Do we really want Berbatov in our league?

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

He’’s a player, he doesn’’t love you anymore, and all he wants to do is score. What would you do with a striker like Dimitar Berbatov? If I were Daniel Levy over at White Hart Lane I’d have stuck him in the nearest taxi and sent him down to Stevenage Borough in the Blue Square Premier for a spell up front with the big boys.

Much in the same way Manchester United became everything Spurs wanted to avoid, there’s a club down the road from me where rumour has it they’re so loathed to let a player go to a rival team, they’’ve farmed him off to a side near where he lives and upped his wages. To me it’s bench warming gone mad, and all this happening not in the Premier League, but in Non League Football.


Next thing you know the likes of Mr Abramovich will be digging into his pocket to create his own grassroots football team to play every other footballing star who he doesn’t want to turn out for United. We’d have Messi and Ronaldinho lining up for Chelsea Red Star against Witham Town in the Ryman League, Kaka taking a penalty in the final of the Vase against Whitby and in the words of one of the greatest ever Kevin’s “I’d love it”.

So would all this swapping of allegiances happen in big business? A friend of mine does something with Insurance and is forever being asked to jump on board with another faceless corporate. So what does he do? He casually drops it into conversation with his current employer and hey presto the next week a bonus is in his back pocket. A familiar tale? How many times have we seen that happen in football recently?

Bartering has forever been a part of life from the days when man traded animals for fair maidens. We may have swapped to a more manageable currency but the trading is no less Neanderthal.

The time therefore has come for all players to declare the team they’ve always wanted to play for before they sign professional terms. If Dimitar Berbatov had declared an affection for, let’s for arguments sake say Manchester United when a kid at Pirin Blagoevgrad, would anyone have argued when this summer’s transfer fervour hit the headlines? Or seeing as most Spurs fans have heard the story of Dimi once going to bed in a Newcastle shirt dreaming of Alan Shearer, perhaps a move to the North East would have been easier to stomach? Perhaps not. Fact is Ronaldo insists he’s always loved Real and that hasn’t stopped United fans booing him.

Whatever happens as more money pours into the game the Berbatov and Ronaldo sagas of the summer will become more and more common place, so we’ve got to decide as fans do we let them go and have done with it? Or maybe here’s a solution, when money can’t settle a good old transfer battle perhaps the only thing is to let a player do what he wants. Either that or my personal favourite, a penalty shoot out for his services, or maybe a mud wrestle, or a jousting tournament, how’s about tiddlywinks, anyone for a thumb war?

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  • Jamie Farrier

    Scary parallels indeed between the tiresome summer sagas and the out-of-the-spotlight dealings in the lower leagues.

    It’s actually been quite a wonder that Berbatov’s kept schtum on his transfer up until now, but this seems to be the way the winds are blowing. A shake-up of how transfers are dealt with seems on the cards, but it’s going to take something on the scale of Bosman to make it happen. Clubs losing their main assets are turning to the aggressive stance to fend off ‘dream moves’ (Exhibit A: Aston Villa and Gareth Barry).

    Not sure about thumb wars though, Cristiano might cheat a sneaky win by simulation.

  • Jay

    i think Berbatov is a quality player, but for me isn’t just isn’t consistent enough, with him you get 1 good game and 2 average ones. Ramos obviously doesn’t fancy him hence playing Bent ahead of him.

    As Jamie has pointed out, it’s very tiresome indeed, this pre-season seemed to be the most speculative ever, so many rumours that in the end I stopped reading the papers…

    What about quiz, that would be be goof fun, the winners get to choose who they to play for them!

  • Martyn

    Berbatov is a great striker. His ability is unquestionable. He can do things on the ball that Ratty Ronaldo couldn’t dream of. Yes, he does sulk, yes he moans and yes he has his fair share of bad games but he has chipped in with over 20 goals for 2 seasons in a row and more assists than most too. This is why I would love for Spurs to keep him.
    We’ve promsed him for 2 seasons that we would be playing champions league and both times we have let him down. We have no reason to believe anything different after our start on Saturday. This is why he wants to go. My spurce told me that Saturdays result was teh nail in the coffin for him).
    On the other hand, as far as Spurs goes, they have taken him from a £10.9m to a circa £30m player (which I believe is a fair price for him). They also want to be challenging the Man Utds of this world. So they see selling to Man U as selling to a rival, which they are loathed to do. There you have your stalemate.
    Spurs can do without Berba, as long as they get another class striker (Arshavin is class if that happens) but selling to a team they want to be challenging is the problem.
    Personally, I’d love to keep him but wont hold it against him if he leaves. If we’re not going to keep him though, we need to replace him first.

  • Martyn

    Anyone else really annoyed at The Sun for trying to fool people into thinking Berbatov signed a Man Utd shirt, when its actually an old CSKA Sofia shirt?? Is this legal??? This goes back to my blog a while ago about media and what they should and shouldn’t be allowed to do. Facts should be required before a story is printed!!

  • Jay

    that’s what the newspaper do, they love to Sensationalize, it’s sells papers, it’s half the reason our football team is so bad.

    Your average Sun reader will believe that story and tell his mates. He will also buy the new Oasis LP. Sad but true

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