Fickle Fickle “Arsenal Fans”

by Marvin Cave

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Its saddens me when I hear about all the abuse Ramsey has been receiving. Fans are the first ones to complain when a player hints at a move, they criticize and call him all sorts of names e.g Na$ri.

If you want loyal players “ARSENAL FANS” then should you also be loyal to them. Imagine if Ramsey had a contract until 2014, Wenger continues to show the faith he has shown in him next season. He end’s the season having scored 11 goals and having provided 12 assist, Arsenal offer him a new contract he rejects it, favoring a move else where. All you “FANS” will call him disloyal, greedy and anything else you can “think” of. Forgetting all the abuse you put him through.

What’s all the abuse suppose to achieve? He’s 21 for goodness sake. He never hides on the pitch, he never stops trying and he never gives up. What if jack has the same problems next season, will you boo him too?

You’re no better than a SPUD Fan when you boo your own players!

He’s not overrated, He is young, Talented and he’s is still learning.

TR7 had a dip in form but look at him now he is back. Song wasn’t great look at him now.

Remember the Ramsey before the game V Stoke.

To all you “ARSENAL FANS” booing Ramsey! Find another team YOU USELESS ARMCHAIR FANS!

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  • Omglol

    Amen !

  • Arsenal boy

    Great post

    I like ramsey although you would be a fool to say he has not been poor this season but the way arsenal Fans jump on the back of some of our players is a joke.

    worst home fans in the prem.

    Grow up and look at the bigger picture

  • David

    Whereas I respect you’re decision to protect Ramsay as a ‘real’ Arsenal fan, people have a right, and have been justified many times this season, for their choice of ‘boo-boys’.

    Ramsay and Gervinho are simply not of the level Arsenal fans expect, and although it’s not fair on them, they are being compared to players like Cesc, Nasri, Hleb, Pires, etc.. They are decent enough players, but they do not fit the Arsenal way at all, and you could throw Walcott’s name into that pot too!

    Quick passing, give and goes, one-two’s, fast counter attacks. That’s what we have always done, but now what happens? Ramsay does a little dance on the ball, missing all the direct passing opportunities, then lays it off square, attack over. Or the ball goes to Gervinho on the left.. Touch and dribble, touch and dribble, loses possession or misplaces a pass. OR WALCOTT! Basically anything that is not played directly in front of him is a waste.

    Thank God for Rosicky and Arteta this season! I pray to that same God that we make some good moves in the market(which it appears we are) cause I think we’ve got something. Just needs a little something more.

  • MaQ The Gunner

    “Thank God For Rosicky”- would you have said that last season? I’m not saying Ramsey is the greatest. I just don’t see the logic in booing your own players! You’ll never see ManU, Chelsea, hell even spurs and liverpool boo their own players! What’s booing going to Achieve.. When RVP has a stinker do you boo him? No.. Ramsey wasn’t even on the pitch when the wigan scored both goals but he was the target for most of the “FANS”..

  • Sniper

    Never a truer word spoken,but it’s not an Arsenal problem as we have seen of late these modern day spoilt brats are turning up(and leaving early)everywhere,and it’s painful to hear them after any bad result,with their hindsight comments,thinking they are clever! and the people that have dedicated a big part of their life to any club and can handle the big picture and the circumstance’s all get thrown in the same plastic fickle turncoat label,and a lot of these hypocrites use loyalty to attack players/managers when they have no concept of the word!

  • MaQ The Gunner

    Thank you.. I could just copy every word you wrote and add it to this post. Word for word!!

  • David

    I said ‘Thank God for Rosicky and Arteta THIS SEASON’ actually, and personally, I think Rosicky has always been a solid, direct, possession keeping mid with terrific one-tough football. He lost is way after we sold Hleb IMO, as well as his injury problems. Remember the HLEB – ROSICKY-FABREGAS days. Bring back Hleb!

    Ramsay’s new nickname for the season is SANDBAGS.

  • MaQ The Gunner

    Well we all have our opinion.. Thanks for yours mate..

  • True Arsenal

    Get real. Fans support the club, not the the players. These days player loyalty can be measured by the size of a pay packet, and our players get sizable ones. Oh dear, are we hurting Aaron’s feelings? Ramsey would be off if and when Barcelona come calling. Every fan has the right to express themselves, either positively or negatively depending on the performance in front of them. After 7 years of ‘potential’ without the hint of any silverware I think some fans can be forgiven for expecting a little more and making their feelings felt. We not all brainless lemmings.

  • Joe

    Stick that last comment in your self righteous, I’ll never boo a player no matter how shit lazy or overpaid he is, pipe and smoke it. Well said True Arsenal

  • boomergooner1727

    one of the main problems is people like @david. there are too many “fans” who assume that their limited football knowledge and simplistic interpretation of statistics somehow qualifies them as experts with the ability to say what is ‘best’ for arsenal. both ramsey AND gervinho are of arsenal quality but in this league and world that so often demand instant gratification people aren’t willing to let players develop. ramsey is, as you point out, 21 years old and people are already writing him off…are you kidding? aside from his enormous goal against marseille and a few other notable performances, he’s got all the tools needed to be a great premier league midfielder and his own country has rewarded him with captaincy for this very reason. as for gervinho he started well but has not yet settled into the squad yet. he’s as quick as theo, better at staying onsides and can attack from both sides of the pitch finding passing lanes that cause trouble for opponents. after the cup of nations it seems like he lost his confidence but i expect him to train hard this summer and find hid shooting boots. when he does we will have yet another dangerous wide man to add to what we’ve already got.

  • Mystical Mike

    i do think he is one of the most over rated players in the league, but you’re right, he’s still only 21. he will come good. problem is we have the worst fans in the Prem. We want success now and can’t wait any longer.

  • Mystical Mike

    as Geriniho he really is over rated, no end product, too raw.

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