against Unt our midfield was in shambles as if we had no midfield. He is a playmaker and a creator and we will not find another like him.So what if we get 35mil for him and Redknapp gets 3 or 4 players, we have to pay more wages and what sort of players like jenas or defoe for Gods sake give him nore money and keep him he is worth every penny he gets, all world class players are on over 100 gran a week Levy.

  • IoanX

    Where have you seen the creativity of Modric in the 22 PL games last season that Spurs failed to win?
    Can you remind me in which of those 22 games was he the best player of Spurs on the field together with the relevant statistics and votes?
    Spurs would be better off if the club replaces Modric with an AM who would be more creative than him or/and would have a leader’s character or/and would be able to bring more effectively the ball forward or/and would be able to score 8-15 goals during a season.
    There are many AM who would even cost less than 30m and have most of those qualities (Mauri, Marin, Vidal (went to Juve for 12m), Prieto, Inler, Badelj, Granero, Hazard just to mention some of them).
    They could have a more vital impact on Spurs game and help the team effectively to win games.
    Of course any move should always be well planed and concluded in time.
    A club is great if it can sell any want away player and manages to replace him by another player who could cost less and still be an improvement.

  • ray

    how many players did Redknapp enquiry about and wanted them to sign for Spurs ,but when they know the wages they will be getting they bugger off and they sign for another club who pays them 3 times as much. that is why it is very difficult for Spurs to get any world class players, so I say we must hang on to our best players and sell the deadwood other we will become a middle league team.

  • spurs

    Loanx you said Modrich should score 8 to 15 goals in a season like Defoe or Crouch or Pav not even between them and they are all strikers and u expect modders to score that much. you talking rubbish Modders is a quality player a good passer of the ball and one of the best playmaker in the game and that is why Chelsea want him allthough they have quality players.

  • sheikh352

    People go on about Modric’s stats as if he is an underachiever. They point to something like 2 goals and 3 assists (or something like that). What is routinely overlooked is that he actually creates CHANCES 0 lots of them (last season, 66 scoring chances, in fact), that, with a half-decent strike force, could have seen us earn anything from 12 to 18 more points – in which case, we would not be having this conversation, as Luka would be happily involved in playing Champions League football with US, this season.

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