Ever wanted to Referee a World Cup Final? Here’s how!

by Mystical Mike

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

It could take several years to attain the status to Referee in The World Cup Finals, but if your committed enough you might just get there one day.

The starting point is to take the Referee’s course with your local County F.A. After becoming a Level 7 Referee you would need to start climbing the Pyramid to Level 6, then 5 and so on until you reach Level 1. This still won’t enable you to Referee at The World Cup Finals but your well on your way.

Level 1 Referees officiate on The Football League, The Championship and Leagues 1 and 2.

The next step you need to take is to become “A Select Level 1” this puts you on The Premier League. From here you need to become FIFA Listed or Level 0 and you do this on the merit of your Club and Assessors marks.

Ok now your pretty close to getting the “call”. After becoming FIFA Listed you will also need to become one / the top FIFA Listed Referee’s in your Country, again this is attained on your marks.

There is also a down side to this. Hypothetically If Howard Webb became the top Referee at this years World Cup Finals, he may still not Referee The Final itself. How can this be? It’s quite simple, he wouldn’t be allowed to Referee if England were in it. Can you imagine?

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  • Dan Church

    i was considering becoming a ref a while back….having reffed a couple of under 12 tournements i think im a bit of a dab hand at it…..i just didnt fancy the stage where you have to ref pub teams on a sunday morning over the rec….these refs get shot at and hit with baseball bats. its true, i read it in The Sun.

  • http://www.replacement-vertical-blind-slats.com Mark The Ref


    Unfortunately though rare assaults on Referee’s do happen its true. I wrote about such an incident in Non leage news 24 which will be published in the next week or so, its worth a look.
    As far as Referee’s being “SHOT” as you put it, I personally have never heard this but if it was Published in The Sun it must be right, right?
    To put your mind at ease if your thinking of taking up The Whistle most assaults on Referee’s are of a Technical nature. This could involve any form of deliberate contact with the Official, such as a shirt pull and so on. Most Referee’s that I know have never been assaulted.
    Hope this helps?

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