Football clarity or Football’s Homecoming?

by Ryan Duggins

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Today would seem, at first glance, a celebratory occasion for world football in general, as the sport’s governing body have been forced to act on recent allegations of corruption, and have done so by suspending two of its committee members for a limited amount of time.

Great news, right? The truth prevails, doesn’t it? Well not exactly.

FIFA ethics chairman, which is an hilarious title of hypocrisy, Claudio Sulser, has not only said that the two members were not guilty of corruption, but that the media source that unhinged the news of this activity from the undergrowth of FIFA, The Sunday Times, have embellished the events, and have blown the story completely out of proportion.

FIFA, true to form, have kept their own waters murky, but what does this mean in terms of our own bid to host the 2018 bid? Andrew Jennings, hardened journalist and constant thorn in the side of FIFA, will tell you that this is by far not the first time FIFA have been aggrieved by the British press, and as Trinidad and Tobago will you tell you, FIFA are definitely an institution that does keep a grudge.

So, with this in mind, what are our own presses motives for such an unveiling? It seems that the whole of the England wants to see the World Cup being played on our turf, but as our own press know, FIFA are fickle and will not get involved with a country as stubborn as we are in terms of getting what we want out of the tournament.

Wouldn’t it have been best to just leave this alone, at least until the last kick of the ball is blasted at the final at Wembley? I know I am playing devils advocate here, and I for one get constantly disgusted at the behaviour of the governing body of the sport that I love. But an opportunity to see the biggest event football has to offer, just a train journey away, grossly outweighs my wanting for honesty in the sport. I may be alone in this, but I suspect I am not.

Our press work to fulfil our needs. But our own needs of hosting the 2018 World Cup are being ignored, aren’t they?

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  • Mystical Mike

    who is the bigger joke FIFA or the FA?

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