FA search party!

by Ryan Holmes

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Fabio Capello won’t be kept on past the European Championships in Poland and Ukraine. So, the search is on to find the next England boss.

The FA’s David Bernstein has announced that Capello is to stand down from his position of England manager after the tournament.

This is not exactly a shock to everyone, as after the string of poor performances at the World Cup in South Africa, it soon became obvious Capello would not be signing any contract extensions.

Bernstein said: “The position is very clear. He is our manager until the end of the European Championships. That is it.”

Therefore, with the European Championships in 2012 being his swansong before handing the position over, who should step in to achieve the expectations of England fans and the FA?

Home grown

Well, the FA have already indicated the manager will be a home grown one. Let’s hope it will be a more succesful home grown manager than the one Capello took over from, the “Wally with the brolly.”

Alan Shearer thinks Harry Redknapp would be a perfect replacement because of his ‘man management skills’ – a skill that current boss Capello has sadly lacked.

Capello was hired because he was supposed to be great at man management and an a old school stickler. While this may have worked during his club management career, his techniques have not worked with England.

He is a disciplinarian, but he is too distant, and has not created the balance needed for an English dressing room.

England would have a great chance of success with Redknapp in charge, as his man management is proven to be successful.

Sorely lacking

This can be seen from the tight ship that he runs with a Spurs player hardly on the back pages for something other than being praised.

Other than that names for the job at this point in time are sorely lacking, with no other English manager standing out – possibly with the exception of Alan Pardew.

There is something of a bigger issue to consider. Management of the England team has turned into somewhat of a mugs game. It seems to be a platform for setting up promising managers and then knocking them down as results and then fans turn against them.

There is one theory that the next manager may as well be anyone, because when you look at the current talent in Spain, Argentina and Germany and then look at what England has to offer in the way of rising managerial talent, it would seem the next England manager is going to need a prayer or two to get it right.

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  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    Kevin Keegan was a great man manager, Kevin keegan also got Newcastle playing top European football. Kevin keegan was out of his depth.

    Need I say more?

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