Fabio Capello’s first day in charge

by Martin

Monday, January 7th, 2008

So its Capello. And thank God for that.

A genuinely good manager for what is a genuinely good footballing nation. Now we can look forward to a real challenge in 2010.

I don’t subscribe to this theory that the manager of England should be an Englishman. Then from watching Sky over the last few weeks it appears that the only people that do are tired ex professionals, usually who played for West Ham for some bizarre reason, who are clinging to an ever distant past. Maybe it was valid 20 years ago, but the game moves forward and we must move with it.

It doesn’t take a genius to spot that over half the managers in the premier league are not English, and, of the 9 Englishmen that there are, only 2 are in the top half of the table. We can argue about the merits of foreign players in the English game until the cows come home, but there is no debate to be had on managers. The fact is glaringly obvious – the England football system does not bring good managers through.

I can’t answer why that is. Scotland consistently produces excellent managers, so why can’t we? I think one reason is the fact that money has been dictating the game for a while now, and more so in the Premier League than anywhere else. If a manager doesn’t get instant success he is fired, as the financial cost of failure is too great.

So where do the good new English managers learn their trade? Why in the lower divisions of course. But then, money again has made the gulf in class between the Premier League and even the Championship so great that a successful manager in the latter rarely gets a shot at the former, and when they do, if they don’t hit the ground running they are gone before November. In the main, when a premier league team needs to improve, they bring in experience from abroad.

Sadly, this situation is not going to change in the foreseeable, so the FA had to adapt to it. They did with Erikson, and but for his incredible ability to choke he could have taken us all the way, but for some reason they took about 50 steps backwards with his successor. Now they have seen sense again, and lets hope that Fabio can turn us into the team we should be. And hopefully in the process shut the Englishman for England naysayers up for good.


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  • AB

    I’m one of those that does think England ought to be managed by an Englishman. But you make some relevant points that I agree with, in particular that the gap between the premiership and lower leagues is far too great to bring in talented coaches, as well as players. So the reality is a sad one, but as you suggest maybe a necessary one. Capello certainly seems to have this authoritarian demeanor that echoes someone like Alex Ferguson who somehow manages to get his players playing football when they’re on the pitch and not act like pre madonnas. Let’s hope he brings some discipline to side!

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