Euro 2008 Cold Turkey?

by Dexy Longshot

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

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It’s only 4 days since Spain held aloft the Euro 2008 Silverware in Vienna and already I’m suffering symptoms not seen since the last day of the season, yep Euro 2008 cold turkey. Like Rents, I need a hit so what better than a quick reminder of what a great tournament it really was. Here are some my personal high and low faves in no particular order. You may agree or disagree but feel free to add your own bestest bits.


The Turkey Comebacks

No brainer this one, Czech Republic v Turkey was simply the greatest comeback of modern times in a major championship & I covered it each way so made a nice bundle of dosh too boot to cover my other 187 bets. My Diamonds Koller and Nihat both hit the back of the net but it was the fact that the Turks decided to hit all of theirs in the last 15 mins that made this a match to remember. They did it against the Swiss too to make it 2-1 & then bundled out Croatia in another film story script in the knockouts. Full time 0-0. extra time, 119 mins gone, Croatia go 1 up, 122 minutes, Semih equalizes and they win on pens. For sheer drama, there wasn’t a more entertaining team in the pot.



Wesley Sneijder’s Goal

There could be two goals such was the quality of the little Dutchman’s beauties. The ickle 360 turn and 25 yard curling punt against the Frogs was handsome but for me, the goal of the Tournament was the breakaway against Italy. Van Bronkhorst rampaging down the left with all the room in the world to knock in a 40 yard cross-fielder to krashee Kuyt to nut down for the young Wesley to pounce on the bounce. The roundhouse turn and flick at the finale was reminiscent of Platt against Belgium in 1990. The boy is mustard; rumours persist of a Reds swap with Real’s Wesley plus 45 million for Ronaldo. Snap it up I say, Ronny obviously wants to do the Frankies and Wesley could make Scholes head of the diamond position his own leaving Fergie with nelsons to burn. Working on the Tevez connection, Messi would be top of my list.



Indecent Proposal

Imagine the scenario after England’s dismal surrender to Croatia last November. The wally with brolley is ushered into the after-match press conference by high-level security amid a pack of bloodthirsty hacks;
“What is the future for The 3 Lions after this then Steve?”
“What went wrong Steve?”
“You are a ginger **** of a manager Steve, are you not?”

He replies in his best PR trained voice
“Hey, I’ve taken the knocks but I’ll bounce back, oh, by the way, I’d like to take this opportunity to say I plan to marry Avis this summer, if she will have me?”.

This is exactly what happened in the French camp. After finishing bottom of the Group of Death, Raymond Domenech proposed to his missus after the final 2-1 loss against Italy courtesy of Henri’s wicked deflection. Quel imbécile unbelieveable! That goes for both of them.



Slaven Bilic Superstar

So England didn’t qualify and Croatia did. Do you think Europe missed us? The answer is non, nein & nada, not with our group winners there. With the samba-like footy of Croatia & the wonderfully theatrical Slaven Bilic on display, some the goal highlights we’re cut short for the action on the sidelines. If I wanted to be a manager, it would Slav. Genius, part time lawyer, can speak numerous languages, a rock star (he penned the national Euro song for his team), cool as f*ck, he even beat Germany, what a ledge! He kicks every ball and the emotion he goes through is what a real manger should be about, if McClaren had an ounce of Slav in him, he might have…..oh forget I said that.
I’m a tad worried about our World Cup chances though with Fabio taking on Slav in autumn but am looking forward to seeing the great man return to the Premiership one day, hopefully knocking on the door of his former East London home.
Slav, I love you.



This is just the tip of a very big Viennese whirl of an iceberg. There are dozens of other moments that I want to talk about but I’d leave it to you to discuss. Frei’s heartbreaking knee snap in the opening game, Hickersberger & Lows handbags on the touchline, Buffon’s save against Mutu, Cassano’s moody white pants. Let’s see if we make a top 10 Euro moments, I still need my fix. What a tournament, you will be sorely missed.

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  • Stevie

    Turkey were by far the most exciting team of the tournament, they played like a team, with great spirit! England take note. Spain were simply on another planet. It makes you realize how far away from winning a tournament we really are. Even if we would have qualified I’d still be saying that

  • Danny Brothers

    We would have once again been embarressed in the major tournament had we qualified and I didn’t ever think I would enjoy a tournament without England in it as much as I did this one. Top stuff all round…we have a long way to go if we’re even to get past Croatia and Ukraine in the group for World Cup qualifying!

  • Brian Smith

    it was different in US and A ’94, I really missed England then, but this one I didn’t. I honestly think we would have struggled to beat any team in that tournament, including Austria & the Swiss.

    I really hope Capello turns it around, I really do…

  • dexylongshot

    I hope Fabio does as well. I thought it was an excellent appointment at the time and have banging on about him needing a bit of time with the players. I thought he would try and build a team on the Italians defensive qualities that won them the world cup but after this tournament, he may need a rethink. Fantasy football from the likes of Spain, Holland, Croatia and Russia has proved that defence is not the way forward. I’m compiling a few pointers for Capello which i’ll put in the next blog. He’ll better take notice an all, i’m buying my Czech Republic friendly tickets in the morning, Fabios 1st real test – (I don’t count the France game, it was too early for the Don Capello then)

  • jimmythegent

    I’ve just bought mine Dexy, £45 quid down the drain.

  • dexylongshot

    just got mine with in Block 139, row 30, come and say hello if your about, I’ll be the one hollering obscenities if Brown is playing right-back!

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