Early season observations

by admin

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

So we’re a month or so in to 2009/10, and it’s been pretty hectic, to say the least. Lots of flashpoints, talking points and most importantly, lots of football. So what have been the characteristics of this opening month that have captured the imagination?

1.    There has been an awful lot of football played. As the FA try to fit a whole season in before the world cup starts, teams are finding the games coming thick and fast, early on. Most premier league teams have played 5 times already, while the championship clubs have played 7 or 8. Squad size looks like it will become even more crucial once those winter pitches are upon us, sapping every ounce of energy out of players’ legs

2.    There have been an awful lot of goals. Fantasy footballers must be raking in the points from any number of goalscorers. I seem to remember this happening in the 2005/06 season too, as players gave their all to get a place in a world cup squad. Long may it continue, I say.

3.    There’s a hefty gap between the championship and the premiership. Remember how rubbish Newcastle were last year? And Middlesbrough too? Well they are sitting at the top of the Championship, and seem to be finding life pretty easy. Sure, they may have shed some of their better players, but they still keep in winning. I know its early days, but those two may well bounce back straight away. I still wouldn’t pay to watch either, though.

4.    UEFA and FIFA are bonkers. I can’t keep up with the different charges they are bringing, and rules they are changing, and extra referees they are introducing. And the Eduardo farce? Not a clue what happened there. The Chelsea ban? Hilarious, but totally out of left field. At least they’ve struck out on a different path to the one that sees the suits get fed at corporate do’s while pretending to watch football. What will they do next? Who knows. Who honestly knows.

5.    Have people stopped going to watch live football? The grounds seem to have big patches of seats free (or at least it looks that way on the telly) and on the couple of times I’ve paid my dues and gone to watch live, its not been hard to get a ticket. Is this the effect the credit crunch will have on footy? Have I got it wrong? All I can say is a ticket to watch Crystal Palace play Newcastle in the Championship cost almost £40. Wow. No wonder people aren’t putting bums on seats.

6.    I’m excited by England! Our national team has lost its Englishness, apparently. Brilliant, I say. They look unplayable. What has changed? Well, in short the team scores goals, and doesn’t concede many. Not rocket science. What’s even more exciting is that Fabio Capello seems to be making all these English prima donnas into better players, and more remarkably, more likeable people! Who’d have thought it.

So what else have you noticed? Anything that strikes you about the start to the season? All I know is that, with the way it’s started, the season is going to be an absolute cracker. I can’t wait.

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  • Bibby

    I’ve noticed that Arsenal seem to have a long list of permanent injuries. One comes back from a long injury, another goes on the list, it’s a like a injury jigsaw which has to filled.

    I would like to know what they do in training, bull fighting?

  • Ashley Straw

    I take exception to the gap being wider between the Championship and the Premiership. If anything I would say that it may be closing. The Prem is becoming more like the second tier as its more competitive than ever with any side realistically able to beat each other. Its more of a top 6 or 7 then boring old 4. Anyway, the promoted sides seem to be fairing pretty well. There’s too much rubbish in the Premiership anyway that needs to be weened out eg Hull, Wigan, Portsmouth, Bolton, Stoke. Awful footballing sides.

    The Championship is bascially a 90’s Prem nowadays

  • Matt Quinn

    I think this year will be one of the most exciting and open for many years in the Premiership. It certainly has started that way. With Tottenham and Man City both up near the top, Villa hovering around and Everton coming back into form…. it looks a very strong half of the table.
    I actually think Everton will go from strength to strength and really challenge the top 4. Their first choice starting XI is as good as anyones in the league, in my opinion.

    Im not sure about the championship. I think it is actually quite a strong league and the fact that Newcastle are finding it so easy shouldnt distract from the strength in the second tier. I mean, despite bad management, with the players at Newcastles disposal they should walk the division. They have 2 first choice Argentinian internationals for gods sake! Not many prem teams have that!… plus Nicky Butt, Alan Smith, Joey Barton, Kevin Nolan etc… all in and around the England squad in recent years.

  • Mike Somerville

    I still think there’s a suprise of two in the Championship this season, didn’t Wolves go 10 games without a win, and just scraped promotion?

    An even league me thinks

  • dexylong

    1.Yep plenty of games close together but I’d take that early season end if it gives us an extra week to prepare for the world cup. (See 5)

    2. Goals galore, ive got a squad of Carlton Cole, Bent, Torres & Yakubu to come back and am raking in the goals, Taylor and Milner have got a few already too, happy days for Dexy’s Longshots.

    3. Not too sure what to make of the gap between the top tier nad the championship. Newcastle are doing well but with the players they have got, did they really have to be there. They came up well short last season. the same with Middlesborough, both teams should have been mid table last term.

    4. See past Mickey Marbles rant and my last one regarding the bigwigs.

    5. Seats have always been overpriced since the Prem kicked in and most of the terraces were dug up. I doubt they are ever gonna drop either for normal clubs. What i would like to see is super duper rich clubs like City could have a loyalty scheme where anyone who has been a season ticket for 10 years or more could have a whole season for a £1. £800 is nothing for the shieks, they make that in a second.

    6. Fabios got in the bag, I’ve said it since day one and grow in cofidence more and more with every game we play. We are a lot nearer to Spain and Brazil than people think. I said in my last England blog that fabio has lined up all the top teams for Friendlies to suss them all out. I said he’ll want Brazill next and thos and behold, we have got them in a friendly in Dubai. Holland, Spain, these are the main threats for me. We gifted Holland 2 goals in there own back yard and restricted Spain to a handful of chances (another gift), while we were unlucky with goal-line clearances. USA beat their full strength team in the summer. Fab will be doing his homework and sorting our defensive worries out. Up front, I don’t think we have any, look at the goals scored stats. World champs.

  • Ram

    Liverpool are rubbish
    Chelsea are more boring than a toilet roll
    Man U are lucky lucky lucky
    & Arsenal are bullies

    as for the others they don’t count do they

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