Don’t believe everything you read on a message board

by Mystical Mike

Friday, March 6th, 2009

There was a sickening moment last year when a well known celebrity died and the 24-hour rolling news networks couldn’t make up their minds if he’d actually left this mortal coil or not. Reason being, they reported rumour before checking out the facts.

Popped onto the internet this morning and much the same could be said for the Non League gossip machine. One of the messageboards showed a hot topic relating to the impending doom of a grassroots club, and a link entitled court case, latest news here. Another rattled on about last night; what really happened and how we’re doomed. In both instances sources close to the clubs were cited giving supposed credence to information on insider dealings.

The age of the internet has made it such that we hear about impending doom way before there’s even a snifter of trouble, and what makes it even worse is we hear rumours that may not even prove to be true.

There is many a tale to be told about the hype created in a newsroom; I remember one journalist getting overly animated over the arrest of a rock star, only to check the facts and realise an ordinary joe like you or I with the same name, and not a global megastar, had been in fact arrested. Thank God the journalist did the right thing and checked the facts first.

Ever since I whispered I might be interested in journalism that was the first rule I hit.. check a story not once, but twice and collaborate it with at least two reputable sources. Thereby avoiding the moniker given to one such news channel never wrong for long.

Now, as much as I like a good gossip, the issue with the internet is that rumour is treated like fact, and one version taken over another and that’s what worries me.

If I believed everything I read on the net, then my non league team would currently be experiencing everything from staring into the abyss or on the flip side, spending as much as Chelsea on the first team squad!

Once again this week a manager at a Non League side has banned his players from looking at the web for fear of demotivating them, and I wonder if we should do the same with the fans?

Ill be first to start it; this weekend, rather then morphing into a stuttering cybergeek, shrivelling everytime another bit of worrying news is posted, I’m going to ignore everything I read on the messageboards negative and positive and spend the added time doing something like finding a cure for the common cold.

You never know, this time next week I may have earned myself a Nobel Peace prize, or on the other hand saved a lot of pain and heartache over something which was just simply not true.Non League Show

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  • Darren

    I believe everything I read in the forums, liek Aston Villa wil win the PL and the Spuds will finish in the top 4.


    Would that team be Cheltenham by any chance?

  • Dexy Longshot

    I don’t believe everything i read either, Cheryl told us she only had eyes for me and not Cole!!!

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