Ferguson to leave at the end of the season?

by Richard Foulder

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Last year he had a stand named after him, this year it was a bronze statue, could next year Sir Alex Ferguson have a successor at Old Trafford? The most important legacy Ferguson will leave behind will not be the tributes the club have showered on him but the man he helps to appoint to replace him at the helm at United.

Following the greatest manager of all time is going to be an enormous task and Ferguson himself knows it. It would seem the only two coaches in the world who could possibly take on the task of replacing Ferguson are Pep Guardiola and José Mourinho. My guess is that Pep would certainly be interested in the role when his one year sabbatical ends in the summer and if Mourinho wanted out of Madrid; Old Trafford would be his first choice. Mourinho has spoken often about his desire to return to England whilst Pep would surly have to consider a club of such stature.

The dilemma Ferguson faces is that one or both of these coaches may not be available after this summer if he decided to stay on. Should Mourinho leave Real and Guardiola make himself available, the offers will come flooding in for their services. Chelsea will go big for Pep, whilst City and Arsenal could be in the hunt for either. Not to mention the possible offers from Paris Saint-Germain, America, China and the Middle-East. Ferguson has always seemed to know the right time to move a player on even when it did not make instant sense to the rest of us. Perhaps with the strong possibility of both of these highly sought after coaches being available and United being in a strong state, Ferguson may be having thoughts that summer 2013 could be the right time to go.

In the summer of 2001 Ferguson declared he would be leaving at the end of the season, the result was his champions of three consecutive years started the season horrendously and only recovered to finish 3rd in the league and trophy less. Since then it has been expected that when he does go it will surprise everyone and the transition of getting the new man in will be swift.

Ferguson will be desperate that United do not endure a dip when he leaves. The top of the Premier League is extremely competitive with Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs all with ambitions of being in the top four. Once you slip out of the top four it can be a long road back as Liverpool have found out. Ferguson’s successor must be able to handle the pressure of following the clubs most successful manager of all time after twenty-six years of service. Should Ferguson stay, the two most suited to being the next United manager could become rivals which would leave Ferguson short of an adequate replacement and almost unable to retire. This is not a dilemma Ferguson will want so he may act this summer to ensure that one of Mourinho or Guardiola follows him.

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  • okpe Gabriel

    Sir Alex knows perfectly well what he’s diong about everything, steping down and handing over is not a problem

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    Being an Arsenal fan it’s very hard to say this, but the man is a complete legend. I’ve also met him and shook his hand, his presence is very powerful. You have to respect a manager who get the best of squad for 20+ years.

    If only Arsene Wenger wasn’t as stubborn then who knows where we would be today

  • Richard Foulder

    December 5th…..not bad

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