Fed up of Arsene Wenger’s inability to see the truth

by Mystical Mike

Friday, January 25th, 2008

I did not see it!

I don’t want to sit here and bang on about how great Tottenham were and how Arsenal were beaten soundly by the better team. I also don’t want to drone on about the fact that they had Hleb, Gallas and Sagna on for the whole game, Fabregas on for three quarters of it, Eduardo and Adebayor on for a third of it (when Spurs had taken off Keane, Berbatov and Lennon) and the fact that, bar Traore and Fabianski, all of the players have premier league experience and therefore there was no 2nd string out on Tuesday night and no excuse for being completely annihilated. This is not what I want to talk about.
I want to discuss how I have found an even greater dislike for their manager after his interview on Tuesday night.

No one can take away how good he is as a manager. He is, without question, the second best manager in the premier league (no one comes close to Alex Ferguson). He has, albeit to the detriment of the England team, managed to develop a very strong and talented group of foreign players and serve up a, delightful at times, feast of beautiful football. What I can not stand, is how he continually refuses to admit to getting things wrong and has the selective blindness to never see his players do anything untoward.

Firstly, he should have had the decency and respect to admit Spurs were the better team and mean it. To say the scoreline did not reflect the difference between the sides is actually probably right though, as it should’ve been 7-1 or even 8-1 if Malbranque, Berbatov and Defoe had finished their 1 on 1s. I know it is not easy to take defeat but at least he should have the respect to do it gracefully and not do it whilst appearing as if he has just swallowed a wasp.

Secondly, how could he not have seen what went on between Bendtner and Adebayor. The fracas went on for a good 5 minutes and every single person saw it bar him. Can’t he grow up and admit that his players lost their cool and tell us he will be dealing with it internally. This is not the first time he has pleaded innocence via blindness. It is not on. The public deserve more respect than that. We all know what has happened and that he has seen it, so just be honest, Arsene.

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  • Jackie Emu

    The thing is and I agree with your post very incitefull and honest, Wenger is a bloody minded so and so and that has got Arsenal where they are today. He is a man who sticks to his principles, I don’t think he’s ever lost with any real grace he’ll always have a grievance about something…without that he’s accepting he has flaws…
    That said Spurs were impressive and deep down Wenger knows this but it’s up to him if he wants publically acknowledge it.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    if someone would have said to me 9 years ago ‘here’s the deal’, in the next 9 years you will win 2 league titles, 1 undefeated, 3 FA cups and get to a champions league final, but at the end of that period you would take one hell of a tonking, I would have said yes please, bring it on!

    Tuesday game, I didn’t see it!

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    as Jackie Emu has pointed out, as if Wenger would say well done to the enemy, although saying that I don’t think the Spuds are any more, until Tuesday they were so pointless, ineffective & totally useless that it became a bit of a running joke.

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  • The Blue Yid

    Arsene Wenger, your boys took one hell of a beating!!

    5-1 say no more.

  • Jamie

    everyone knows Wenger is a total prat. To say the score didn’t reflect the game is very bitter, as the geezer who wrote this rightly points out, it should have been 7 or 8!

    5-1, 5-1, 5-1, 5-1

  • pete

    Hey idiot, the referee didn’t see it either and he was on the pitch! A lot of fans in the stadium also didn’t see it.

    Wenger protects his players publicly and disciplines them in house. In public he absolutely refuses to trash his players. It’s called loyalty, it’s why his players are so loyal to him.

    Tough, deal with it. What a bunch of whiners you spuds are. You’re so pathetic you come out with a freaking dvd and mug two days after the micky mouse cup semi final! Good luck losing to Chelsea at Wembley and Man United this weekend.


  • pete

    THIS IS WHAT WENGER MEANT IN HIS INTERVIEW, when he said the scoreline did not reflect the game:

    Arsenal had 64% of possession
    Arsenal made nearly 500 passes while Spurs made 222 passes
    Arsenal had 18 shots on goal while Spurs had 12

    You guys parked 10 men in front of goal and countered on the break, while we did all the attacking. You were more clinical, we had zero defense, we had no ideas.


    There were 8 changes made to the real first team sent out v. Fulham on Saturday.

    As an Arsenal blogger said it so well:

    “ON the way to White Hart Lane a Spurs fan was overheard saying: ‘Wenger’s bottled it and picked the first teamers.’
    Ignoring the insight that gives us into the state of the north London rivalry in 2008, it was true that the team was almost unchanged from the side that won at Fulham.
    The only tinkering was Fabianski replacing Almunia in goal.
    And Hoyte replacing Senderos and Traore replacing Clichy.
    And Denilson replacing Cesc. And Gilberto replacing Flamini.
    And Diaby replacing Rosicky. And Walcott replacing Eduardo.
    And Bendtner replacing Adebayor.
    But other than those eight changes we were indeed at full strength. Spurs welcomed back four players who had been rested ahead of their Carling Cup tie. We were forced to include first teamers because we had run out of reserves.”

    You spuds are pathetic. You can’t even recognize what an Arsenal first team is. What Wenger put out on Tuesday was a mixture of our CC squad and our first team — whenever he’s done that, it hasn’t worked. It’s a mess. He did that because he was forced to. Two crucial members of our CC squad were gone: Song at the ANC and Diarra left the club. The other kids he uses (Randall, Lansbury, Gibbs) had just played v. Birmingham the previous night. Senderos and Djourou are injured. He brought on Cesc far earlier than he expected because Denilson got injured 20 mins. into the game. So what you had was a mix. Only 3 first teamers started the game.

    Wenger was forced to use some first teamers because we had no more reserves.

    Yes, you were by far the better team on the pitch (which WENGER CONCEDED TWICE IN HIS SKYSPORTS INTERVIEW) but we had absolutey zero defense. We were crap. I’d like to see you get away with that against Vidic, Ferdinand and Anderson.

    Here’s the gap between you and us:

    You guys rested 4 first team players for a f–king CC seminfinal!

    Whereas Wenger put out a much stronger team against BURNLEY in our FA cup game than he did against you.

    So yeah….5-1 guys. In a freaking CC semifinal. You’d think you’d won the f–king CL!

    But the far more important stat is still 22-1!!!

    UP THE ARSE!!!

  • pete

    And one more thing:

    Arsene Wenger owes absolutely NO RESPECT to a club whose fans started a vile, disgusting rumour about him the minute he arrived in England — an insult that he has had to listen to in every single one of his games in England for 11 years. A filthy insult that your classless fans shouted loud enuf for the TV audience to hear on Tuesday (and countless other time). Arsene Wenger owes nothing but contempt to your club, he gives you far more respect than you deserve. It is YOUR club that is responsible for this disgusting piece of filth that he and we gooners have been saddled with for 11 years. His wife and daughter stopped attending matches because they couldn’t bear to hear it anymore.

    SO HE OWES YOU NOTHING! Those chants and the stuff your crowd threw at our players on Tuesday says everything we need to know about your club.

  • Dave

    Everything alright at home , Pete??

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