Fight of The Decade (If you’re British)

by Dexy Longshot

Friday, March 7th, 2008

Haye V Maccarinelli

Cue Rocky music…

Oi Oi! It’s all going of Thameside early doors this Sunday morning as one of the biggest all British fights for yonks takes place at the Magnificent 02 arena in Greenwich.

David Haye V Enzo Maccarinelli is being billed as the biggest boxing match-up since the Classic Benn V Eubank rematch bout of 1993 and I’m gonna be ringside to watch all the action, what a touch! It is even preceded by both of the fighter’s beloved footy teams tonight when The Lions take on Maccas Swansea in Wales.

WBO world champion Maccarinelli aims to unify the division when he challenges Haye for his WBA/WBC Cruiserweight titles. It will be close one to call and will most probably be finished before the 12 round ends, it could all come down to who gets the best shots in first as they both have
suspect chins and have both been down before.

Millwall fan Haye is the slight favourite at the moment but there isn’t much in it. Haye wants to step up and take advantage of the poor Heavyweight division dominated by un-known Russian jabbers apart form that giant bloke with the little dukes. The Scene at the weight is the worst it has ever been. It is crying out for someone like Haye to get in there. He has film star looks and charisma and tomorrows fight will be beamed live to the US, he’ll want to showcase his all action style.
Haye says….
“I need him in the ring because I need to knock him out and shut a few people up who think they know about boxing. I’m a better human specimen than Enzo Maccarinelli is and that becomes so clear as soon as that bell goes.”

Fight of the decade

Unluckily for the Hayemaker, In Enzos corner is the man now recognised as the best trainer in the world. Enzo Calzaghe (Joes old man) was recently recognised as the best corner man in the world, no mean feat. He is currently in charge of 3 world champs, Joe Calzaghe, Enzo Maccarinelli and WBA world light welterweight champ Gavin Rees. The Swansea boy will be well up for this bout, he has lived in the shadow of Calzaghe but his time has come, America will come calling for him if all goes well for the taffy. They done us over in the rugga bugga a few weeks back, maybe it’s an omen.
Enzo says….
“Me and David both have similar styles, we both like to knock the other person out, but I’ve prepared for 12 gruelling rounds. If I go into the fight expecting three or four rounds and it doesn’t happen, then I’m knackered.”

Dexy says

So what’s the word then, Will it nay or whe-hayye for Haye?
or Kaka for Macca (or macca for macca even)?
Whatever happens, it’ll be a knockout!

I’m getting on Haye in the earlier rounds. He’s 16/1 in the first and then 14/1 till round 6.
Enzo is 25/1 in the 1st, 20/1 in the 2nd and around 18/s through to the 6th.

The Outright Winner has at Haye 4/6 & Enzo at 11/8.
It’s 33/1 for the draw = Phat Longshot!
Both boxers are 10/1 to win on points, it’s that close.

Chances of Dexy getting in the ring at the end and chucking a money 5000/1.
You never know, I might get a result with card dollys!

(Rocky music fades out..)

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  • Darren

    i must admit, I’d never heard of these guys. Does anyone actually give a toss for boxing anymore?

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