Everybody wants Krasic (Apart from Juventus)

by Lorenzo Bettoni

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

In the last year he was one of the best player for Juventus, but the advent of Antonio Conte’s era at Juventus seems to have stopped the rising of Milos Krasic in the club.

When he arrived in Italy in the last year he was received by Juventus fans as the “New Nedved”, both for his role in the field (left wing) and for his moves which are very similar to those of former Juventus and Lazio player. The first appearances of the Serbian during the last championship were impressive. He was fast, he made assist and scored goals. He really looked like the New Nedved!

Than, from the last January, the club lost a number of matches, playing very bad. Krasic, as well as his teammates, didn’t follow the standards that Juventus supporters were used to.

When Juventus decided to sign on Antonio Conte in the last summer he looked like the perfect manager to relauch both the club and the player. In his offensive 4-4-2, in fact, wings play a decisive role, as they have to run a lot, attacking and defending. Until this moment Juventus performances are great, but Milos Krasic looks lost. After a few appearances from the beginning, Antonio Conte preferred to the Serbian, players who can ensure more run and who can help the midfield when the team is defending.

Now, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Krasic could leave Juventus in January, as the player wants to play regularly. According to the Italain newspaper, Premier Leagues clubs are the ones more interested in the player, particularly Chelsea and Manchester United.

Andres Villas Boas is probably the one who needs more Krasic, as he  could use the 27 year old player as left wing, replacing Sturridge or Malouda, while for Sir Alex Ferguson he would be more suitable to be a top-class substitute for Nani and Ashley Young. Dejan Joksimovic, the player’s agent, said that Milos Krasic refused an offer by Borussia Dortmund during the last summer, and if the player would leave Juventus, he will join a Premier League or Bundesliga club.

Probably he won’t be the only one to leave Juventus in the next transfers window, as in the club there are a lot of  “unhappy” players, such as Amauri, Vincenzo Iaquinta (no one has official appearances in this season) and Eljero Elia, who played just 45 minutes in this championship.

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