Do we need FIFA to have a world cup?

by Mystical Mike

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

World League’ Set to Pit Continent against Continent in Thrilling New Soccer Competition

The most beloved sport in the world is about to get even bigger, with a dazzling new concept which is about to become the planet’s most exciting sporting competition.

Introducing the World League – also known as ‘The Battle of the Continents’ – an independent tournament which will pit eight brand new continental football franchises against one another. North, Central, South America and Africa will all get their own teams, and two teams each within Asia/Pacific and Europe will compete in a series of home-and-away games to see who comes out on top, with the top four teams entering into a final series to determine the champion.

The competition, which will be completely independent from the FIFA, will dictate that teams must use players who are citizens of their own continent, uniting whole regions and initiating huge local support for each team, regardless of borders. Instead of club teams or nations, whole continents will engage in the battle to become the best in the world. Imagine Lionel Messi’s South American stars coming head-to-head with Ronaldo’s cultured European elite – the event would be highly anticipated and widely watched across the world.

Phil Bauer, Director of Bauer Global, rights-holder of the competition, says, “Football is already the world’s most-watched and loved sport. A staggering global audience of almost one billion people tuned in for 2014’s World Cup Final – but we think there’s scope to go one step further, using football to unite whole continents in the ultimate battle. The World League will be the tournament of all tournaments; the world’s richest and most exciting sporting league, and a fantastic commercial opportunity for broadcasters, sponsors and franchise rights-holders.”

Mr Bauer adds, “Of course, the event will also be hugely appealing to spectators across the globe – that’s why we’ll be looking at ways in which we can enhance the entertainment quality of the tournament. We’re already considering extending the half-time break to put on a Super Bowl-style show while the teams recuperate, and we’re also looking into highly anticipated video technology that will ensure the quality of officiating and the standards the competition is held to will be the highest around.”

The tournament format will be a standard league, with each team playing home and away seven times. Every game will be held in a different city on that continent, to ensure the World Football Series reaches as many people as possible. Once the season is over, the top four teams will compete in a semi-final and a final to see who will be crowned the indisputable best.

Prior to the beginning of the first season of the World League, the rights to hold one of the eight global franchises will be auctioned to the highest bidders – either individuals or corporations. The owners of each franchise will have a seat on the board of the league, dictating the future of the competition, as well as a stake in the series corporation.

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