Germany good value at 16/1?!

by Mystical Mike

Monday, July 5th, 2010

Why the Germans always come good

Mystical Mike by name, Mystical Mike by nature. Not that I’m one to blow my own trumpet, but here’s a blog I wrote before the World Cup. I’ve been backing the Germans from day one. With an amazing record of 11 semi final’s or better in 15 it’s very difficult to ignore them.

Before the tournament statrted you could of got 16-1 on them to lift their fourth throphy.

Enough bigging myself up, here’s my original blog.

Some reasons why Germany might do well, of course other reasons (injuries, new look defence/midfield, out of form strikers) make one less optimistic:

Typical tournament team, which performs under pressure

Expectation levels in Germany all time low due injuries

New team dynamics without Ballack might bring the best out of some players who were recently performing under Ballack’s shadow

Young and hungry players like Marin, Mueller, Oezil will try to make a mark, and their talent is undoubtable

Good and solid goalkeepers, all 3 of them

Strong group, so Germany will have to be on their toes from game 1 on which might bode well for the knockout stages

Weather is perfect for European teams.

Strikers have a knack of putting a bad season behind them for the world cup; Klose scored 5 each in the last 2-world cups

Great mix of experience (Friedrich, Podolski, Schweinsteiger, Lahm, Klose, Mertesacker) and inexperience (Mueller, Oezil, Khedira, Neuer)

Biggest difference to England:
1. Germany’s experienced players are mostly 25-26, not 30-31
2. Expectation levels are low, so Germany can only win
3. Germany knows how to get the ball past the goalie from 12 yards

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  • dexylongshot

    I won’t be sniffing, I can’t it’s against my religion.

  • Darren

    What was that dexy? Everything on that blog was spot on. Result to the germans. They make the game look easy

  • matt

    Great shot of maradona looking down at the floor!

    Very impressed with them, makes our defeat actually look ok.

    They are excellent all round, a joy to watch

  • Darren

    They get it right in every tournament, yet time after we are arrogant enough to think we can go further. We’ve only gone further once, even then that was by beating them in the final.

    Mix youth with experience, backing from yr football association and top league and here are the results. A total blueprint for future football.

    FA PLEASE take note

  • dexylongshot

    I hate to admit but they are looking unstoppable at the moment, at least they delivered against my most hated team and player of all time in dirty diego and the Argies. Just goes to show, you can have all the attacking flair in the world but it isn’t enough without a bit of organisation and a half decent defence, poor old Diego, I hope he goes back to being a portly druggy waster, good riddance!

    As for Germany, Muller will be missed in the semi and they do have the Spanish midfield to contend with. I can’t see the Germans packing their midfield and pressing to stop Xavi and co do their usual 400 passes a minute game, it will interesting how Lowe will try to combat it while keeping Podolski, Ozil and Klose ready for the quick breaks. Bastien will be crucial in breaking it all up on Wednesday night and starting the moves, how good was he on Saturday, I said he will be the main man for Germany as the tournament progressed and he too has delivered. I can’t wait!!!

  • Bill

    Germany’s racked up eight points over the last two games while only allowing one. Though Spain has dominated possession over the last two games, they have struggled to put the ball in the net. Though Spain currently is ranked higher in FIFA rankings, I think Germany is the stronger team and will win the Cup

  • Mike

    I thought Argentina were unstoppable but Germany showed them a thing or two. Maradona et all actually got a raptourous welcome. I thought they deserved more. Displayed some great attacking football, and should have scored more goals in the tournament.

    Maradona should stay on, it will do him good.

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