Germany 1 England 2

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

England cruise to victory

Fabio Capello’s England made it five wins from five with a dominant display in Berlin and in the process forcing your author to get a plate and put some words on it.

England were excellent in every department fielding a B team with the so called stars missing. Capello took a risk in starting with a youthful side. But his brave move was rewarded with a superb display that was full of passion as the Germans were no match for Capello’s young Lions.

The excellent Matthew Upson had put England ahead from a corner from the impressive Stuart Downing who had his best game in an England shirt.

England kept the ball well with Michael Carrick and Gareth Barry striking up an understanding from the off. The performances of the whole team have given Capello a new headache. With the underperforming Steven Gerrard injured for England once again it’s surely time to drop him until he shows more commitment.

There was only one negative as ‘The Buck Tooth Simpleton’ once again dropped a howler as he and Terry gifted the Germans an equalizer with their first shot on target.

But with 8 minutes to go Terry headed in Stewart Downing’s free-kick as England came away with more than a 2-1 victory.

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  • Tom

    Rome wasn’t built in a day but anyone can see we are getting better under Capello. The attention to possession and pressing is the major improvement in our game.

    The players are now in their normal positions and are doing the simple things. It’s freighting to think how much pace we now have too.

    Very encouraging to see an England side not panic once the opposition equalized.

    A quick word Downing as I’m not his biggest fan, he was superb tonight as was Glenn Johnson, both these players deserve another chance.

    As for Gerrard, couldn’t agree more, it’s time he was dropped for good, we don’t need his sort

  • Darren

    it’s only a friendly, it doesn’t count.

    The Germans would not be so bad at a tournament. Calm down dear!

  • tef1on

    To be fair it was England B team vs Germany B team…

    But the more pressing question is how many chances are Darren Bent, Scott Carson and i yet again hate to say it, John Terry going to get at this level. They all make critical mistakes at crucial times time and time again.

    England’s Goalkeepers are a joke, James, Carson and Robinson… all just cannot perform in an England shirt… they all make huge blunders! Would Joey Hart have played if he was fit? Hopefully… Would Rob Green get in the squad if he played for a club that had a decent defense? Probably. This situation is getting worrying… Looks like Almunia might get that call up after all!

    I’m not even going to start about Bent… Its just not worth the words.

    BUT all in all a great performance from Carrick and Barry, If only Stevie Gerrard and Frank Retard could play like that and dominate a midfield. I hope Capello takes note of that!

  • Tom

    Germany B team? I don’t think so, can’t we happy for once? We played excellent, completely dominated, when was the last time we did that against a top side?

  • Adrian Tiley

    I watched this game with anticipation, a far different concept from many i spoke to. Yes ok it is a friendly, and we’re playing away from home with a so called “b” team. On paper in days gone by we would all probably bet the Germans to win if were all honest, if not just to break even! I think the wheel of “confidence” is turning and we can rest a little easier knowing we are improving.

    I really like what Cappello has done, and is continuing to do. If we can show that commitment and quality going into the World Cup then who knows, maybe we have a good chance of escalating our global status.

    Not only has he caused himself a selection headache but it shows how much these players want to wear that shirt.

    Apart from the comical mix-up with Carson and Terry, the whole match was played well by all, an outstanding Downing, (which i never thought i would hear myself say to be perfectly honest!) SWP and Upson. I think Cappello is taking the nobel option of playing Carson to overcome his previous shame/blunders but look what has come of it. He would do better dropping the poor lad and leaving it be. However i don’t want to dwell on it, we played really well against the 2nd best team in the world and won, deservedly. C’mon England!

  • Martyn

    Thought last night proved we had a bit more strength in depth than I realised. I Thought Carrick and Downing were superb. Upson was good too. Very good replacements for an injured Joe Cole, Lampard, Gerard or Ferdinand.
    I just want to focus on the forward line a bit. I am a little confused as to why there was such a positive response by the commentators and studio guests (bar the legend that is Teddy Sheringham) about Agbonlahor. I didnt think he imposed himself on the game at all. In fact I thought Defoe and Bent were much more effective. Agbonlahor is a really good player with a lot of potential but I think its still too early for him. I know neither Defoe or Bent scored but Defoe was much more invovled and although he missed a good chance, at least Bent made a couple of chances for himself. I think the 2 of them plus Rooney and Crouch are our 4 best options up front.

  • Stevie

    it was an all round solid performance, I’m not Terry’s biggest fan but he showed what a leader he is by scoring the winning goal.

    I’m not going to get excited as I’ve used up all my emotion with England, but there does seem to something about Capello’s team!!

    C’mon you Lions!!!

  • Dexy Longshot

    What difference a few games make, everyone (apart from my good self and a couple of my more learned authors) wanted his head on a stick if you look some of the blogs from earlier in the year. I said it then, give it time and Fabio will work wonders. I thank you.

    Spain next in Feb. Another excellent test.

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