For sale – 1 sulking Chav, any offers?

by Mystical Mike

Monday, October 18th, 2010

It’s the moment all Manchester United fans have been dreading, the fulcrum of The Red Devils and the driving force behind the new United wants out and could be sold as early as January.

The scousers relationship with manager Alex Ferguson is at breaking point following recent stories about Rooney’s private life, not to mention a catastrophic loss of form, which included a woeful World Cup for the England forward.

The rift between the two is thought to have risen following an interview Rooney gave whilst on England duty, suggesting he has been 100% fit, completely denying any reports of an ankle injury, consequently suggesting that Ferguson has been lying.

Despite playing the full 90 minutes for England, Rooney was left on the bench for Saturdays 2-2 draw with West Brom, the forward was introduced on 72 minutes but failed to make any impact.

Naturally United are denying that Rooney is set to quit, but everyone knows, if you cross Sir Alex Ferguson, your days at Old Trafford are numbered.

On his day, Rooney is world class and could walk into any side, including Spanish champions Barcelona and Jose Mourinhos new look Real Madrid, how ever, after teammate Federico Macheda suggested Rooney is a chav with no class; he may struggle to adapt to the cultural changes required. Which leaves Chelsea and rivals Manchester City.

In the current climate Wayne Rooney would be worth around 50m, but which club would be willing to take the gamble?

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  • Adam Webster

    ‘Naturally United are denying that Rooney is set to quit, but everyone knows, if you cross Sir Alex Ferguson, your days at Old Trafford are numbered.’

    Very well put! Everybody knows the ‘family code’ at Old Trafford and that Sir Alex is not slow to get rid of players who cross the line (Stam, Van Nistelrooy).

    Expect a move to Real Madrid with Benzema moving the opposite way.

  • mike

    you’re missing Beckham on that list as well!!

    Last season was a one off, Rooney will never have a season like that again!

  • dexylongshot

    He did have a sensational season last term and is nothing like that player at the moment. We all know Fergie doesn’t suffer any nonsense and it wouldn’t surprise me if Real Madrid go in for him. I wonder if Man City appeals, it would be the ultimate moody transfer ever but City would love it?!!! The thing is, can you see Coleen upping sticks and moving over there as well, I’m not so sure, she needs her family around her at the mo. It’s a funny one, I can’t see Fergie selling him to Chelsea or City and they are the only 2 options who would venture near that fee. Maybe a loan deals is the option until he gets his head together, Rooney in a Real, Barcelona or Milan top?

  • dexylongshot

    PS: I meant Colleen upping sticks and moving over to MAdrid, although the thought or moving over to the other side of Manchester could be worse!

  • dexylongshot

    WHat a turn up, just heard Rooney was talking with Ji Sung Park about leaving at the weekend,
    he fancies going to GramPuss 8.

    I’m here all week.

    Any Man U supporters spitting feathers yet?

    I bet Mickey Marbles is in turmoil, poor sod!

  • Adam Webster

    I don’t think that Sir Alex would sell him to a rival club, so I would say he looks set for a move to Real Madrid with Benzema and Ozil joining as part of the deal.

    Chelsea would then move for Torres, whilst I have heard Liverpool want Drenthe and Muller or Kerzahkov in January.

    Fergie’s authority will not be challenged, and if it means losing Rooney then so be it. With this, and the issue of the Glazier’s ownership, it will be interesting to see if United will still be a force in the Premiership in a few years.

  • dexylongshot

    I don’t think Alex would sell either but if the boy wants out, he might as well get some wedge from him. As I said Colleen ain’t going abroad, what with her ill sister so it may be Rooney on his own to moneybags Real or Man City unless Fergie does take someone in part exchange from another smaller club. Rooney to Spurs with Van der Vaart, Rooney to Arsenal with Wilshire and Theo going up north, Rooney to West Ham with Benni MCarthy going the other way, I’d take that.

  • Adam Webster

    I could see Rooney moving to Spurs, but not Arsenal or West Ham.

    Arsenal are title rivals, so that for me is a no-no, and West Ham…well can they afford his asking price after not long coming out of almost being bankrupt by the former Icelandic owners? Also, if David Sullivan came out with a curt comment about Rooney would he (Rooney) be mature enough to let it go? On the basis of recent events, I don’t think he has that maturity.

    I think that Spurs sounds the more likely move, if he was to stay in the UK, as they’re a side on the up and could afford his asking price.

  • dexylongshot

    Benni McCArthy was tongue in cheek, have you seen the size of him lately, he still looks like Tyrone from Snatch and that’s after his diet.

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