Don’t ditch our team programme?

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Not on your life!

In a mad fit of pique I bought two Madonna programmes for £25 EACH. I DON’T EVEN LIKE MADONNA, but wave a programme in front of my nose and I would imagine it’s somewhat like a red light to a desperate old man.

I have inherited from my father SPH or secret programme hoarding disease. Wherever I am, be it a children’s fete, or overrated and past their best pop star outing, and I want one.
So imagine my dismay at the hot topic on one messageboard this week suggesting a Non League club cuts costs by dumping the programme.

Surely there must be some mistake? Yeah, the internet is quite an interesting fad that may one day catch on, but nothing replaces that first reading of the match-day scribe. Sit down at the game, take a quick thumb at the birthdays, remark at the witty message from the captain or try your hand at the top questions to the Ginger fullback. Don’t even get me started on the informative adverts for local carpet companies.

Then there’s the second reading, the post game analysis on a Saturday night, in front of the sausage and tomatoes (there may be a pattern developing), before you even get to the third outing, once in a while shufty around the loft to unravel a whole history of Chelmsford City’s favourite sons as far back as the 1950s. Where would we be without them?

Some may say the humble programme is an outdated hodgepodge of club propaganda, and I know a fair few clubs take liberty with the cost of 30 odd pages, but ditch them altogether and surely a riot would be forthcoming?

Well, the humorous story of Maidenhead United’s programme being delivered to Liverpool rather then the Royal County of Berkshire the other week is a stern warning to every programme no-doer.

According to the Magpies’ Press Officer it was all down to the miss-reading of a postcode and “Some frantic phone calls followed and a match sheet was hastily put together” Or as one Magpie fan told me; “to have admitted defeat and scrapped it altogether would surely be the equivalent of shooting your gran, they daren’t”

Buy it, or purloin it second hand, there can surely be no replacement for what is essentially a fans’ favourite, so be quick like me and nab yourselves your own unique part of club history before it’s too late, whatever next? An end to the metal badge, call me geek, anorak or hopper, but that’s a step too far, surely?

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  • Stevie

    Ebbsfleet have starting sending their programme out digitally too, you’re right Mrs Barker, it’s not the same, we all like sticking it our back pocket and reading it on the way home.

    What ever next, no dodgy hotdogs?

  • Darren

    don’t take away our dodgy hotdogs!! next you’ll be taking away our terraces and cheap tickets!

  • Jamie Farrier

    Have to agree there. Internet is a fine way of sharing information about a football game, so to is video highlights. But if you want actual, physical proof this game happened and you cna claim you were their, only your matchday ticket and programme will suffice. And the latter is a much more substantial proof of the magic that encapsulated the day. Its content often gives an insight in to the team’s zeitgeist and those ‘third readings’ are moments to cherish.

    On a side note, why Caroline are you loathe to name names when it comes to these stories about non-league club’s antics? Is it a sense of unbiased reporting, or is it just not worth speaking up for (or in this case, shouting down at) the little clubs we may or may not have heard of? Come on, name and shame!

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