Eden Hazard’s Spurs move would make them unstoppable

by Michael Somerville

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Arsenal will be spluttering. Chelsea will be in disbelief. Real Madrid will be shocked.

Young Belgium playmaker Eden Hazard announced his intention to join the renaissance at Spurs under Harry Redknapp and, in my opinion, there’s no place better for him.

He told Belgium TV station RTBF: “I will go to England to play my football. It could well be Tottenham; they are a great English club.”

Spurs’ attacking and free flowing football will suit the Belgium’s style of play and he will get first-team football at White Hart Lane. Other possible avenues won’t guarantee him a place on the starting line-up. Harry Redknapp has bought succinctly in the last 4 years, and I expect Hazard to be the best of a good bunch so far.

Such clear ‘come and get me’ public pleas will no doubt delight Tottenham fans who have been building steadily since Redknapp took over in 2008. The signing of Emmanuel Adebayor has cemented their superiority over Arsenal in the league table, and I believe they will keep clear of their North London rivals for years to come.

Hazard is a special talent. He hails from the same side who have given the Premier League Yohan Cabaye (plus currently less favoured Gervinho) and displays extraordinary control, vision and touch.

Despite only scoring 25 goals in 131 appearances for Lille, it is his pace and explosive power which makes him such a nightmare for opposition defences. Comparisons to Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are not far off the mark.

Rafael Van Der Vaart can lack a bit of pace for Tottenham in the midfield and I feel Hazard can give them exactly what they need going forwards.

Chelsea and Arsenal had better dip into their cheque books in the summer; otherwise they are going to fall by the wayside…

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  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    this is what he said ‘it could well be Tottenham; they are a great English club.” He didn’t say it would be Tottenham.

    Are you telling me if Real Madrid, who are 10 points clear of La Liga come knocking, along with Man United, Man City he’ll choose Spurs?
    They won’t be able to offer him 200k a week.

    For the record, he is also a cousin of Arsenals Thomas Vermalen, so they may well be a deciding factor in where he ends up, although Wenger would be way to tight to offer more than 10m for the worlds most sought after player!

  • Ron Burgundy

    Mystical Mike – so what if his cousin’s Vermaelen? Do you think that matters at all? He won’t go to Arsenal unless they can offer him champions league football. Far from certain right now.

    For the record, I also consider it unlikely that he’ll end up at Spurs. City look a likely destination, or possible Chelsea if the get in the champions league.

  • Yidual

    Its plausible he would come to spurs, very exciting project with new state of the art training facility ready for next season and with the way the are playing at the moment it’s a very attractive destination. Of course other teams like city and madrid could sniper any deal but at spurs he will have more chance of first team football.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    in all fairness, you need a striker first, Addy has already said he wants to go somewhere where they pay mega bucks. Saha will last 1 week before .

    plus don’t forget, Gervinho played with him at Lille, so I’m hoping he’ll come to us for those 2 reason. But he won’t

  • Lee

    ARSEnal were never in contention for Hazard, primarily as they are in decline, secondly the transfer fee. Known fact is Spurs have an abundant transfer kitty backed by the fact they are one of the only teams that fits Hazard s style.

    As for Ade if he wants mega bucks he can certainly move, but if he wants to be considered a class act and play like a world beater, he simply has to stay. I was the first one that suspected he was past his prime but he seems to be having the time of his life with spurs.

  • matt

    His quote said he would not like to go (yet) to a team where he will not play regularly. IE real and barca/Man C.

  • ross

    This is dreamland stuff. I’m a yid through and through and this guy seems to be last piece of the jigsaw, whether in the 10 spot or on the right wing. However…. we are spurs , not city and we can’t afford the 30 mill it will take. Dream on people. The only was i can see this happenning is in dismantling the current team i.e bale or modric leave to fund this signing. I’d prefer we stay as we are, sign ade, maybe a keeper and even a top cb to play with either kaboul or dawson.

  • geoffreid

    wont come to arsenal because the idiot prof will not pay more than 10mil–even if pele in his prime was available–get rid of wegner and kroneik then we would take of again–cheers to the red and white.

  • John

    He more or less stated that unless Barca or Madrid came in for him he will be at Spurs

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    no he didn’t, he said ‘maybe’ he’ll come to Spurs. This transfer, if it happens has got Man United written all over it. They need creativity, he’s got all that plus pace.

  • billy

    i dont understand the idea spurs have no money, we were in the champions league last season and made a fortune and over the last 2 seasons the money we have spent on big transfers has been 8mill on rafa and 5mill on parker so the moneys going to be there for a big signing. i can understand mystical mike, like all the arsenal fans being slightly bitter about the fact a player they have tracked for 3 years, declaring in public he would like to join their improving rivals.

