Get Real Allardyce

by Ben McAleer

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

As I awoke this morning, I read one of the funniest stories I think I have read for a long, long time. Sam Allardyce, former Bolton Wanderers and Newcastle United manager and currently in charge of Blackburn Rovers, claims his style of management is better suited to Real Madrid or Inter Milan and that if he were in charge of these teams, he would comfortably win back to back titles, the Champions League, the World Cup and any other trophy he could think of.

This is the same man that lasted a massive 24 games in charge of Newcastle United who have a managerial merry go round bettered only by, that’s right, Real Madrid. The very same Sam Allardyce that, in his 24 games in charge, turned a potentially decent Newcastle into mid-table conenders. Yet he feels as though he is the right man for the job at Real Madrid, currently managed by ‘The Special One’, Jose Mourinho. The stats certainly make for a great comparison. This is the same Mourinho that has winner’s medals coming out of his ears and what does Allardyce have to show for his accomplishments? Almost becoming England manager, leading Bolton to a 6th place finish thus, leading them to the UEFA Cup and winning a Mike Bassett look-a-like competition.

If I were the chairman of a club, I know exactly who I would want to be leading my team to glory and believe me, there are a million and one candidates I would pick ahead of the current Blackburn manager. Fans want to see the best players playing the best football around the world. That is why Allardyce isn’t a good enough manager to manage at the top level because of the style of football that his teams play. He relies on the physicality side of the game from his players which can be effective but it is about as entertaining as watching paint dry. Teams such as Real Madrid not only want to be successful but to also play beautiful football in the process. Even Mourinho’s Madrid got booed in their first home game of the season at home to Osasuna as they only wont 1-0. It is all well and good winning however, at Real Madrid, the fans expect you to win in style, something I doubt Big Sam could do.

So, in my opinion, Big Sam shouldn’t be talking about his interest in the Real Madrid job unless, of course, Mourinho is already thinking about packing it in three games into the season and even then, I doubt Florentino Perez will be looking at the manager of a mid-table Blackburn Rovers side to take Real Madrid back to the dizzying heights of yesteryear. You have to hand it Allardyce though, he has the right attitude as a manager to manage at the top and he did make me laugh on a cold Saturday morning so for that, cheers Sam.

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  • mick

    Get it right you gimp Newcastle were relegated the season after Allardyce was there he left Bolton in 07 he was at Newcastle for part of 07/08 season. Newcastle were relegaed 08/09 season you tit!

    Sam Allardyce led Bolton to 6th and Europe twice with no budget at all. Can’t you see the point in what he is saying you backward fool?

  • Ben McAleer

    changed accordingly, my mistake i mis-read the timeline i was following.

    I can see exactly what he is saying, he said he is suited for the managerial role at Real Madrid or Inter Milan as he said here ‘Ahead of his team’s clash with Fulham, the 55-year-old said: “I would be more suited to Inter Milan or Real Madrid. “It wouldn’t be a problem for me to manage those clubs because I would win the double or the league every time.”‘ from something which i HIGHLY disagree with

  • Matt G

    This is a load of rubbish, sam allardyce got points at newcastle, hes done well at bolton and blackburn with no money! and no i dont support any of these teams RUBBISH article my friend.

  • Ben McAleer

    Yeah he got points at Newcastle but clearly, not enough. For a team where the pressure is on from the beginning, he wasn’t ready for the challenge. Getting rid of Scott Parker was his biggest mistake in my opinion. Fair enough, his record at Bolton was very, very good and maybe i could have written more about that however, I am focusing on his comments that if he were in charge of Real Madrid, Inter Milan or a club of that stature that he could win the league or the double every season? Preposterous! Mourinho, Guardiola, SAF, Wenger have all managed it but that is because they are top managers and have the medals and calibre to prove it. Allardyce got his chance at Newcastle, spent over £25million on new players and managed 8 wins in his 24 games in charge and to say he could win the league or the double EVERY time at one of he biggest clubs in the world is beyond me. That is my reasoning behind this article.

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