England – A work in progress

by Dexy Longshot

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Half way to South Africa

Lovin the Anthem Jackets (it’s just sad” as Waddle said on the box), he is excellent value. The kit is excellent too, it certainly does hark back to the glory years and I will be parting with some wedge for it (espec with my 15% discount). Maybe UKFF will get one for us. Clean simple and very Sir Chumley Warner Charles Charlie Charles old bean, the sort we wore when we were among the world’s elite, a timely introduction I think.

On the pitch, it was a walk in the park erasing the Spanish upset against the lightweight Sloppy Slovaks. Heskey missed sitter of the year before going of injured, Carlton just sat on arse before going of injured & Crouchy sat back and watched Terry carry on where his old girl left of by pinching his goal! then he went of injured. It didn’t matter; we could have had a handful if we had bothered to come out of 2nd gear.

Rooney appeared to alternate with Gerrard on numerous occasions in the game and it worked a treat against admittedly, a weak defense. At the other end, I could have played in goal and kept a clean sheet, James tipped one round the post but it was one for the cameras and Foster was a bystander in the 2nd half. The full backs both surged forward throughout and did well. Ashley apparently didn’t get booed either, well he did in block 131 (me excluded) where I was with the England hardcore, don’t believe the media. Terry and Upson both made a mistake each which may have punished us if it were against better strikers. In the middle Frank and Barry took turns holding although I would have preferred to have just Barry sitting in front of the back line, especially against Ukraine tonight. Lennon did well on the right but still needs to work on the final ball although hopefully ThEngland playe eo will be fit for next summer. Becks got is record and also played a beauty for Rooney’s header.

If there was any low points, it was the nervousness of Downing. Don’t get me wrong, he played excellent against the Germans but hasn’t been the player he was for the last few months. What I can’t understand is if Capello insists on form players, where is Matt Taylor? When you look at his stats compared to his main rivals, he deserves a shot. His free kicks and ability are just as good as anyone Englishman barring 1-half Becks. He has plenty of energy and can operate as winger and right back, an excellent squad addition – Fab, keep em peeled.

So all in all, not a bad day at all at the office, the crowd were lively too, I haven’t heard singing like that since we rolled of the Ruskis 3-0. Tonight will be another matter though. With just the one defeat in 12, Ukraine will be a tough nut to break down and will still have a threat in Shevchenko and Voronin. Ok, Shev is past it with only 2 appearances for Milan this year but he scored 2 goals in those games. As for Pony-tailed Voronin, his loan move to Hertha Berlin has worked wonders for his manager and his stylist, they top the group and he is fire at the mo with 7 goals in his last 7 outings. Rio and Terry will best be on their toes. I fancy a sneaky one-goal win. It would have been more if Heskey or Carlton were playing but maybe Fabio will try the Gerrard up front with Rooney option that the media is craving for. I think they forget that he tried it in the France game and look what happened there. Then again, a year later, older and wiser and with Gerrard playing in that type of role a lot more lately with Torres, it could be the way forward. I’d rather try that than put Bent on, I’d have called up Kevin Davies personally and given him a go at Heskey’s job if things were looking a bit moody on the hour mark. He is a tricky one to handle and has got as many as Crouch this season in assists and goals.

Anyway, what do I know, undefeated in the qualifiers and well on course, The Iron Sergeant knows what he’s doing. See you in South Africa!!!!

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  • Tef1on

    The new shirt sucks! sorry but it really does!

    We WON a World Cup, and all they have to show that is a crappy SILVER star?

    The shirt looks like something a fat bald sun burnt English guy would wear at a holiday resort in Skegness.

    But enough on the shirt! England look good for their money, although I must admit I have found the games boring recently. Lets hope we can get a good result tonight!

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    What do u mean lately? They have always been boring, 1 excellent game every 5 years.

    Talk Sport even did a phone in, ‘were England more of a laugh when they were crap’. What sort of debate is that? Never happy!

    We are looking good for a QF finish as usual.

  • Darren

    I missed the game was at a Burlesque show, whchj sounds it it was much more fun!
    we were crap I’ve heard?

  • Tef1on

    Well… Ukraine were worse, It was exciting with 10 mins to go, but Ukraine seemed to lack heart, When they were 1-0 down they never seemed to push forward, then when they were 2-1 down they seemed more interested in playing in their own half.

    England were poor, lots of mistakes, although i did feel the Ref didn’t like Glen Johnston. But No… it wasnt pretty, it was boring. but 3 points will do.

  • Jackie Emu

    It was dire. Capello knows how to win but sometimes I have to question his tactics, taking Crouch off with Beckham on the pitch.

    What about the Argies? 6-1 defeat!! Brilliant!

  • Tef1on

    I have said from the start if you play Crouch you MUST play Beckham!

  • http://reassessthepress.wordpress.com Sam

    As much as everyone is going on about England being boring and all that, at least we bloody won!! Roll the clocks back a couple of years and we were stumbling over ourselves, let alone the opposition. The result against a poor Ukraine is what counts and the fact that the lads managed it without playin well is, to quote every pundit alive, “the hallmark of champions”. Enough said. We may not set the world alight but we have to know how to win if we’re even going to make an impression past any group stages of a tournament. Win with style or win ugly. It doesn’t matter as long as we win!

  • dexylongshot

    The Germans have been doing it well for years, reaching the latter stages with the same mantra as above. James didn’t look to good in the first half, we have got to sort this out, it’s something like 1 clean sheet in 5 (Don’t quote me). Was surprised with Crouch going of too, unless he took a knock.

    Who cares, we won and the Argies were oblitereated,
    even the Micks held Italy to a draw in their own back yard.
    An excellent night all round!

  • Martin Tibbetts

    Good result, poor performance – that’ll do for me at present. Only worries for me are at fullback – both Johnson and Cole were appalling yesterday. All either of them did was give the ball away. Surely Micah Richards is due another shot, and I know Bridge was bad last time he wore the white but he must offer more than our Ashley. I once believed Cole to be one of our few world class players, when will he rediscover that form?

  • dexylongshot

    Soon hopefully, I’m keeping my fingers crossed Micah rediscovers
    the form from 18 months ago. He was our one of our best players then.

  • Tef1on

    James is a joke, the fact he keeps getting picked is very worrying! But what can we do? I think the world knows that David James is the weak link in the England team, once we come up against a team in form they will exploit this!

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    at the end of the day it’s about qualification, getting to South Africa is all that counts. It doesn’t matter how bad we play. Anything can happen at a tournament, like we might even win a penalty shoot out or play an exciting entertaining match!

    Spain lost to Northern Ireland for the Euro’s and went on to win the tournament.

    David James is always liable to drop a clanger or 2, Euro 2004 vs France for example, 5 years later and he’s still playing. How comes?

  • Bernie

    Agreed the result is far more important than the performance but there were still a few worrying performances, namely Cole, Johnson, James and Barry, that last one may mot be popular with some people but to me Gareth Barry is a very good player but not at the very highest level, he just doesnt do enough.
    Also please please please get rid of that awful new kit!

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