Germany Vs England- The Big One

by Michael Somerville

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

So here we are. The Big One. There’s no escaping it and there’s no point wishing we could’ve played an easier team, because we didn’t top our World Cup group. Simple.

Our opponents are Germany; a team full of individual flair, with particular emphasis on discipline (of course) and creative midfield play.

England? We get the ball to Rooney and get very very excited. We work hard in midfield and in defence and through our “Brave English character” we just about pull ourselves over the finishing line to victory. That is what we do.

Getting through to the last 16 is surely the minimum requirement that the FA had of Fabio Capello when he took over from the exasperated Steve McClaren. This is not the Germany of old; the hard, tough tackling (some would say cheating) team of the 80’s and 90’s.

It’s a sobering fact that England beat Germany 9 years ago

England can up their game again. We can show the world that we mean business. In our way stand Germany; a team that is surely feared and respected by the England players and Fabio Capello and his staff.

Lampard needs to start hitting the target. Rooney needs to rage and demand the ball. Steven Gerrard has to grab England by the scruff of the neck whenever there is a lull in the play, and demand the very best from the players round him.

And John Terry has to repeat his brave defending we saw against Slovakia.

If all these factors are realised then we have a great chance.

So come on England: let’s beat the Germans!

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  • stevie

    shocking. to many unfit players playing out of position, terrible subs

    no spark, noting

    forget the next World Cup its in Brazil, so lets aim for 2018.

  • dexylongshot

    Oh dear, that’s that then. Despite having more possession, more shots on, more shots of, we simply couldn’t defend. Low had the right idea, he knew we would be pushing up for a second goal (or 3rd if you want to count Franks one) so simply said went for Terry and Upsons gaps and exploit the space behind Johnson runs. Too easy, Terry and Upson caught out by the long ball for Klose’s 1st (Why didn’t James come out?). Why didn’t Upson just bring him down (ok understandable, last man and all that but it would have been 0-0 still, didn’t exactly work out with 11 men on the pitch). No pressing, time and time again i was scaring peeps in my local yelling at the screen, telling them to close down, press but instead they was just onlookers, where was the urgency??? Everyones banging on about James having a good game. i suggest you take another look at goals 2 & 3, especially 3.
    Where was Rooney for err let me think, the whole tournament? He was so obviously not fit, why was he playing at all, was it some sort of sports advertising conspiricy that he must play every game like Ronaldo in 98. That’s the only explanation i can think of, I wanted him out 2 games back with Crouch and Defoe up front. Talking of long-shanks, why wasn’t he brought on at all when we were in urgent need of a goal, why was he overlooked for Bruno? I forgot, Barry usually slots back when Glenda gets forward but he was mugged completely and too slow for the last goal, was he another player who wasn’t up to fitness, I believe so, where was our defensive midfielder, I tell you where, sitting on arse over here (Scotty Parker, even Huddlestone). I could go on and on but i’m too fkd off at the mo.

    On the upside, I’ve got Podolski in my dreamteam and I have probably saved 5 grand after kissing goodbye to my guaranteed Semi and Final tickets had England got through.

    Time to wave goodbye to the dead wood.


  • dexylongshot

    Harry just said on Talksport he would take the England job if Fabio gets the elbow.

  • Darren

    no, no, please not ‘arry, he will play the same players as they are his mates. we need a total overhaul, starting from scratch, getting rid of any player over 30!

    on the upside from yesterday, we had a cracking BBQ

  • Mike

    At least the Ghanains are still in the tournament. Yep spot on dexy: their first goal was complete route one rubbish! Terrible defending. I was saying Carrick should come on for Barry because at least he knows how Rooney plays. Clutching at straws I know but wouldn’t have been a bad idea for Capello to consider.

    We were awful throughout the tournament- the players looked bored of Capello, full of fear due to lack of fitness and lack of youthfull energy (Walcott?.)

    Well thats done is done- at least we didn’t do an Italy or a France because that is what we deserved

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