Footballers need to do their talking on the pitch!

by Ben McAleer

Friday, September 24th, 2010

As a Spurs fan, Tuesday night’s performance hurt….a lot! What got to me more, however, was the players, once again, stating that Spurs have closed the gap on Arsenal and we are the better team. Same thing I’ve heard over and over and over again. Yet, not a peep from the Arsenal players on the matter at hand and it appeared there was no need to.

The latest player to make claims to the media about Spurs being better than Arsenal is new boy Rafael Van der Vaart by stating “Spurs are the bigger club” the day before the match between the North London clubs, the latest in a line of Spurs players to make the claim prior to a North London Derby before Spurs end up on the wrong end of a heavy scoreline and Tuesday was no different.

A lacklustre performance from Spurs followed with only new signing Sandro, in my opinion, able to come away from the game with any credit. Arsenal fully deserved their 4-1 victory at White Hart Lane against a, if I am clutching at straws, under strength Spurs side. Still, there is absolutely no excuse about the shambolic performance of some of the players in the 3rd round CC tie. Players like David Bentley and Wilson Palacios were completely out of their depth against a well organised Arsenal B team. Yet, half the Spurs team and Redknapp himself go out of their way to boast to the media that Spurs have closed the gap and Spurs are better than Arsenal which, following Tuesday’s performance, is completely untrue.

Yes, Redknapp made 10 changes to the starting XI that beat Wolves 3-1 with only BAE starting both games however, Arsenal also made wholesale changes to their starting line-up with only Nasri, Wilshere and Koscielny starting both Tuesday’s CC tie and Saturday evening’s 1-1 draw away to Sunderland. Ultimately, I was shocked to see one name missing from the Spurs starting XI on Tuesday night – Alan Hutton. Following his 45 minute match winning performance, I would’ve thought he was a dead cert to start at RB on Tuesday night alas, Redknapp chose Kyle Naughton ahead of the marauding Scotsman, a decision that has me puzzled especially after Redknapp sang his praises after Saturday.

Two more names I was shocked to see not included were Jermaine Jenas and Niko Krancjar. Admittedly, I am not the biggest fan of Jermaine Jenas however, his performances the past two games, for me, warrant his potential inclusion into the Spurs starting XI especially ahead of Palacios who’s form has been worrying since the beginning of the year although, if it is a continuation of the sadness over the death of his brother, it is more than easy to forgive him.

Krancjar, on the other hand, deserves his place ahead of the, apparent, future David Beckham. Bentley is a player who looks out of place at Spurs and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the back of him in January or, at the latest, next summer. However, he has just come back from injury and has had no pre-season whatsoever so he may well be given a chance to impress again in the foreseeable future although, how many chances Redknapp is willing to give the former Arsenal trainee is hard to say.

Here is hoping my beloved Spurs can make amends against West Ham on Saturday (no offence to any West Ham fans that read this) however, I can only hope that Spurs let their football do the talking rather than the players themselves to the media.

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  • Tongy

    I agree the Kranc should have started. The Sargent seems to be lost at the moment. I know we have many games coming up, but he is no good at the moment. He did not have the summer off due to the WC, I wonder if it would be worth giving him a month to go back to Hondoras. As for Bentley, I would be glad to see the back of him. I cannot understand how he is still here, I would much rather see Townsend or Rose given a chance. Bentley has no pace, determination, creativity, ability, passion… list is endless

  • Darren

    excellent blog Ben, as a Gooner it made great reading.

    Arsenal have always gone about their business with dignity, you rarely hear them bragging or threatening to take over the Europe, we do all our talking on the pitch.

    The Spurs players are like a bunch of kids, my dad is better than yours because he drives a bigger car. It’s absolutely hilarious, and very embarrassing.

    As for the manager, well, complaining that the Arsenal players dived was just desperation, especially as their goal was miles offside.

    When you’ve gone a whole season undefeated, qualified for the knock out stages of the Champions League for the next 10 years, fill out a beautiful 60,000 stadium for every game, produced some of the games best players after buying them for next to nothing, then, and only then will Spurs be bigger than Arsenal.

    At the moment Spurs are nothing more than a Europa Cup side

  • East End Gooner

    Top marks for an article well written. It is true that Spurs players shout more than most, and perhaps a period of silence off the pitch will be more beneficial to the team on it.

  • Goonerbeall

    That is not so nice Darren, after the blogger was fulsome in refence to Arsenal or their players. I found the blog interesting in the way he described his players and manager’s behaviours of late. Spurs had began to get ahead of themselves after beating Arsenal and Chelsea during the tail end of last season. Many of my mates who are Spurs supporters were really becoming arrogant and maybe the result of Tuesday will have given them reason to be careful.

    We all love our clubs and want to win all the the time but Redknap had become law unto himself after taking over at the Lane. He has been in the papers 2-3 times a week pontificating about controversial issues mainly that Arsenal does not have English players- implying that Spurs have quality English players and Arsenal does not. The game on tuesday showed who really has quality English players.

  • St.George

    Sorry Darren, Spurs qualified fair and square for the Championship last year and you are being unkind and bias when you say Spurs are just a Europa club. Yes maybe not as big as Arsenal but the aspirations are to be. The chat from the players is all part of the rivalry, it’s showbiz. If everyone was just told the truth it would be – “Yes Arsenal have been the better team over the last 20yrs and they are a bigger club. Period.” Not many column inches to be had there!

  • Gunnerdoit

    Superb! That’s all I can say. More articles like is please.

    As a true Arsenal fan I love the honesty in this article. It’s a shame that Mr H Redknapp and his media friends can be as honest.

    Never mind Spurs will have a new manager soon as Mr Redknapp and the media think he is fit for the England job. Oh dear!

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