Five reasons why Arsenal will never win another trophy with Arsene Wenger in charge

by Mystical Mike

Friday, July 12th, 2013

After their 0-1 victory at Newcastle on the last day of the season, Arsenal find themselves potentially back among Europe’s elite. The fact they celebrated  a 4th place finish speaks volumes of where the club are right now.

Many fans are speculating that the club will not be able to gain a Champions League spot next season, let alone win a long-desired trophy.

Here’s why I think Arsenal will never win another trophy, as long as Arsene Wenger is in charge.

1. Arsenal please the shareholders instead of the fans.

The club’s Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis has repeatedly said that the club have money to spend. £70m to be precise is available for new players according to The Independent. Gazidis said: “We want to be able to invest in the team a little bit more now. But we also kept some powder dry so we’ve got the ability to invest if our manager finds the right opportunities in January.
“We can pay bigger salaries and I think we can invest more in transfer fees now.”

So with top-class talent such as Wayne Rooney, Lars Bender, Gonzalo Higuain, Luis Suarez, Ashley Williams, David Villa and Marouane Fellaini becoming available for fairly modest prices the club have not yet improved their squad with badly needed world-class players. Why? Because the board values their shareholders more than the fans, even though Ivan Gazidis has promised that Arsenal can compete for the title this season.

Brand Arsenal arrived in Asia for the pre season tour with the only signing being a French 2nd division unknown striker. It all smells of Deja Vu to me.

2. Too much emphasis on youth:

It’s great to have up and coming players in your squad who can learn from the ‘been there done that’ pros. But when you successfully nurture young players into world class world beaters such as Robin Van Persie, Gael Clichy, Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri and then simply sell them on to the highest bidder your team will be weaker every year. It’s unsustainable.

3. Setting low targets year after year.

Salvador Dali once said: “Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.” With all the riches that Arsene Wenger has at his disposal, a top four finish should not be considered a huge success. A push for the title or the Champions League should be the priority. Not every club has world class training facilites and a world-class stadium who chooses to charge visiting supporters £80 for a ticket. Why not raise your targets? Because there is risk involved and you might not do it. Which brings me to my next point.

4. Wenger thinks he’s untouchable.

The Arsenal manager is too secure in his position as manager. Wenger was once great, he revolutionized football, but unfortunately the game has moved on and he hasn’t. He is tactically naive, hence why they constantly struggle against decent sides, both in Europe and in the league.
In my view, it is not healthy to have one man at the top of the pile who can control everything at the club. If Arsenal fail then Wenger fails and his pride can’t take it. Is football political? Most certainly. When has a political dictatorship ever gone well in history? Worth pondering…

5. No winning mentality and no real pressure to succeed at Arsenal.

Jose Mourinho has spoken about needing to have pressure to win trophies as a football manager and directly referred to Arsenal. The Portuguese manager has won more trophies in 3 years then Arsenal in 10.
“For my mentality I also need the pressure to succeed.

“If no one imposes that pressure on me then I would impose that pressure on myself. The pressure to win things.

“Yes it’s possible to be one or two seasons building for the future and not being at the level to win things.

“But no longer, because my mentality is I always need the pressure of winning things.”

Arsenal no longer have the winning mentality that they used to. Mourinho can see it and everyone can see it. Big changes are needed at Arsenal if supporters want to see a trophy in the cabinet after eight barren years.

Will Arsene Wenger ever get sacked by Arsenal?

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  • ogban

    Rubbish post!

  • blowhimup

    Hmm he has a point, I’m quite tired of seeing Wengers purple face in his hands everytime we go 2-0 down in an important game on a sunday afternoon.

  • William

    Don’t be surprised Wenger doesn’t get any high profile players. He will say he has 3000 games three thousand ,as coach and knows what he is doing. This is very condescending.
    His flaws with regard to defence have been repeatedly exposed and still the gunners concede the same type of errors.If Arsenal can’t challenge ,he shd be off.

  • Mystical Mike

    we showed great character and mental strength. I believe this team is special!!

  • E9 Gunner

    What a load of nonsense, first and last time I visit this website.
    You don’t know much about Arsenal do you?

  • James McKean

    If Arsenal a) managed to convince Man Utd to sell for £25 million and b) Rooney agreed to join on a four year deal for what we’re told would be a pay cut at £200,000 a week (both very big ‘ifs), the transfer would cost Arsenal not far off £67 million over the four years.

    This is ‘fairly modest’ pricing?!?

