Eduardo dived, who doesn’t?

by Dexy Longshot

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Did anyone see the Arse stick one over the jocks the other night playing wonderful footy as they have been doing all season. Anyway, I was down the battle-cruiser with my mate Soffo The Greek last night and he couldn’t believe the reaction to Eduardo’s iffy penalty decision in the media. He was so mad he said he’ll even vent his spleen in The Den……over to the Greek Gooner.

“I am disappointed to read in the press that Eduardo is the first cheating foreigner that ever dived to win a penalty. The Times and Telegraph mention the leg break, implying that that the cheating diver should have been grateful that neutrals felt sorry for him when his leg was snapped in 2 by a firm but fair challenge from a nice English boy called Taylor (who never meant to hurt the cheater).

I am minded of many other incidents of good honest English boys earning a penalty by kicking their own heels, or dragging a leg behind them as they run over a keeper. That nice Michael Owen did it fantastically to put one over the stinking Argies. So UEFA are going to investigate Eduardo ? The cynical part of me says that this is due to the sweaties kicking up such a fuss because have chips on their shoulders and can’t face up to being truly out played by a Premier league team over 2 games, or that deep down everyone loves having a jealous dig at that foreign team Arsenal and backed our Scottish comrades. Well I hope I’m proved wrong and they’ve opened the floodgates on simulations,  but somehow I doubt the next time Gerrard or Rooney takes a swan dive the result will be the same.

I do think this, Eduardo (the filthy cheat) should practice his diving because it was an absolutely rubbish dive that could only fool a completely useless blind foreign ref. Our English refs are only conned by the likes of Rooney and Owen after years of practice.”

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  • Mike

    Uefa have just charged Eduardo with “deceiving the referee” this could be a defining moment in European football. I think it’s a good thing!

  • Sam

    It is obscenely ridiculous that all of a sudden they are handing out bans and fines over things like this now.

    If this is setting a precedent then players will start to be terrified of falling to the ground in case they are adjudged to be ‘simulating’ – wherever that term came from. It is incredibly ironic that Eduardo was described as ‘winning’ a penalty for the Arse to put them in the lead. Thats the whole idea. Players will dribble round players in the box in efforts to earn their team a penalty – its all part of the game.

    Admittedly its worth carding them if the ref realises there was no contact and puts him in his place but after the final whistle, what does it matter, that is unless they decide to replay games based on these kind of things!

    Rooney and Gerrard are some of the worst offenders and get away with it because the English press doesnt like to instigate a witch hunt for one of their brightest (unless of course its Cashley Cole). But diving is nothing like an off-the-ball headbutt or two-footed crunch that goes under the refs radar. These things need to be stamped out with swift, post-match review, punishments but diving should be left to the ref to deal with. End of.

  • Darren

    Again, it’s just UEFA being biased, one rule for English clubs, another for Spanish!! If Ronaldo still played in the Prem then he would be totally fooked!

    If Eduardo is going to be the catalyst for the new rules then every player who dives should also be punished. It opens up a completely new argument. While your at it you might as well get a judging panel to give scores for the dives, or a YES or NO mark. That would solve it!

  • dexylongshot

    Sorry, don’t agree Sam, when I watch old re-runs of games from 60s-early 90’son ESPN, i usually watch with a big smile on my boat, i love it that the game flows and players just get up and get on with it. There is nothing worse than seeing a big oaf like Drogba go down rolling around in agony after nothing more than knat-bite (remember him and Lehman doing their Laural & Hardy routine), that shouldn’t be part of the game.

    If this ban is the start of cleaning it up and stops cheating, surely it can only be good for the game?? Bring on the cameras, bring on the 5th ref, goaline techno, let’s get back to free flowing footy, jumpers for goalposts (just leave out the hooliganism).

  • mickeymarbles

    Aye, all for goal-line techno, is that what my grandson gets up to ont Sat’day night down Ritzy?? Oi oi!!

    If we had the that at the start of the season, my mate Warnock might have had a smile when Freddie Sears “scored” for Palace on the opening day of the season. A glaring error by not only the ref but a linesman as well.

    Surely if Uefa can overturn blatent diving, surely they can overturn a blatent goal! Imagine the uproar if Palace miss out on a 60million pound promotion by one goal at the end of the season? Warnock can’t be that unlucky, can he??

