Footballers, are their wages fair?

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Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Footballers wages, fair or not?

You may think that I’m having a rant about footballers wages. However it’s the opposite, I’m defending footballers wages. I believe their wages are justified for what they do and how hard they have worked throughout their life to get to where they are.
Whenever a footballer signs at a new club or signs, the papers change the “expected salary” to an extraordinary amount of which is not true and is told to infuriate the public and all of what they stand for. This negative effect makes the public dislike footballers as a whole.

The negative energy caused from this affects the players immensely. Our nation’s footballers need the added motivation to perform on the big stage, perhaps all this negative energy influences the way our footballers play and could  possibly be a  factor of why we don’t seem to do well in major tournaments.
I believe as a nation if we really want England to succeed we should get behind them as Footballers and as human beings instead of the “Ungrateful, money grabbing scumbags” that the media so largely portrays them to be. Leave it all aside and show the team some support. Does the bible not say “Judge not lest ye be judged”?

People also forget what some footballers do with their cash. Craig Bellamy for example, splashed out on a football academy for disadvantaged children in Sierra Leone. Or Gareth Barry who rents out his Holiday homes free to those who suffer from a terminal illness. Footballers are human beings with heart and feelings too, let’s cut them some slack for once.

We should also look at the bigger picture. Football is a high profile sport, all the performers are placed under the microscope at all times, scrutinised at all times. Generally compared to other high profile “Celebrities” footballers get paid a lot less . Film stars and musicians earn sometimes triple what the average footballer earns. But never do they get any negative press do they?
In leagues lower than the premier league, pay is only slightly more than the average household income. Players such as Grant Holt or Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain have to play for their right for a better team and larger pay packet.
Personally I don’t comprehend what talent Jeremy Clarkson posses. Another prime example are “Jedward”, they’ve pocketed over bucket-loads of cash in the last few years for what exactly? They shouldn’t be on television, they belong in a lunatic asylum!
So as you can see, footballers are paid highly, but this is courtesy to the hard work they put in  to get to where they are and I personally believe they deserve the high pay packet they receive at the end of each month.
Overall I simply say that we should not criticize footballers and let them get along with their job as they let us get on with ours.

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Max Goodbourn

 Max Goodbourn Twitter: @TheGoodlifeMG
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