Don’t be so frivolous!

by Mystical Mike

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Are the FA a bunch of pompous old fools?

Jeremie Aliadiere’s sending off against Liverpool must surely go down as the most ludicrous sending off the Premiership has ever seen. An accolade previously owned by Billy the Badger, Fulham’s break dancing mascot, Aliadiere was sent-off for gently brushing Liverpool’s Javier Mascherano’s face in the 3-2 defeat on Saturday this as a retaliation to Mascherano putting his hand up to his face, which apparently the referee had seen!?

Boro naturally appealed against the red card. But the FA cited Boro’s appeal as frivolous, I mean what sort of a word is that? So Boro were being thoughtless, shallow, superficial, I looked up the word and that’s actually what it means, foolish. To rub salt into the wound, he was given an extra game ban. A Similar thing happened to Derby County for being (how dare they) upstarts. However when Chelsea’s appeal was thrown out, the 3-match ban for Michael Essien stayed just that, a three-match ban.

If this was one of the big four, what would have happened? Sweet FA, that’s what, it’s perhaps presumptuous but would a red card have been issued in the first place. Probably as referees are very unpredictable from one match to the next but that’s another overly debated topic.

The FA haven’t the nerve to say anything remotely similar to Alex Ferguson or Arsene Wenger. And the Chelsea example also cites they have the power to influence.

Aliadiere has hardly taken the Premiership by storm but he was just starting to find some form. He may end up missing Boro’s biggest game of the season, the FA quarter final against Cardiff, and the extra game ban robs him of the chance of lining up against his former team.

It’s a total injustice, the FA need to get their heads from out of their fat arses and retract this appalling decision. The FA are not known for reversing decisions Boro’s 3 points saga in 1997 and Sheffield exploits last season tell you that.

The bottom line is, (no pun intended) what do you get if your are not a fashionable team or one of the big four, sweet FA, that’s what!

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  • Jackie Emu peggy

    Couldn’t agree more. Sadly nothing will be done about this…in fact if anything Boro will be in more hot water for upsetting brooking and co! I don’t see the FA setting too many examples of the fashionable teams or dare I say this out loud London teams!

  • Alan

    The FA are and always have been a joke. It’s obvious to see that was not a sending off, to give the guy a further 1 game ban is an even bigger joke.

    Look at what a balls up they made of the proposed National Football Centre at Burton-on-Trent.

    The centre was supposed to be modelled on the French academy at Clairefontaine. It was the FA’s aim to give English football a training headquarters to rival the world.

    What a joke! Wembley stadium cost so much that the building of the centre had to stop, so it’s sitting there looking like an absoulte pile of crap. But typical England, we had to have the best stadium, the irony of it, our team are so poor it all seems like a total waste of money.

  • Aslan

    Well this is a case of Rivaldo syndrome…. Get touched in the face and go down holding your B*****ks….and vice versa…….Reina is known to be a little diver he got a chelsea player sent off a couple years back if i remember correctly?

  • Tommo

    what a surprise, Fat Lumplard gets let off, a joke!

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