Everton manager, David Moyes, is “a hypocrite and should be charged by the FA”.

by Paul Connolly

Monday, September 26th, 2011

David Moyes’s post-match comments after his Everton’s side 2-0 defeat to Manchester City on Saturday were remarkable. And not in a good way.

After sending his team out to once again play their own unique brand of thuggish anti-football, he had the temerity to accuse City’s captain, Vincent Kompany, of “doing” Tim Cahill after the Everton man had attempted yet another two-footed scissor lunge on the City player.

What was Kompany supposed to do?

Allow himself to be cut in half by Cahill’s reckless tackle? Or perhaps he should have tried to levitate above the tattooed Australian’s flailing boots until Cahill had ploughed beyond his legs. No, Kompany tried to hurdle Cahill but only succeeded in landing on his opponent’s shin. There could have been no malice aforethought as Kompany, sensing Cahill’s intent, began his jump way before Cahill arrived. It was an unfortunate accident.

But, Moyes, never the most gracious of losers, wasn’t having it. Kompany had “done” Cahill.

What is so galling about Moyes’s rant is that he sent his team out to systematically brutalise City’s creative players, most notably David Silva, who was the recipient of some revolting thuggery. Fortunately for football-lovers, the little Spaniard proved resilient in the face of such provocation and helped City win the game.

Even the BBC’s Phil McNulty expressed concern at Everton’s tactics at the time, although the honorary chairman of the Scottish Football Brotherhood, Alan Hansen, supported his craven comrade later on Match Of The Day.

David Moyes needs to take a long, good hard look at himself. And the FA should too – and bring this hypocrite up on charges of bringing the game into disrepute.

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  • Fifthcolumnblue

    Interesting how many Evertonians seem to be exposing themselves as closet ManUre fans all of a sudden.

    Is that why moyes always has your team roll over so Slur Alex can tickle your tummies?

  • Dixie

    What utter nonsense from this author.

    City were the beneficiary of a very poor referee on Saturday.

    The likes of Neville’s ‘challenge’ garnering a booking was testament to that.

    Man City are the true anti-football football club, the epitome of instant gratification, greed, quick fix, all because some Arab decided to make them his plaything. They should count their lucky stars each day and keep schtum about slagging off other clubs that have to be run properly and live within their means, as opposed to being run like a fantasy football team.

  • Dixie

    Fifthcolumnblue, more nonsense.

    FA Cup Semi Final 2009 and last seasons 3-3 at Goodison (2 goals in injury time) puts paid to your silly dated myth about Everton rolling over for Utd.

  • Richard


  • Richard



  • http://newsnowmancity seaside blue

    the best thing baconface the second moyes and kenwright could do is sell everton to tesco get the money and take your 6000 season ticket holders out for a good piss up maybe when you have had a few drinks you will get a reality check and realise that no fucker is interested in everton. this is just moyes way of trying to get publicity. guess what it hasnt worked nobody still interested in buying your tinpot club play like that all season and your going down thank god

  • Blueblood

    Paul Connolly what a BELL-END you are!!!!!…

  • bluemoon

    think both everton fans have missed the point here, are you actually going to support Moyes’s views on the tackle? Cahill went in to hurt Kompany after getting very frustrated trying to tackle Lescott, Kompany jumped out of the way and landed on him, he didn’t need to lunge in at Kompany, and when he did, he got hurt.

    Would you only be happy if he had broken Kompanys leg and then Kompany be sent off and then city docked points for obvious cheating tactics?

    This article was not about money of clubs, just about Everton’s thuggish tactics from the off, and the managers inability to put any blame for the loss on himself or his players. City deserved the win, a few decisions raised eyebrows yes, but that happens every week (did you see Villa’s penalty?!) this game will not be the end of the world for either club.

    City are happy to of beaten a bogey team, Everton are angry as they came with the sole hope of getting lucky and stealing points, but for the first time in a few years, they didn’t get the luck they needed and city finally cracked the defense (even with a deflected shot)

    the games over, it’s a very good 3 points for city, and a very frustrating day for Everton, THAT IS FOOTBALL.

  • uwe_rosler

    Haha, RFC fans are so blinkered they actually believe this crud they spout! EFC are very limited, very dirty, your manager finds ways to excuse his teams shortcomings like blaming the ref. EFC fans are THE most jealous of city coz they’re staring down the barrel of nothingness. Sheikhs don;t like scouse land so jog on you desperados

  • Slacker

    Spot on, although it’s hard to see what else Moyes can do than park the bus and start clogging when faced with a side that’s far better in every department. This latest outburst is pretty much par for the course for him though, and nowhere near as much of an embarrassment to his club as his conduct over the Joleon Lescott transfer.

