Gianmarco Zigoni: A True Wonderkid

by Michael Somerville

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

If there’s a new kid on the block in Italian football than you can forget Alexandre Pato for just a minute. The 17 year old striker Gianmarco Zigoni has already scored a few goals for the senior AC Milan team this season, but has incredibly scored more than a hundred goals for the youth team before that.

It seems that football runs in the blood for young Zigoni. His father Gianfranco played for Juventus, Genoa and Roma and his son is looking to fill his father’s boots.

He’s been described as ‘quick, strong and sharp’ by Treviso’s daily newspaper and is a ‘backs to the wall striker.’ Coming in a 6ft 2inchs he’s not lacking in the height department either.

Loan spells at Treviso have given him much needed first team football. Can he build on this? Is he the new Del Piero? Perhaps a bit premature, but watch this space…

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  • Angelo

    A sadly misinformed blog post, and this is coming from a Milan fan.

    Zigoni has not scored a single goal for the Milan senior side (in fact he has only made one league appearance off the bench) and he certainly hasn’t scored “more than a hundred goals” for the Primavera (youth) side given that was only purchased by Milan from Treviso (not brought back from loan as also stated) at the start of the 09-10 season.

    He is also nothing like Del Piero, which, prima facie, you basically answer yourself by correctly (about the only correctly stated) listing his height as 6’2.

    Where the hell did you get your information from?

  • Mike

    Hi Angelo, I got my facts from a specalist Italian writer Paulo Baldini with the Guardian who recieved his information from a Treviso football scout and journalist.

    Apologies if this information is incorrect!

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