  • dexylongshot

    Now that would be funny, sorry Warnock, sorry Blades!!!.


  • Sam

    Before this debate slips into the gaping black hole of video technology, im keeping my points of view solely on the subject: that of sanctions for diving.

    For once in my life I find myself agreeing with that blind berk Arsene Wan*er. Starting to review games following the result will undermine the ref’s officiating, every decision will be scrutinised like never before. Players, managers, supporters will contest every verdict.

    Does the decision to fine Eduardo make Celtic’s situation any better? They have still been knocked out of the Champs Lge left to dream of what ifs in the circus of the Europa. This wouldnt make a jot of difference to fast flowing football, only the ref’s split second decision making ability would ensure that. Video playback after a game, on MOTD for example, should be for supporters and pundits to review what happened on the pitch, make up their own minds and ridicule the player rolling around in agony next time they stand on the terraces and sit in the commentary box.

  • matt quinn

    I dont like diving but i’ll never understand why its considered worse than shirt pulling or general fouling. A shirt pull is cheating and is preventing an attacking player from getting an advantage…. so why is diving worse????

  • matt quinn

    I read a good suggestion the other day. Some guy wrote in and said (using Eduardo as an example) that if the ref thinks its a penalty, the ref should pull Eduardo to one side and ask him if he dived… no action would be taken if Eduardo says that there wasnt any contact and he just fell over in the heat of the moment and a free-kick is given to Celtic. However, if Eduardo says there was contact, the penalty is given. The incident is looked at after the game and if it shows Eduardo dived, its an automatic 5 or 6 game ban. If the replays are inconclusive or showed Eduardo was fouled then no action is taken.

  • Jay29ers

    Ok, I was at the game supporting Celtic. I don’t go to a massive amount of live football, but a fair amount, and a dive on tv does not look like a dive when you’re metres away, I can tell you.

    The reaction we had when we saw it happen was pure anger at the player. It didn’t look like he had been touched but the way he convulsed as he went down was ridiculous either way. For the referee to then give a penalty was horrifying.

    But this isn’t about Celtic, this is about the game. Celtic were going out and Arsenal were well on course to get a fair goal soon enough. The fact is this is damaging for our sport.

    So Uefa (deep breath) are RIGHT to take action. This is one of the most sickening and grave examples of “simulation” we have ever seen and if he was let get away with it then football would continue in this depressing direction. The problem, as Wenger says in a roundabout way, is that no image of the incident shows clear air between Eduardo and Boruc at the Croatian’s imagined point of contact. Fingers crossed justice will be done.

  • Pin316

    This is a joke….

    I don’t support Arsenal or Celtic, and so there’s no bias coming from here at all. I watched the game on TV and thought after the replay that it was a dive…i can’t tell if there was or was not any contact, but regardless Eduardo was going over well beforehand, and didn’t do hmself any favours by grinning while he was on the floor. I also don’t think that the endless repeats and snide comments from the commentary team/pundits helped matters.

    That’s not the issue tho. I think everyone here will agree that diving needs to be stopped, just as much as cheap shots at players behind the ref’s back need to be stopped, and the ‘is it, isn’t it’ a goal situation should be sorted. However, that’s not what this is…this is a specific targetting of a single player initiated by Scottish FA officials making a complaint because they’re p****d off.

    (btw – Fair play to them for complaining, they have a legitimate statement to make, and although they can’t undo the exit of Celtic from the CL, they can give the supporters some sense of justice for the penalty which is what they have done.)

    They key issue here is that there has been no indication from UEFA or the FA that they will follow up every csituation in the same manner, and that is the only way to validate the ban. There has been no statement regarding Eboue or Rooney on Saturday, and that’s a match that involves the team already under the microscope!

    I do think winning a penalty cleverly is perfectly valid, as in the West Ham game on Sunday – the only reason there was a pen is that the player with the ball moved his leg purposely to ensure that the tackling player made contact with him rather than the ball – to me, that is using an excellent understanding of ball position and the fundamentals of the game to his advantage and, although he knew it would mean he went over, it should not be classed as diving as the key difference is that he did not initiate the motion to the ground.

    Pre simulation, on the other hand, should be punished by the FA or UEFA, but only if it is consistently done so – singling an individual player out is wrong.

  • Pin316

    (sorry for double post – just re-read – meant that the situation is a joke, not the content of the posts themselves!)

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