Do we really expect England to win the World Cup?

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Desire, passion, composure, skill, goals and brilliant teamwork were some of the traits I witnessed on Monday night, in what can only be described as the most breath-taking hour of football I’ve seen in a long time.

Unfortunately, I’m not talking about England, I am in fact taking about our weekly 5-a-side session, in which my team were battered 16-6. So what I hear you say, my point here is we would rather play football than actually watch an England friendly.

But, lets not get to down, we’ll be back next week for revenge and will hopefully turn that defeat into a victory.

I got home just in time for the end of the England v Mexico match, only to hear the same old clichés from the pundits and radio presenters, ‘a win is a win’, ‘we can take some positives from the game’. Bore off; I watched the highlights and Mexico out passed us, which seems to happen every time we play. What happened to Capello’s philosophy of keeping the ball for longer periods?

I do confess, I’m England cynic, I’ve been here so many times before, I’ve shed too many tears, and wasted too much emotion only to be gloriously let down time and time again. I fully expect us to get the quarter finals but no further.

The inquest of why we didn’t make the semi finals will once again be mentioned, lack of grass roots funding and coaching will of course be blamed too, but the truth of the matter is, I don’t think we are, or will ever be good enough to win a major tournament.

As for my 5-a-side team, we’ll never be good enough to win anything, but we’ll always play with composure, desire and heart. Something the England team could learn from us.

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  • Mike

    I suppose it was a good win against the Mexicans. We have improved under Capello and you can’t deny that. Thing is; there are so many other good teams; teams clearly better than us and teams at least equal to us (I’m thinking Holland, Ivory Coast, Argentina.)

    Having said that I believe we will see a new- look England at the WC just for the fact that our “golden generation” of talent has really got one last chance to win it with Engerland. Gerrard (in particular) as well as Lamps, Terry, Ferdinand, Beckham, and James will really give it a go. Plus South African conditions will really suit us.

    I haven’t got World Cup fever… yet but I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.

  • Matt Quinn

    I think the problem with England is too much passion, desire and heart. Like that stupid Carlsberg advert about motivating speeches.

    It’s all tub-thumping nonsense!

    We need to be calm, composed and nerveless.

    Guardiola always tells Barca to remain calm no matter what the score. Don’t let the occasion or opposition affect you. Just play your own game…. And like you say, keep the bloody ball.

    The Germans get so far in tournaments because they have ice cold composure.

    Watching the likes of Milner, Gerrard and Walcott play for England is depressing. All headless chickens. 100mph stuff. No class.

    Although- saying that i fancy us to get to the semis. Think a lot of teams are weaker than usual. Brazil, Germany, France, Italy all look shadows of their former great teams.

    Look out for Chile and Serbia. Dark horses.

  • Stevie

    Milner is a 30 million player according to Man City

    The Germans have only failed to reach the semis 4 times or something stupid like that

    Serbia are always dark horses. There’s usually 1 surprise semi finalist, Croatia, Sth Korea, Turkey in the Euro’s. Lets hope its us cos it will be a surprise!

  • Paul

    Blackpool have got more chance of winning the Premier League!

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