England call up on the horizon for bad boy Barton?

by Marc Sibbons

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

With all the talk regarding the expected call up of Newcastle’s Andy Carroll for next wednesday’s friendly against France, i cannot help but think that the striker has unfairly taken the plaudits at St James’s Park this season under the nose of a man that needs no introduction…

Whilst no one can dispute that Carroll has been hugely impressive this season bagging a total of 6 goals in 12 appearances thus far, a team-mate by the name of Joey Barton has been equally, if not more pivotal to the Geordies surge up the league table. Barton, like Carroll has been a controversial figure in football in recent times, but it seems the Scouser has ditched his ‘bad boy’ tag by concentrating on his football, lifting the club to an elevated status amongst the Premiership elite.

Barton’s form this season is something to admire from a man who has had a troubled career through his off-field problems, and it seems only right to award him with a call up to the national side craving a midfield bursting with passion. Barton has that, for all his problems, you can’t take away the guy’s hunger for the game.

Is this what England need to boost out midfield? with Lampard still injured and Gerrard always looking to support the strikers up top, could he be the one to play a role in the centre of midfield, feeding off scraps and flowing the ball through the channels? Maybe not a starter, but someone to definately consider coming off the bench with 20mins to go with a burst of energy and enthusiasm?

Depending on Capello’s plan for the game at Wembley on wednesday night, whether that be to blood new youngsters or stick with the tried and trusted players of the past few years, Barton will surely be in the squad at the very least.


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  • Mark Roberts

    Nowt to discuss…this is the worst peice you’ve written all day. He’s done a fantastic job for the lads but he’s not England class…not even for 20 minutes at a time. Joey had his chance and blew it. I hope he stays with the toon for the rest of his career but he’s got one england cap and it’ll stay that way…and newcastle will see the benefit. Joey for toon Captain next year…I’ll be happy with that!

  • Marc Sibbons

    But Capello picks people on form, does he not? he selected a 33 year old Kevin Davies in the last game because of his recent form, so who’s to say he won’t select Barton? I’m not the biggest fan of Barton, but i have been impressed by him this season. Maybe he has turned the corner and deserves another crack at the whip? He’s gotta be a better bet than Barry, who hasn’t been that effective this season.

  • El Manois

    He’s been dropping Beckamesque crosses on to Carroll’s head all season. Give Hughton credit for figuring out that Barton is a right midfielder and that Nolan plays best as attacking midfielder just behind the two strikers pouncing on the balls that Carroll or Ameobi knock down.

    There’s no reason England can’t use the same tactic if they find an equivalent to Tiote – a defensive midfielder that runs around non-stop for 90 minutes breaking up the attacks and distributing the ball.

  • Mark Roberts

    Nuff said…no way back into a england shirt now!

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    there you go, I think Barton showed everyone what a horrible little thug he really is last night.

    There’s not a hope in hell of him ever playing for England, even if he scored 10 hatricks on the trot, he’s a nasty piece of work. There’s no way I’d want him representing my country

  • Gossip Gordon

    A very average player who is made to look good by a seriously over-rated Premier League. He’ll fit in well with the other 22 😉

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