Does anyone actually want to win the Premier League?

by James Baker

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Another Premiership weekend has passed and again, we see a lot of surprising results. Does anyone want to win the Premiership this year?

Firstly, we had Liverpool losing at Portsmouth. The once mighty Reds are working as well as a Channel Tunnel train at the moment. Their two “world class” players played and they were still stuffed. Chilly times for Rafa ahead.

Fulham putting three unanswered past the once impenetrable defence that was Manchester United’s. In fairness to the Red Devils, they have the worst defence injury crisis in recent memory. Still, you just don’t expect it. How well are Fulham playing at the moment? Great to see a club being run on a sensible budget with an excellent manager doing so well. Zamora for England? Maybe not but he really is playing some lovely stuff. When the ball hits the net, like a ——— rocket, that’s Zamora!!!

Chelsea couldn’t get past a gutsy Hammers display at the Boleyn on Sunday. They were quite ordinary in all honesty and were fortunate to get away with a draw. Two things I noticed whilst at the game. First the positive, how good was Drogba’s effort in the second-half? I was at the other end of the pitch but thought it was in as I saw it go over Green’s head. Goal of the decade contender it would have been. Secondly, Carvalho and Ballack may be good professional football players but they are also professional cheats. For family reasons, I have some affection for Chelsea but you really can see why other supporters hate them so much when they have those two in their ranks. I suppose it is to be expected with Terry as their leader. Great chant yesterday to the tune of the Addams family. His Mother is a stealer, his Father is a dealer his sister is a squealer, the Terry family (please note this is not the view of UKfootballfinder ☺).

Arsenal won. Maybe they want to win the title then. Bit naughty that stunt pulled by Nasri, though. Are the Arse going back to the days of Vierra et al, when sneaky, petulant fouls were the norm? Hull and Arsenal don’t like each other much, do they? Can’t wait for the return at the KC for more aggro.

Was Wolves’ result at the weekend vindication for Mick McCarthy to play a weakened side in mid-week at Old Trafford? 9 points from 12 for Wolves is a great return.

Finally, the biggest news, Sparky given his marching orders at Eastlands. I think it is disgraceful. Some will say that Hughes knew what he was getting in to but nobody deserves to be treated in that way. Martin Jol was treated in similar fashion by that awful club in North London when they courted Ramos. I hope it will end similarly for Mancini. Nothing against him and I had a lot of time for him as a player. I just think the treatment of Hughes is wrong.

I know he spent a lot of money. He made them in to a great attacking team to watch. Yes, they were a bit porous at the back and this should have been tightened up. One thing I would say is that he had lots of money to spend but could not get the defenders in to improve that defence. Terry turned them down, Man Utd wouldn’t sell Rio so who was available to buy. He paid too much money for two average defenders in Toure and Lescott so should anyone be surprised at their poor backline? I will be interested to see how Mancini changes things and I am sure the enterprising, free flowing football played under Hughes will be a thing of the past and that City will become a lot more Italian. Yes, they only won 2 games in 11. They also only lost 2 all season. It seems the City board have spun it using the former and not the latter.

Can’t wait for the Christmas games. I fully expect the top 6 to lose their games, for Mark Hughes to be Fergie’s new assistant at United (funnier things have happened) and for John Terry to give me a tour of Santa’s grotto. Where did I leave my wallet?

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  • jimmythegent

    His Mother is a stealer,
    his Father is a dealer
    his sister is a squealer,
    the Terry family!!!!

    Strip him of the captaincy Fabio, give it Rooney!!

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