  • Spectrum

    And…. a rubbish reply ! Interesting how A.K.B.’s like you Ogban, can’t or won’t, debate the very pertinent points raised by the writer of this blog. Anyone with common sense can see that what was stated generally covers the situation that Arsenal has been and still DOES, find itself in. Nothing changes, because the mentality of the board and their complicit lapdog ( Wenger ) never changes. One example of this is the twice yearly transfer farce. Despite having 70 million at least, to spend ( again ) we still haven’t bought any world class players in yet. Ask yourself why that is. The answer is contained in the article above, which you brainlessly called “A rubbish post.”

    Wenger is the board’s puppet. He is there to serve THEM primarily. The rest is just window dressing designed to fool suckers like you who fall for their lies and spin. Wake up and realise that we won’t win anything under Wenger but the balance sheet trophy. Why else would the board be ( shamefully ) offering him a new contract ?

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  • MrKing

    Could tell this article would be substandard just from the title. Another ridiculous post with the simple aim of getting ‘hits’ on this site to gain money from advertising. Why not write an interesting article that’s thought provoking or inspires debate instead of wasting people’s time?

  • kolade onigbara

    For them to have the winning mentality back revolution should take place at arsenal FC

  • http://b al

    Shoulda wrote this article 6 years ago when the signs were obvious, not jump on the wagon now that it’s easy to criticize. None of your points have any credibility too them and you can act like a know it all all you like but you can’t change the fact that nobody can say what will happen in the future! Anyway, with Ferguson gone and Arsenal ready to spend some serious money, don’t be surprised if this season Arsenal do win a trophy. Our form at the end of the season was exceptional and will carry on into the new season. Come back here at the end of the season with your stupid post and let’s see whether you’re prophecy comes true. Though, I have a feeling it won’t.

    Mark my words, arsenal will surprise everyone this coming season and it has been a long time coming.

  • Reg

    This article speaks many truths. Wenger and Gazidis cannot be believed until Higuain or Suarez or Caesar or Greiner or Messi or even Pele, turn up at Shenley Training Centre wearing Arsenal training gear. At this stage Gunner supporters cannot expect much more than disaapointment that all the great transfer targets will be missed yet again – we are only as good as our last major purchase.. seeing beleiving.


    Arsenal are the top side in the Prem’ since Jan 2013, Our stas are better than Man U, CFC & Man C for this year.

    This is not to be sniffed at.

  • I earn 8m a year and can’t win a thing

    I will sign the players we need. It is not true we cannot sign genuine world class players, I have brought in 46 players of super super quality since 2005. I know what I am doing ,honest, so what if I nearly relegated monaco?

    I have won a trophy every year, 4th place is much better than the FA Cup you know!
    relax! Sanogo will be great in 5 years time, Higuain who?

  • The Cabbie

    Aw 4th is failure and will never be anything but failure .In the Olympics you get nothing for 4th If what you want is money stick your £70 Mil in a Turkish Bank. As long as AW ends up in 4th he is a failure

  • ignatius mugutso

    Wenger is more prudent than most coaches credited with success world over.whatever he does has some calculation and at the end he is usually vindicated.the management has to be pleased because they are the ones who appoint the managers and are more professional than fans who have mixed but not focused expertise. the fans’ team is always invincible and you cannot decide basing on such uninformed presumptions.If Wenger is failing why is he not sacked anyone rational mind should ask.Trophies will come when time comes.Those enticed by trophy success should look for those clubs that buy success and leave Arsene and management to do what keeps the club competitive

  • Mystical Mike

    @al you’re a fool. this article was actually written two years ago!! We’ve just updated it.

  • Tomas

    Some Arsenal fans can’t handle the truth no matter how strongly stares them straight in their faces. They come up with bogus facts to make themselves feel better about our club. Having best record in the league since January 2013 is about as useful as a marathon runner boasting to have the quickest last mile , after missing the podium by a large distance, or bragging how much cash reserves Arsenal have available to them( I’ve heard that one as well) as an example for how well the club is being run. Another one was” Arsenal would be top of the league , based on second halves performances” Get this straight people! None of this matters. A football match is 90 min long , and a football season in Ghe Premier league is doesn’t begin in January. If you want to have a squad worthy of the highest priced tickets in England , you must spend some of that money on players of top quality which Arsenal are short of right now.

  • I earn 8m a year and can’t win a thing

    haha all my players are scared to have a good season because they know I will kick them out the door!

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