Football’s dirty word meant the end for Allardyce

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Monday, December 13th, 2010

Management is not an easy business.

For a start you get paid less than the players and you take all the flack. When you’re a manager at a club with new owners, you find yourself riding a bucking Bronco… You know you’re going to get thrown off, you just don’t know when.

Part of a press release issued today on the official Blackburn Rovers website, referring to the sacking of Sam Allardyce says: “We have taken this decision as part of our wider plans and ambitions for the club”.

Hmm. Dangerous word that, “ambition”. What is it relative to? Does it really mean ego? What conclusion can we draw from this vague, ambiguous statement?

As football fans, we’ve seen this sort of thing before and while owners may have a scrap of paper that says the club is theirs, clubs always belong to their fans. Upset them at your peril. Mis-treat them and they’ll walk away. Price them out of the market and they’ll stay at home. Change your managers more often than you change your car and you’ll read (and hear) about it soon enough.

Make bad decisions and get the club relegated and you best sell up and get out of town while you can.

While Rovers slowly claws it’s way out of a footballing black hole, a galaxy of usual suspects swirl around the club in a media-naming frenzy. O’Neill, yawn. Jol, yawn. Eriksson, yawn. I am preparing to be under-whelmed by Big Sam’s replacement because I don’t trust that word “ambition”. It’s football’s dirty word.

Moving on, as we must, with an open note to Sam Allardyce:

“Blackburn have been watchable this season and like their manager never pretty but always bullish, the very essence of a Championship club.

Come on Sam, boost that 40% win rate you have as a manager by slogging it out every week with real football heavyweights like Neil Warnock, Billy Davies, Simon Grayson, Dave Jones and Sven Goran Eriksson.

There’s a vacancy coming up at Sheffield United Sam, a good honest club looking (no doubt) for a manager with steel.

I hope your CV is already in Kevin McCabe’s inbox.

Better a big fish in a smaller pond than swallowed up in the ocean by sharks.”

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