Football Manager 2013: The hunt for the Wonderkids begins!

by Luchino Gastel

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

“Remember, remember the 2nd of November!”

Now whilst I, at 21 years old, have grown too old for Guy Fawkes, I sure haven’t gotten too old to play Football Manager. So just 3 days before the cerimonial burning of an old crazy madman I get to celebrate the release of what is beyond a doubt the best managerial game there is: “Football Manager 2013”. Many of my friends, even those who love football, don’t understand my obsession for this game and say stuff like “But you don’t get to play the matches” or “This is stupid, lets just play Pro Evo”. “Poor fools” I say, because what they will never understand is the joy of the “hunt”, or so I call it. The moment when you discover that 17 years old wonderkid who nobody has yet ever heard of, but who in 2 years will become the number 1 striker (or defender, keeper etc.) in the game.

Looking back at last years game a few names jump to mind, like Mbaye Niang, 17 years old striker, who you would buy for around 3 million and would become possibly the most devastating “poacher” in the game. Niang, whom was more or less unknown to the public before last year, has since then gained a lot of media attention following his summer transfer to A.C. Milan. Or another great player to sign for the last few years was Marco Verratti, central midifielder now 19 years old, who before his massive €14 million transfer to PSG was absolutely unknown beyond the Italian borders. Last year you could buy him for just over €3 million but unfortunately this year if you want to buy him off Paris Saint Germain you are definitely gonna need a lot more cash than that.

The list of Wonderkids truly is endless, you just have to be good at spotting them: in Borussia Dortmund for example you have Koray Gunther, 17 years old defender who becomes excellent, or in Bayern Munchen you have Emre Can, 18 year old defensive midfielder who develops to play at a similar level to Essien. Obviously you can’t forget the talents present in England like Liverpool’s young Raheem Steerling, whom over the last year has made a name for himself, or Tottenham’s Souleymane Coulibaly.

These are a few of my personal favorites from last years game (i’ll put 2 per position):

Mattia Perin (19 years old, Genoa)
Stefanos Kapino (18 years old, Panathinaikos)

Kurt Zouma (18 years old, Saint-Etienne)
Samuel Umtiti (18 years old, Lyon)

Tony Trinidade de Vilhena (17 years old, Feyenoord)
Armindo Tué Na Bangna aka Bruma (18 years old, Sporting)

Carlos Fierro (18 years old, C.D. Guadalajara)
Leo Bonatini (18 years old, Cruzeiro)

These are obviously just a few names amongst the tens of thousands present and i’m sure there will be many new names and faces in the 2013 edition.

So without further ado I proclaim the hunt for the Wonderkids officially open!


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  • Mystical Mike

    I was addicted to New Star Soccer on the iPhone. I won’t get this otherwise I’ll never do anything!

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