Do you know the way to get Jose?

by James Baker

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Jose ThinkingEighteen months and 12 qualifying games have passed since the FA last appointed an England manager. I would love to say it was a brilliant, successful appointment but I cannot. I would love to say the FA went out and made sure we got the right man for the job, I cannot.

Unfortunately, The FA is getting exactly what it deserved. Their second rate appointment of a manager has produced a second rate national team. I do not dislike Steve McClaren. In fact, I think he is decent guy doing a job he clearly wasn’t qualified to be doing. I can see the logic the FA employed by making an Englishman assistant to Sven during his reign as England. It made sense and I believe most of us want an English manager to manage the England team.

However, when Sven departed, the FA seemed to think that McClaren was not the man to lead England as they opted for the skills of “Big” Phil Scolari to lead us to Euro 2008 glory. As we all know, “Big” Phil turned us down. The FA panicked and knew they needed to find someone quickly. They had been interviewing numerous candidates and came up with McClaren, a man they had been grooming for the post for 5 years as Sven’s assistant but when the time came they obviously did not think he was up to it. “Big” Phil says no and McClaren is back in vogue.

I am not one to say “I told you so”. In fact, I can’t stand people that always know best after the event, with the benefit of hindsight. However, in this case, it did seem quite obvious. I am always the optimist, I have to be to support the team I do, but I did have major concerns over McClaren’s appointment and so it has come to pass.

So, where do we go from here? Every day we read that another potential suitor has ruled himself out. O’Neill was the first (shame), then Curbishley (no thanks) and then Allardyce (thank god). That is about it for the British Isles. There is only one man left standing and that is the Premiership’s current leading English manager, Harry Redknapp. One of the most popular managers around, I’m sure he would be a popular England manager. In fact, I think the bloke is a top man and I would not mind a bit if he took over. After his arrest on Wednesday, however, I think “H”, that loveable cockney will not be getting the job.

The FA will almost certainly be employing another foreign coach of the England team. Ten years ago, I think most of us would have said that was an awful idea. We gave the world football and had had some of the greatest managers working in English football. Then Sven came along. When Germany were stuffed in 2001 in Munich, Sven became an honorary Englishman and that was that. He went back to being thought of as a foreign coach when the wheels began falling off, though. The Premier League, though is what has made us very familiar with the continental game and continental managers. All of the big clubs have foreign coaches (ok, Fergie is British, but a Scotsman managing England? Hang on, isn’t that happening with the running of this country at the moment? They would never let that happen…).

It is now expected at the big clubs. There seems to be a reluctance to employ English managers. Bruce, Jewell, Dowie, Pardew, Warnock, Boothroyd, etc have all enjoyed relative success with smaller clubs but are never given a chance to manage a big club. Because of this, there are no outstanding English managers ready to take the big job, just like McClaren Klinsmann, Capello, Benitez, Hiddink and co have all been linked by the media. Surely there is only one man that can do it. The FA cretins should be doing all they can to get the best man for the job. Give him an offer he cannot refuse and get Mourinho. Ok, he managed Chelsea and was not particularly popular with a lot of opposition fans. I personally will always love him for his celebration in front of the Scousers in the Carling Cup Final. This man breeds devotion. Players will run through walls for him. He is one of the best man managers in the business. He has a brilliant mind and uses the media well. Yes, I know us non-Chelsea fans used to get annoyed by reading about his latest in outburst in the press but most of us know it was done to motivate his team. If he was England manager and was continuing his outbursts, but getting the results, would you care? I wouldn’t. More importantly, would the FA? This would surely be the FA’s only problem with Mourinho. Let’s hope they can get over that and deliver the man we deserve. Do you know the way to get Jose? La la la la la la la la la.

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  • Barry Blog

    The fact the we agreed to employ the second rate manager only reinforces what many of the hardened fans have been saying for years and that is we have some seriuos flaws in the FA and the game in general. To imply that McClaren was given the post as he was the best choice at the time shows an inherint flaw in the FA’s thinnking and as such this should make many of there posts untenable.
    Many have not the experience or indeed the courage to have this job as they cannot make the tough decisions or (even more upsetting) when the do, have not the honour to resign when they are wrong.
    This has disgusted myself nad other fans for a long time and although i agree with Big Baker on most points he should be aware that an open cheque book and an ego the size of pearces’ heart does not lead to victory. Hold the cash get veners’ to build then see what happens next year.
    Fa must go. Elected body. Eleceted by the fans for the Nation. We pay there wages (indirectly maybe) and they should be accountable as the rest of us are.

  • Darren

    My only concern would be he would build the team around Lampard? Question is, would he still play Lamps & Gerrard?

  • Paul

    He prob would, but he would get the best out of him for sure. I’m pretty excited actually, he could be the best hope we have, lets see how special he really is!

  • http://ew hamish mackey

    they cant afford him….the press are the ones making money of this… normal the eng fan will suffer when they appoint someone 2nd rate…..

  • PJ

    Well done I think with your expert knowledge you should apply. At least you would give Green a chance to shine for England. We need these rich players to play for the manager as they have shown they are not playing for the country with the same club passion.

  • PJ

    When are you putting your picture on the site marge

  • Darren

    as if Jose ever really wanted to manage England? He did it to say to the footballing world, hey, I’m still around, don’t forget I am the special one!

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