Ever wondered what happened to your old team mates?

by Mystical Mike

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Did you ever wonder where your old football mates are playing these days?

Did your best friend move to a another city?

Do you want to know what team they are playing for?

A great new website is launched to give you all the answers.
Join the brand new social media website Football Buddies.

Complete your football history, clubs and teams you’ve ever played for and Football Buddies will automatically present every player you’ve ever played with on your personal profile page.

The great thing about the website is that it doesn’t matter if you’re playing or played at pro or at grass roots level.

You’ll find all the English clubs registered at the FA on the website.

You can select season by season witch teams you’ve played for from Under 9 boys to the 1st team.

In Holland the website is a great success with over 50.000 members. Even pro’s like Kuyt, Van Nistelrooy and other Dutch heroes have a profile.

It’s quite refreshing to be able to see where some of the pro’s first started their careers. Van Nistelrooy started his career as a 5 years old boy at a Dutch club called Nooit Gedacht. Amateur football players who are still playing at Nooit Gedacht today can match profiles with Van Nistelrooy.

So you never know who you may have shared clubs with. Check out Football Buddies today to find out.

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