    He is a nasty, bitter little man though and he manages a team supported by scousers and captained by an ex-rag so I’ll be quite happy to see them find their level in the Championship at the end of the season.

  • wazzo

    well im glad , obviosly i must off pissed sum people off with my comment and i love it .

  • Fifthcolumnblue

    Fulfilment at last eh Wazzock?

  • wazzabazza

    wazzo, annoyed? No. How can we get annoyed if you we have no idea what you were trying to say? But we’re glad your carer has finally introduced you to the punctuation section of the Teletubbies’ Guide To English.

  • mac

    Man city fans were summed up to me on the night after the game, I made a comment about some very poor refereeing in my opinion and the response was this ” small clubs always moan about the ref! ” I know! can you believe that? No neither could I. So here’s a message to those cocky city fans who turn there backs an dance like pole’s. Money does not make you big it makes you rich, and small clubs become big but big clubs never become small. Keep goin city your nearly there your nearly big………………

  • law

    Man shitty

    European wannabees no point in being there if your gonna get humped lol tut tut the Arabs got the wrong mancs

  • paul

    City in Europe. What a laugh!!!!

    Ha Ha Ha
    Ha Ha Ha
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  • Jim

    At least Tevez shows Shitteh and their fans the respect they deserve!

  • Richard

    All that money and your going nowhere. As the song goes Champions League, your having a laugh – HAPPY DAYS

  • mark

    Lets face it the only reason the Sheiks picked City is because you were given a money generating stadium. It can’t be your history as you just haven’t got one and for pity’s sake Manchester is bigger than Liverpool but it’s a rambling craphole of a City with very few classy spots. Liverpool 1 and most of the Waterfront in Liverpool is world class now , and the rest is improving by the day. Must agree about Cahill though he’s putting it about far too much and he can’t complain. Don’t get the brutal bit other than that though, the bookings were ridiculous. The Manure and Kopite like arrogance that is creeping in so early in your development is what is really winding Evertonians (and others ) up. It’s difficult but you used to have such a distinctive character and difficult though it may be it would be nice to see a bit more humility. Well at least until you’ve won a few titles anyway!Much as I hate to say it the Manure and the Redshite have at least got the trophies to back up their pathetic superiority complex. You lot can’t even come close to our “Little Club” trophy count. Oh sod it I’m fed up theorising I think i’m starting to detest you lot too now! I know what’s coming you smart-arses ” as if you care” I know this sounds crazy but I really don’t want us to follow this template. I’d rather wait for this ridiculous bubble to burst and take our chances on a more even footing.

  • Gareth Fieldstead

    Fantastic! Outclassed in Germany, Silva the cheat not getting a penalty, Tevez (10 million a season) not interested in ‘playing for the shirt’, players arguing with the manager, Champions League your having a laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Whats it like to try and buy success? The sad thing is when Platini actually tries to implement his fair play strategies to stop clubs like yourselves from announcing losses of over a quarter of a billion and still think it is acceptable to carry on spending money the club doesn’t generate, you will actually try to get around them, success by any means, I can understand the memories must still be quite fresh having to play Gillingham just to get in the 2nd tier of football but how pathetic is that? Tell me again, other than Tevez(HA!) how many players would be at City if they were not getting paid those sort of wages? How sad a set of supporters that did have the utmost respect from most fans have turned into a carbon copy of there former chief executive.

  • Slacker

    “You lot can’t even come close to our “Little Club” trophy count. Oh sod it I’m fed up theorising I think i’m starting to detest you lot too now!”

    Who cares what you think? Not us, that’s for sure. Go tell it to the Championship teams you’ll be playing next season. Bloody bin-dippers.

  • law

    man city in turmoil champions league is almost over lol
    tevez wants out players arguing clueless manager

    the bubbles gonna burst noone respects man shitty 🙂

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  • Voice of Reason

    You cocks will be laughing on the other side of your faces when that Sheik loses interest an pulls out in order to pursue dominoes or some other shit instead. Those contracts those greedy bastard mercenary players of yours are on will be enough to close the club down without his money. I’m looking forward to that day indeed….

  • JLBlue

    This is the biggest load of bollocks I’ ever had the pain of reading.

  • dexylongshot

    175+ comments. This one just keeps on running.
    I personally thought Cahill went in a tad hard and Kompany jumped out of the way but caught him on the way back. I’m not sure if Vinny did all he could to not clip him, (shaloin style hovering is not my forte) but nor did Cahill. I also don’t think the words “done him” were the best to use at the time. It will be interesting how Moyes sets out his stall when they meet again.

  • David Seddon

    its unfortunate that citys stars could not even generate a single oppertunity against a nearly everton second string the other week. in every way shape and form everton outplayed city as the likes of david silva druelled at the skills of roysten drenthe and landon donovon. perhaps one day, city can persuade moyes to teach them how to play real football.

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