  • oldun

    Sad, bitter Mystical(Mythical?)Mike reminded me of my six year old grandson and then nthe penny dropped.Half term and mum left the laptop on when distracted. Grow up as bitterness will only grow with maturity if ever reached. “It’s so unfair”” isn’t it Mike??

  • Jonno

    We do have money and he would come to us, i’ve worked out that if we have to earn what we spend then we bought VDV and Parker for a combined 13m, we pulled in 20 odd mill from champs league, sold Crouch and Palacios for 20m, Pav for 8m, Keane for 7m, Hutton for 4m. This season should we qualify for champs league again then another 20m plus the sales of Bassong, Bentley, Jenas, Dos santos, and Coluka for about 35m make me think that we have more than enough spending power because we have no debt.

  • johnyid

    where will we play him when Sandro, Huddlestone ,Bentley,Pienaar and maybe Jenas all return to fitness? The settled Parker.Modric.Bale.VDV and Lennon are all doing ok and pick themselves when fit. Id love him at White Hart Lane, the kid is very very good. Maybe we will have to move on a couple of players, but definitely keep Pienaar ,Sandro and the Hudd.
    Saha will have to stay as well . Defoe maybe he needs to be shifted . Adebayour is class but we cant afford too many tip top earners, unless we want to end up like Leeds or even Glasgow Rangers.

  • Michael Somerville

    haha are you joking? Piennar, Huddlestone, Bentley, Jenas are all surplus to requirements at Spurs? 3 of them are loaned out which says a lot.

    I quite like Lennon, but I feel he isn’t the finished product that Tottenham are looking for. More of a super-sub really.

    Good debate this

  • johnyid

    Three loaned out to get regular games and keep up to the high standards required of premiership players.we dont have a reserve team at tottenham thank god.Lennon is ok in short bursts (pardon the pun) he will never be a 90 minute wing genius, maybe he can go elsewhere maybe Liverpool would like him. Kranjcar is also an enigma, he is gifted technically but but but , too many buts about his role for spurs.I love to see him play ,,a bit like Hoddle if you ask me .
    Pienaar is class act. We cant let him go .He will be an asset when fully fit .

  • soursguv

    It would be pure gold to see eden at spurs but i think this is a stunt to get other clubs fired up in an auction bidding war. It has certainly worked on websites as fans from rival clubs spit chips over it. Oh since I’ve stated rival clubs fans are at each other. I should mention Arsenal are no longer our rivals. Just competition. Our rivals are now man city, man u and possibly chelsea. Not much point worry about a club in decline with a 60,000 seater it wont fill unless in the champs league. Derby days will still be great as your our nearest neighbours, but rivals nah Spurs just have to keep looking forward and upwards.

  • soursguv

    Oh I forgot to add..it has been said Bale will be the makeweight if the eden deal comes off. Apparently he’s being linked to Barca/madrid for big dollars, according to some french geezer. Not sure about that! I should appologise for my spelling in my last post I should have spelt it like this Arsenil or ar5en1l.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    zzzzzzzzzz, typical Spuds. You’re having a good season. We are not, yet we are still in the Champions League, you are not.

    Finish above us first, then give it the bigun’

  • yidooooooo

    I have studied this carryon about hazard for hours on end and iv came up with it being another sad day for football and a greedy agent after money money money. I have never seen a player being put up for sale like it. I would love this guy at spurs and know we agreed terms with him and a rough price with club last month but it stalled. This guy has been marketed like no other for years just check out his website. Sadly i think he will end up where the money is which at least ain’t arse nal. On a more positive note we already have a team of superstars getting better and better. We will be in the cl next year and we will challenge for title next season as we are this season.

  • MarkSpurs

    Thing is Mystical Mike if you had read the whole inteview with him he does say that he will sign for spurs.

    “I said that I would go to England and there is very good players [at Spurs]. I have not yet signed, this is going to happen soon,”

    I’m surprised he is so adamant of joining us but it looks like he will. I want to know how much we’re paying for him though, it must be over £20 million surely.

  • http://googlenet EngNor

    If it is a possibility, then do a deal quick Mr Levy. COYS! Oh yes, and Vertonghen as well, PLEASE!

  • riez

    I don’t think Levy will spend 35-40 m to snap Hazard.

  • Pat

    Levy sanctioned a 30+ million bid for Aguero last summer but Citeh blew Tottenham out of the water with his wage/signing package. This rubbish about Spurs not having the funds to buy this type of player makes me laugh. If you go look into the finances of Tottenham you’d find out that they run on a profit (one of only a few clubs in england that do) and could bid for anyone. It’s the wage structure that stops them signing players. Hazard said “i’d play more at spurs than i would at Barca or Real and it’s a project that interests me greatly” he also said “the team play great football and is full of great players” This is just like a couple of seasons ago when everyone said spurs won’t get CL football..they did. Then it was they won’t get past the qualifier…they did. THey won’t get out the group..they did. So, keep these great predictions up as they’re always so good. Hazard, if he comes to England, will sign for Spurs. Oh, this was said by an ITK last year/window and everyone said he was nuts…that man needs to be held up as the best ITK ever now. COYS!!!!!!

