Falling Chelsea Must Stop Spending and Let Their Flowers Grow

by admin

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

With absolutely no sparkle in their team, senior key players on the verge of retirement and money problems looming ever closer, this season was the last hurrah for one of the biggest forces in English football over the past few years.

Unfortunately for them, Chelsea’s last season as a genuine, title-winning force has ended with no trophies, a star striker wanting out and a top-class manager in the dole queue.

In addition, having splurged obscene amounts of money in January and with transfer values rising with each day they drift managerless towards deadline day, it’s difficult to see a successful recruitment drive at Chelsea this summer.

The problem is that they no longer have a unique selling point. If a player wants to move to a club somewhere in the world for a big payday, then Manchester City are now paying more than Roman Abramovic. If they want to move to England and play in the Champions League then there are three choices – it’s City again for money, Arsenal to play attractive football and Manchester United if you actually want to have a chance of winning something.

If you want to play first-team football, don’t move to Chelsea. Just ask Scott Parker, Steve Sidwell and, more recently, Yuri Zhirkhov about that one. It’s also a bad move for your reputation because Chelsea is still the home of football’s cartoon bad guys. As long as they keep shooting their work experience kids with air rifles, at least that position will be safe.

So what do Chelsea actually need to do to salvage their status at the top table of English football, before they slip back into the primordial soup of mid-table hopefuls from whence they came? It starts and finishes with the need to ensure more of their youth players make the grade. We hear all about their brilliant academy sides full of talented young kids, but the last one to make the breakthrough at Chelsea via their academy? It was probably John Terry.

To this end, a lot of hope lies at the feet of Joch McEachran, Danny Sturridge and Gael Kakuta. All have Premiership experience, especially Sturridge, but it’s McEachran that is really worth getting excited about. He’s a little midfield genius, as anyone who saw him play in Chelsea’s 4-3 Carling Cup defeat to Newcastle will attest.

In chasing the dream, Chelsea have forgotten that dynasties are built at home. The United babes and fledglings success, eras Abramovic is so desperate to emulate at the Bridge, cannot be bought. It has to be grown.

It’s likely that more money will be thrown at the problem in the summer, but it was never money that created the latest Manchester United dynasty. It was breathing room. Will Roman allow the space for McEachran, Sturridge and Kakuta to fulfil their potential and lead Chelsea to a decade of glory?

Don’t bet on it.

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  • nicky


  • notagolfer

    yeah. chelsea will never win anything again. you keep telling yourself that.

  • Tommy

    How much do you hate Chelsea? they have not won anything for years, all this changing managers etc..
    hope for your sake they do not get a stable manager, they might win everything!

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    @ Tommy – mmmm, could of sworn they did the double last season

  • Tommy

    Mike I think you are slighty backward, you were saying how Chelsea have failed and all this changing managers is so so bad for them..

    Are you from the US?.. There is something in England called Sarcasm and you don’t understand it..

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    very good Tommy, I just thought you were another thicko. Sorry mate, good piece of Sarcasm!

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