England’s goalkeeping crisis

by Teflon

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

When David Seaman retired from international football in 2002 England never replaced the pony tailed shot stopper. Seaman had a great career of 75 England caps between 1988 and 2002, but since the ex Arsenal hero retired the Goalkeeping spot has always been one under a huge debate.

Since Big Dave left the international scene 7 years ago, the England international side has featured 8 different keepers. Ian Walker, David James, Paul Robinson, Robert Green, Chris Kirkland, Ben Foster, Scott Carson and Joe Hart.

Looking at this list of talented keepers I see a major and consistent problem. Game changing mistakes.


David “Calamity” James

Has been well known for making some huge mistakes in huge games… The thing is, he just doesn’t stop making them. It seems David never learns from his mistakes and I honestly think he has too many chances to prove to the nation he is our number one. One of the only things David has done well is to keep his chin up after he makes the game costing errors, unlike our next victim…

World Cup 2010 chances – Bench warmer


Paul “No Confidence” Robinson

has had a rough career, Firstly his mistakes seemed to start when he joined Spurs (No surprise really). I attended a course with Spurs keeping coach Perry Suckling and got to ask him a few questions about Paul Robinson. When asked about his mistakes Perry referred to them as a bunch of unlucky incidents which got his confidence down. His constant errors resulted in him being dropped by then Spurs boss Jaunde Ramos. After a period of not being played Robinson lost all hope of regaining his England place and was sold at cut price to Blackburn at the end of the season. Juande Ramos then bought Herculio Gomes… Have to laugh!

World Cup 2010 chances – Changing nappies


Scott “Big Gap” Carson

Had a rough start to his English career… yet again being thrown into big games and making some huge mistakes. Arguably his career ended against Croatia when he made some huge errors which cost the English team a place in the Euro championships. He should have done better but then again England should have sealed qualification well before that game. Since then his handful of substitute appearances have been pitiful with him making some costly errors in those.

World Cup 2010 chances – Denist appointment


Joe Hart

So what options do we have? Who should really be wearing the cursed England number 1 Shirt? Many say that Joe Hart is the next big thing but with his current situation at Manchester City will keep his chances well down. I feel for him as Shay Given has been brought in to steady the City ship… but let’s face it, a goalkeeper was not where City’s problems lay.

World Cup 2010 chances – Cleaning Shay Given’s boots


Robert Green

I feel has a fantastic International career ahead of him but only if he moves clubs. Rob has some fantastic talent but his team is keeping him from reaching the top spot. West Ham just doesn’t have the defense an England candidate needs. Sorry Dexy, but Rob will need to move on to be the England keeper.

World Cup 2010 chances – England’s number one


Chris Kirkland

Wigan’s Chris Kirkland is another who could maybe be in with a shout but I can’t see the Wigan shot stopper getting past the other candidates without some serious improvement.

There are some other options for Postman Pat (Capello) to look at in the near future. Ex Arsenal and Villa sub keeper Stuart Taylor showed some real promise at the start of his career, If he got another good run of games maybe you could see him making a strong come back. Hull keeper Matt Duke has been impressive in the few games he has started this season, yet another to keep an eye on.

World Cup 2010 chances – Bench warmer


Manuel Almunia

Finally… the option of Manuel Almunia. The Spanish Arsenal number one has said time and time again if he was offered the place he would take it in a snap. He has had two impressive seasons for Arsenal and I honestly see him as a better option than all of the above. He is eligible for a British passport this summer and if he takes it you can guarantee he will be knocking on Capello’s door. A lot of people don’t like this option as it is a foreign keeper who has no English roots would be wearing the 3 lions on the world stage. But then again we have an Italian calling the shots, so why not!

The English goalkeeper spot needs to be sorted before this summer. With the World Cup soon approaching England will need to get a keeper settled in soon. David James, Paul Robinson and Scott Carson will never win us anything… England needs new blood, hell, the England squad needs rebuilding, some underachieving players need replacing and a great place to start would be to bring in a new keeper with passion and desire. A keeper who will not make the errors and will remove the Curse of the England number 1 shirt.

World Cup 2010 chances – Dying his hair


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  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    We used to be spoilt for keepers back in the day, Ray Clemance, Chris Woods & Peter Shilton. Although you’d be hard pressed to see any footage of Shilton actually saving a penalty, even though he went the right way for all 5 in the WC semi Final in 1990.

    Now it comes to something when we can’t even name one decent keeper. Robert Green is head and shoulders above the rest on that list. He & Tevez single handedly kept West Ham up season.

    David James is, and always will be a total liability. How many chances is does he need? 2 mistakes against France in the Euro’s, bad mistake in Vienna, that’s enough in my book. Do u know he used to smoke on the team bus when he played for Liverpool?

    I don’t know what your fixation with Almunia is, he’s an excellent shot stopper but doesn’t command his area enough.

    I would take


    And ditch the rest

  • Dexy Longshot

    Me old mucker Greeno has been the best keeper over the last 2 season (Shay Given aside). He made 2 mistakes against Bolton at the start of the season and was never forgiven.

    Look at his stats, consistently coming top in all the nationals, The Times, Telegraph & The Sun etc…

    David James plays for Portsmouth who are a smaller club then us yet he plays for England, so I strongly disagree about he having to move on…

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