  • shaun

    Firstly I’m a Spurs supporter and I would Love Hazard at Spurs. But I feel we missed the boat on this one in the last window. I agree that I think this now has Man Utd stamped all over it. He’s clearly putting himself on the market looking for bigger offers. As for Soursgov who said Arsenal are no longer rivals, I have to disagree with you. Yes they are having a bad year, but I believe they will sort themselves out very soon. Also the only reason we have a strict wage structure is because our stadium restricts our revenue. As soon as we have that built I bet we start paying players in excess of 100k a year. My biggest concern though has to be that this summer we will be losing a number of our top players because Harry will leave and we can’t pay the salaries offered by other clubs. COYS

  • shaun

    sorry I meant 100k per week lol

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    @ spot on Shaun. He obviously has a very good press agent. There’s no denying Spurs are a force to be reckoned with at the moment but there’s no way Arsenal will be this poor next season, even if we do finish outside the top 4 and sell RVP, I still believe we’ll be contenders still.

    We earn more than any other club on match days, so as soon as the debt is cleared it will be our time to it the proper way, unlike the City , United & Chelsea way!

  • dexylongshot

    I can’t see him going to Spurs for 40m unless there is a major major clear-out. Not sure how they are gonna get that type of dosh without selling some big players.
    Jonno said:
    “plus the sales of Bassong, Bentley, Jenas, Dos santos, and Coluka for about 35m”. I doubt you would get half that. Maybe if you chucked in Defoe and Lennon, you would get to 35m.

    Also, If Harry does leave Spurs, would that make the club as appealing? Harry and Levy have worked wonders down at White Hart Lane but If I was Hazard, I would hold out for a move to Manchester Utd. Have him bang in the center behind the Strikers like Modric does for Spurs.

  • shaun

    I’m loving Spurs at the moment, but I’m hoping Rednapp will agree to manage England for the Euros on a temp basis and then come back to spurs afterwards. Otherwise my fear is there will be an Exodus. This is very gutting, cos we’ve been waiting so long for this. I can’t think of another manager who can get the best out of the players like Rednapp. Mourinho would be my worst nightmare; he’s a great manager but he likes to spend the cash and he wouldn’t get that at spurs. He’s also temperamental and if a player puts a foot out of line he doesn’t seem to give them second chances. Klinsmann? well I love the guy but not sure how he would cope with management in the premier league. Gus Hiddink… No thankyou… If the manager leaves and our best players leave, then Champions League football could potentially become an embarrassment to the club.

  • http://paul.tyler123@ntlworld.com RhinoNeal

    You have to laugh at Mystic Mike’s comment about the scum being in the champion’s league and we are not. He must know that they are in the Champions League based on the previous season’s efforts…not this current season. Spurs are far superior to last season as the league table shows. Why is it the Gooners are so bitter and twisted and see no further than the past. It’s a bit like Spurs supporters still going on about how great they were in the 60’s. I am so glad I am a Spurs supporter and not a Gooner. We have so much more to look forward to whereas they are on the decline.

  • Michael Somerville
  • johnyid

    Levy is doing a great job for Spurs. He made a few mistakes early on Ramos? Santini( err is that his name??I forget ) .He did the deed in sacking old legend Hoddle, so he is able to make decisions. a rumour around Tottenham is that ENIC will sell to AEG, with the provisio that Levy remains in charge. AEG are a group who own stadia globally. WHL will be a multi purpose stadium, rock concerts etc etc. They own the O2 stadium already(AEG) Anyway they have an agenda to make Spurs a global brand. Anyway I wish to reiterate my main point , Harry Redknapp I hope he stays , but if he goes I believe the top top man bar none we have at spurs is not Harry but Daniel. He will take us forward to the next level, he will find us the right successor to Harry if he needs to.

  • Michael Somerville

    Wow, impressive plans for Spurs!

  • johnyid

    yup , impressive plans for Spurs , Why use a stadium 19 times a year??and with cup and euro games maybe a few more. Multi purpose use makes sense. a few concerts a year wont be hard to accept. I saw a boxing bout at WHL. and also saw Henry Cooper fight Cassius Clay at Highbury.

  • http://maqthegunner.wordpress.com MaQ The Gunner

    Waw… Jack Wishere Knew it… An Now its Happening.. St Totteringham’s Day Is Fast Approaching 5pud2 haha.. Lucks You won’t be facing mid table teams… Or else you would end up 8th.. Clearly you have reached the peak of your abilities.. “Title Challenge” Foolish Spud Monkeys

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