Fans snub the pub to save cash

by Mystical Mike

Monday, December 29th, 2008

Football fans hit the credit crunch couch

A new survey by BT Vision looking at the habits of fans across the country shows cash-conscious football fans are ditching expensive pub trips in favour of watching matches on the couch.

34 per cent of fans are intending to spend less time watching the game at the pub this season than they did three years ago.

It’s not just pubs that are suffering, as the survey also found that exactly 50% of fans surveyed won’t be attending their team’s matches at any point throughout the course of the season.

Fans spend on average £51 per month supporting their teams, with some spending up to £112.

With fans now grappling with the credit crunch, it makes sense for them to watch the game at home and in the process saving money on drinks.

Football fans are also being tempted back to the couch by the increased availability of matches on TV, with 57 per cent of West Brom fans citing this as the reason for them not hitting the pub.

Breakdown of the top ten teams whose fans are spending less time in the pub:

*Percentage of fans who watch less sport in the pub than they did three years ago (%)

1.Blackburn Rovers *65
2. Manchester City 63
3.Aston Villa 61
4. Chelsea 57
5. Manchester United 51
6. Stoke City 50
7. Middlesbrough 50
8. Everton 50
9. Liverpool 49
10. Newcastle 48

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  • Jamie Farrier

    Nice research there, a good find.

    I’m no economist but I don’t think it’s solely down the a credit crunch. This survey’s done compared to fan trends three years ago, and nobody was sure back in 2005 of the economic turmoil we’re in today.

    It’s a combination of things for me. I got Sky at my house because they’re under some really excellent management at the moment – the way they’ve presented themselves in recent years is a service which is accessible to all and not some exclusive club. The pricing structure is excellent and the customer service is very good, despite some teething problems, so I’m glad I put my trust in them and signed up. Kudos to Sky for bringing more footy in to people’s homes, even if it is at the expense of the pubs.

  • Darren

    Does anyone else find watching games in a packed pub a pain in the ass? Queuing for drinks, which then get split everywhere anyway. Plus I also like to hear what the pundits have to say, even if it is jamie mr positive reddad.

    I’d much rather being playing footy then spending the whole day on a train, plane and automobile watching over paid pre-madonas. To which jacky emu will reply, yr a disgwrace!

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