Gallas, you’re a disgrace!

by Dexy Longshot

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Have the Gunners lost more than another striker?

In the space of a week, Arsenal have gone from Premiership favourites to a side in mini crisis. A 4-0 hammering at the hands of their biggest rivals was followed by an inability to see off an unadventurous AC Milan side in the Champions League. The events at St Andrews were surreal to say the least. Martin Taylor’s horrific challenge on Eduardo was only the tip of the ice berg.

Wenger ranted after the Birmingham captain’s tackle which smashed poor Eduardo’s leg in 3 places. I was watching the game and you only had to see the horrified look on Cesc’s boat to realise it was serious.

“The tackle was horrendous and this guy should never play football again,”

So, Wenger actually decided to see something for a change, sorry Arsene, you was bang out of order on this, he won’t admit but his teams disciplinary record is not exactly one of the leagues best and Ebou is the worst of the lot. How many times has he gone over the top?

Anyhow, Wenger took it back in a statement later in the day but I’m sure Taylor was already in bits by then. McCleish defended Taylor.

“I’ve seen the challenge and, yes, the studs land on Eduardo’s ankle. In
slow motion these tackles always look bad but he’s not a malicious player –
Eduardo was just too quick for him,” he explained.

“The referee’s done his job, it’s a sending off, but Taylor’s not a
Malicious player.”

Wenger had another couple of reasons too moan at the end of the game.

William Gallas, The Arsenal captain, The Gunners Leader, when the chips are down, you would want Gallas stepping in where angels fear to tread, wouldn’t you? Geeing up the troops, asking for 110%. Well how come the nancy had a big hissy fit when Birmingham equalised, kicking a hoarding and sitting on his gallic arse crying like a big pussy with a dicks barnet, he was a disgrace to the Gunners crest and should apologize for that behavior. It wasn’t the last game of the season, he hadn’t just been knocked out of The World Cup, it was a game where Arsenal dropped 2 points and were still 6 points clear of The Mancs. The Penalty decision was harsh but at the end of the season, it’s all swings and roundabouts, you win some, you lose some. Gallas should learn to lose now and again.

On the plus side, has the loss of Eduardo up front opened the door for young Theo Walcott?

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  • Darren

    It was a very bad weekend for the Gunners.

    Eduardo was just starting to show his worth. I was a big fan, he reminded me of Paul Scholes, in that he would drop deep and buzz around the midfield. He was also a superb finisher. I’m just gutted for the lad, he was one of Europe’s most feared strikers, his record for Croatia was nothing short of sensational. Bilic must be more gutted than Wenger.

    As for Gallas the guy is a knob. A captain should inspire, his behavior was totally unacceptable, I just hope he comes out and apologizes otherwise our season could crumble like last season. We are not exactly blessed with decent center backs as it is.

    Some good news, Toure should be back soon and Walcott scored his first goals

  • Aslan

    This is the reason Arsenal won’t win anything this season. They have had too much ego boosting from the silly statements Wenger makes to the press which has got them so big headed that they think sitting on the pitch post-match and sulking like you’ve lost your favorite dummy is acceptable. He gets paid more in a week than most of us in a year and still he moans and winges like he’s lost his mummy in the shopping centre…..COMPLETE IDIOT.

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