Everton and Spurs look to break up the so called big four

by Mystical Mike

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Spurs winning the Carling Cup was the best thing to happen in years

“You hear people say the Carling Cup doesn’t mean anything – but you try telling that to the players in our dressing room. You can tell by their faces what it means to them. Every year we put a strong side out. It is hard to say, but Tottenham deserved it.”
John Terry – 25.2.2008

As well as being a tremendous day in the calendar, being my birthday and all, the 25th February has become the day that I have found a new found appreciation for John Terry. Probably Chelsea’s best player on Sunday and obviously a lot more clued up, about the game he had just played in, than his bug-eyed manager, Avram Greenback. Grant obviously comes form the Arsene Wenger school of thought, that even if you were played off the park, you still deserved to win the game.

Spurs glory

I must say, other than Avram’s blindness, most Chelsea fans I have spoken to, have been magnanimous in their assessment of the game. It is a breath of fresh air to hear, as certainly the Woolwich fans were not so noble a few weeks back. I suppose the difference is that the Carling Cup Final was a close affair, whilst Woolwich were just embarrassed.

There seems to be genuine happiness that the Carling Cup has been won by a team outside of the proverbial top 4 and the signs are there that both Everton and Spurs seem to be making genuine strides to break into that group. I suppose if we take the last 3 seasons into perspective, we could’ve seen that these 2 teams were likely to do it eventually. Everton obviously finished 4th 3 years ago and Spurs have ended 5th 2 years in a row. With Spurs breaking the stranglehold and winning one of the major trophies and Everton looking like they could well finish in the top 4, are we now talking about a top 6, or is this season just a blip and normal status is to be resumed next year?

Whatever the future holds, surely this Sunday’s result can only be good for English football? Its is also worth noting the plethora of English players that were on show for Fabio to see – Robinson, King, Woodgate, Bridge, Lampard, Jenas, Huddlestone, Lennon, Terry, Wright-Phillips, and Cole.

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  • Dean

    I actually feel sick, but fair do’s, the Spuds did deserve to win

  • Martin Tibbetts

    I am delighted Spurs won this cup, for the sake of humanity another team had to win something soon. However I think its a bit early to talk about Spurs breaking into the top 4. Leicester City got to the final of this cup 3 times in 4 years in the nineties, winning it twice, but it didn’t make them title contenders.

    Lets keep this in perspective, the teams that are knocking on the door of the Big 4 at present are Everton and Aston Villa, and in all honesty I think its the West Midlands team that has the best chance of a long term run at them, as they have a genius in charge and youngsters who are breaking into the England set up. Silverware or not Spurs are still in the bottom half of the table – a promising team with a good manager yes, but no more right now.

    Well done Spurs, but lets not do what you always do and start getting over excited too soon…

  • Dave

    I think what the article is talking about is the gradual improvement over the last 3 or 4 years and that Sunday is a breakthrough from 2 or 3 years of building the Spurs team, rather than a one-off. Most understand that Spurs league position is false. The same with Everton. Its not the first time in the last few years that they have troubled the top 4. Villa are having their first good season for a while and, although I appreciate and agree with your point that O’Neill is a genius and is doing good for English youth players, they are still a couple of yeasr behind Everton and Spurs.

  • Martin Tibbetts

    We shall wait and see. I genuinely hope Spurs can break through, I like them and, as documented on other threads on this site, I think they do a lot for English players.

    But they are, and always have been, a great cup team, and I wait to be convinced that they can translate that to consistency in the league, especially as they have now employed a manager who is a cup specialist!!

    Martin O’Neil has proved that he can sustain strong league positions everywhere he has been (Leicester 4 consecutive finishes in Top 9, Celtic winning SPL in first season and continuing to do so), and Villa will be there or thereabouts as long as he stays at the club. Lets see who finishes higher next season if the managers stay in place, I would predict it’ll be Villa….

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    I’m with Martin, it was only a few months ago the Spuds were banging on about finishing 4th and look what happened.

    Consistency is something Spurs haven’t had since the days of Jimmy Greaves.

    What we may find is Ramous could be the new Benitez, in that his cup pedigree is unquestionably very, very good, however, the league is a different matter.

  • Martyn

    In the time Benitez has been at Liverpool, I would take his acheivements ahead of Woolwich’s. Also, this year may end up different but to date, I’m sure Benitez has finished ahead of Wenger in the league since he’s been there …… I think a champions league win would be a step in the right direction for Spurs.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    in the words of Andy Millman ‘Is he havin’ a laff?’

    Finishing in the top 4 is not an achievement, Spuds & Liverpool fans take note. Winning the title is, Man United, Chelski & Arsenal take note.

    Spurs are a total joke, you will still end up mid table where you belong.

  • http://blog.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Aslan

    The carling cup is the biggest joke of the footballing season….winning it means nothing….beating chelsea does however….Everton can’t but Spurs can surely break up the top 4 but never the top 2…..Arsenal and United are head and shoulders above liverpool and chelsea and will be staying top for years to come.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    and that is why the Spuds will never be a top 4 side. Losing 4-1 to Birmingham is a disgrace.

  • Martin Tibbetts

    Dave says in a post above that ‘most understand that Spurs league position is false’. I clearly am not most. Now obviously having won a cup at Wembley Spurs are now challengers to the top 4 (!) but Ramos has been a charge a good while now and they are still losing games to Birmingham and Manchester City.

    I am clearly in the minority Dave but I think Spurs position is entirely accurate, despite their new manager. It reflects a good cup team who remain woefully inconsistent in the league. The so called ‘So called Big 4’ must be quaking in their boots!

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