FIFA…The New Mafia

by Alex McCarthy

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

I have so many things I want to say about this ridiculous affair, there’s a massive danger this will stray from an article and become a disgruntled, bitter rant. Premiership managers do it every week so I suppose I may as well.

First off, Sepp Blatter is a disgrace. He has not acted in the best interests of football at all, and in doing so has done it with zero class, integrity or decorum. I don’t doubt the German probably believes that by giving the Finals to two countries who have not held the prestigious event so far he is creating this self indulgent legacy he keeps prophesying about.

Russia’s bid could only generate 80% the profit turn over (which is quite a financially morphed bigotry criteria anyway) in which FIFA demands – maximum. That’s assuming the never ending work needed on the public transport and ALL their stadiums, as well as the yet to be built stadiums, are in place and operational. England had by far and away he best bid collectively, period. The presentation was resoundingly applauded, with David Beckham and Prince William, both of whom I must say were inspirational leaders in this campaign, delivering passionate and penetrating speeches. I must credit David Cameron too, many might feel he’s not leading the country amazingly, but he certainly has been a credit to the country in the way he’s conducted himself on it’s behalf all through this process.

The actual bid was universally accepted as the best. Economically, we have the transport, stadiums and a nations vested interest in the competition. There is no where in the world where the sport would be so appreciated, supported and loved. That’s not even bias, I’d suggest the same for say Canada and Ice Hockey, America and the Basketball or I dunno, Spain and Bull fighting!!

So why isn’t England hosting 2018? or to be fair, how is Qatar hosting 2022?! with the U.S being deemed inferior. There is no way the hosts are decided on purely the bids, purely on the content and substance. Qatar have a population of 1.7 million, however are creating 500,00 worth of seats in their new stadiums, that will be in the desert. Due to them being in the desert they have to have special cooling systems installed so that the heat doesn’t go over 24 degrees, and then after the Finals, the stadiums will be de-constructed and reused around the country..what kind of legacy is that?!?! apart from the sentiment of giving nations who have never had the finals, for which I’d imagine there are several economic reasons prior, there will be no tangible legacy left, only Sepp Blatters wish – and I suspect his bulging wallet.

I have to find space to talk about that snake Jack Warner. It’s believed the Trinidad and Tobago man gave his word to the future King of England and Beckham that they had his and the two other votes he carries with him. However we went out in the first round with two. Panorama have documented this man and many others already so I need not digress, but all that can be said is if they were denying it before the announcement of Russia for 2018, a lot of fingers are being pointed now.

How can the best bid, and the most dedicated team, only muster two votes, one of which from an Englishmen. Either there was a plan to get Russia it all along, which we know Blatter wanted, or England are just disliked, either/or – bad news.

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