Fab knows Rome wasn’t built in a day

by Dexy Longshot

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

A quick look at last nights shambles…or was it?

Let’s get the Becks road show out of the way first. 100 caps, well done commendable, can we forget about it now, all it’s been in the red top tabloids in last 3 internationals is Becks this becks that, (no change there then). Your display last night, was average at best.

Over to the captains past & present, Rio did all right, mopping up for Brown. (Wesley is truly brown in more than name).

Not so merry sulking Terry f**kd up on Anelka and we paid the price. Incidentally, wasn’t Nic’s penalty tumble mustard, proper Hollywood stunt time from Anelka, with no rolling around either (how refreshing!). James seemed a little late to the ball. It wouldn’t surprise me if another keeper gets a game against the US and A.

Gerrard was pretty much anonymous as was, well, most of the team was, no one stood out but I think we should take a few positives.

At least Fab knows that Rooney will be useless as a lone striker. He’s tried him twice and it hasn’t worked, so now hopefully it will be 2 up front, that’s 2 proper strikers, not Gerrard just behind, It might work with Torres at Anfield but we ain’t got Torres. Stevie has got to be back in midfield at the centre running the game.

Also, a quick glance at the sky stats I saw this morning show we won almost every stat going, possession, passing, tackling, corners. just the goal one which counts, B*llocks.

Ok we didn’t look anything like scoring but neither did the frogs. Considering they are the world cup finalists, they beat us by 1 goal, a penalty at that. How often was James called to make a decent save? He wasn’t, they had a couple of weak shots, one flew just over and cisse hit the side netting, hardly the alamo.

Fab will slowly transform us into a brick wall that has made the Italians World champions with 2 holding midfielders. It will take time to tinker but that is what Capello has got in bundles, he has time to look at options, different formations and players.

Give the Italian time, He’s had 2 games, judge him in autumn when the World Cup qualifiers kick in.

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  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    I wasn’t convinced one bit, in fact I think we have nothing to be positive about, as usual. I’d rather us lose games 5-4 with some excitement then grind out boring 1-0’s, which is what Capello is all about. It’s way to early to judge but he lost his job at Real for playing negative football, he won them them the league for Christ’s sake, the football must have so been so boring for that to happen.

    Once again Gerrard was a lost puppy, strolling around wondering what to do and where to go. It seems along with almost every member of the current squad, the minute they put on an England shirt they instantly lose 30% of their game, why does this happen?

    Beckham was way of the pace, again, Bentley needs to get at least an hour under his belt, of even give Theo a go, you never know, he might do a Vassell.

    As for Capello doing the post match interview with an interrupter, I thought that was very lame, what has he been doing for the 6 months.

    I guess I’m just bored with watching England, I’ve been hurt so many times I’ve kind of given up now.

  • Matt Quinn

    One thing i did like was that he seems to be trying to encourage England to cherish possession… and while it was dull and boring, we actually had decent possession in the first half. In the future, when they get more used to not banging the ball 60 yards (Gerrard) as soon as they get it, this possession might start to be more progressive.

    I dont agree with putting Gerrard in the centre to “run the game” as he has never done that in an England shirt and probably never will. I liked the formation in the first half, but not all the personnel. In a future 4-2-3-1, i would play:

  • mikie

    JAMES VAUGHAN ? surely you’re just plucking names from a old used hen.

    Bentley CM? I know he has played there for Blackburn but he would be wasted in the middle

  • Matt Quinn

    Au Contrare my young friend, Mikie.

    If England are going to play one up front, then we need someone who has pace, height and power, otherwise it is useless. A didier Drogba figure if you will. However, none of the England players available fit this bill and hence cant play up front on their own. Look!!!
    OWEN- (rubbish, no power/pace)
    CROUCH- (no pace)
    HESKEY- (maybe. Not blistering pace tho)
    DEFOE – (no power/height)
    ASHTON- (no pace)
    JOHNSON – (no height)

  • http://blog.ukfootballfinder.co.uk/?author=14 Teflon

    I just really think its an Embarrassment that the guy doesn’t Speak English in front of Cameras… How the hell is he meant to get a nation motivated when he has to use a translator… Still for me the National teams Manager should be English. that excludes italians, Sweeds and Scotts.

  • Tommo

    Coach Fabio Capello has claimed David Beckham can be England’s answer to Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo. (Various)

    Thats a joke right?

  • Dexy Longshot


    I think Ashton will get a call up soon if stays fit, he isn’t the fastest but is a lot faster now than he was 2 years ago, he was working on his speed last yeas and has done some weight.

    Deano – The new Shearer, but balder and fatter!!

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    I hope you’re right Dexy mate, as the current crop are not up to the task, and I include Rooney in that, where was the Rooney who scored 2 against Crotia in Euro 2004, who ran at defences and the scared the living sh*t out of everyone.

    I like Ashton, but he needs games

  • Matt Quinn

    I cant believe how anyone can slate Rooney, Darren!?!?!
    Hes the one genuine world class player we have. Never lets the side down, has quality and gives 100%. I dont understand anyone who doesnt see what he brings to a side.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    I’m not slating Rooney, we all know he is class, but when was the last time he had a good game in an England shirt? And don’t say Russia away.

    I don’t know what it is but he loses something when he puts on an England shirt, like that over rated Gerrard bloke

  • Dan Church

    Its not that Rooney loses something in an England shirt, more he doesnt have people on his wave length…..look at his partnerships with Ronaldo and Tevez at United. Constant give and go’s, movement off the ball, little flicks and backheels. They rip defences to pieces with ease a la Villa on Saturday……but for England, no one has the bo**ocks or skill to try it so hes left to battle for it but he cant do it all….he needs a foil but no english players can provide it.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    Good points, I didn’t really rate Tevez, but now I see how much work he puts in, he’s not a goal scorer but brings other players into the game. England have no one like that, if Gerrard was good enough he could play that role, but unfortunately he play to many Hollywood balls for me.

    Didn’t Capello say that Beckham can be our Ronaldo? That says it all really.

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