Giovanni Dos Santos: The forgotten talent

by Marc Sibbons

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

On the 10th June 2008, a 19 year old Mexican by the name of Giovanni Dos Santos joined Tottenham FC from European Giants Barcelona for the minimal fee of £4.7m. Having progressed through the youth ranks at Barcelona with the likes of Bojan and Sergio Busquets, ‘Giovanni’ quickly gained a reputation as an expert dribbler with instinctive creative attributes, with many dubbing him the new Ronaldinho. This summer marks the 3rd year since his arrival at White Hart Lane with many  Spurs Fans barely remembering his face since he joined in 2008 as opposed to singing his name on match days.

So what has happened to the ‘Wonderkid’ Giovanni Dos Santos since he joined 3 years ago? and why would Spurs waste such a talent by relegating him to the sidelines? Well, the only man that can tell you is Harry Redknapp, and he certainly doesn’t seem to be much of a fan of the Mexican Maestro as a total of 18 appearances in 3 years will convey.

‘Gio’ as he is referred to by his team-mates, arrived at Tottenham with a global reputation as one of the best young talents in Europe, let alone La Liga. But the question on everyone’s lips was this: Why would a world class club like Barcelona let one of their best young players leave for a fee of under £5m without a fight? It seems Tottenham are now beginning to learn something that Barcelona knew from the very start and it just so happens that no-one knows why that is. After all, you wouldn’t of seen Barcelona sell a certain Lionel Messi for that price at the tender age of 19 would you?

Gio has the talent to get in most of the top european sides without question. Everyone saw that during his brief appearances for the Barcelona first team and his star showing at last summers World Cup in South Africa earned him a nomination for the Young Player of the Tournament accolade.  However, for all his skills and technique, does Gio have the killer touch that sets himself above the rest of the pack? evidently not. Although a succession of injuries have contributed to his downfall at Spurs, Harry Redknapp has not even used him to warm the bench this season when fit, whereas the Barcelona hierarchy must have preferred the similar Bojan as a more destructive talent to lead them in the future during his time in Spain.

Loan Spells at Ipswich and Turkish Giants Fenerbache have proved to be successful for Gio, but not rewarding. His name is constantly linked to other clubs since he came back from recent loan spell in Turkey and is inevitable that he is swiftly heading towards the exit door this January/summer barring a spate of injuries to the Spurs midfield. One thing is for sure is that Gio has time on his hands. At 21 years old, the trickster has many years ahead of him and he might just find the home he is looking for with his next move. Spurs fans just hope that his talent doesn’t come back to haunt them when he finally does.

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  • John

    Shame. A wasted talent.

  • yid76

    Ummm sorry but didn’t Barcelona, allow Fabregas to leave for next to nothing, and have been trying to get him back ever since. As well as Pique whom was sold to Man U, only to be purchased back, and play week in week out…

    In regards to Gio, he has had trouble settling, and has been plagued with injuries…

    If we look at a certain Mr Gareth Bale, i am sure that until mid-last season he hardly played was aweful, and was on the verge of being shipped out, and know he is questionably our best assest. So who knows what could happen with Gio…

  • Fatfish

    It’s well known that Gio can pass a ball, but not pass a bar. He loves the nightlife too much, so he will never become a top player.

  • pravi

    so you mean they knew cesc fabregas would be a failure that why they sold him earlier….
    gio is a good player, once he will start playing regular football you will see how good he is…..same like gareth bale…….

  • Dangerous

    Boys a pisshead, no place for him at Spurs because he can’t keep himself out of the bars. Makes you wonder why we are in for Carroll, who’s latest injury was sustained falling off a barstool in a casino apparently.

  • Josh

    Sorry but you couldn’t be more wrong here. He does not have the ‘talent’ to get into any top European side. He just isn’t that good. Typical Spurs supporters (including me) are blinded by the previous club, where if he was that good he would not have left. Certainly not for that cheap. Unfortunately in this case, I just dont feel he will ever be as god as he needs to be at the position Spurs are in right now. He will undoubtedly do well in another league or at a club that is not in the Champions League. Maybe a Portugal side or a or something alike? The Premiership is just too strong for him to do as well as we all hoped.

  • Marc Sibbons

    I’ve always wanted to see Harry give the young man a chance. In the two pre seasons he has been with the club, he has shown great promise so i really don’t understand why he fails to make even the bench on match days, even if he is supposedly fit to play. I just hope we keep him for a few more years, and he takes his chance fully if he gets another break through injuries/suspensions etc.

  • Booja

    Lionel Messi…… How could you expect Gio to be like him…Probobly the best since Diego. I really dont think his been given enough chances, pluss the inguries did`nt exactley help him…..
    It was very unfortunate (for him) that he signed for us, I think he got so much in him, a beauty to watch, much ability, but is there any room for him in the squad that we have now….?
    25 years, but never have I seen such enormues potential, we dont need to reach for the stars, WE GOT THEM!!!

  • Zafer

    I watch Gio every game in Turkey. He has some tricks but is slow and cannot score. We did not buy him as he never impress, he is lasy player and often get stuck with the ball by opposition. In teh World cup he only play well for very short quarters.

    He will never be top player and only suprise is that when we send him back and turn down option to buy him that he stay at Tottenham FC, why??!

    He will play for little team maybe in slow small country. He should go back to mexico perjaps?

  • davvspurs

    Zafer you talk with fork tongue Firstly Barca let him go because he had just had a big operation on his ankle like Bale did. Barca put a clause if we sold him in two years the fee would rise to 8 million. The lad has got talent but if you dont play and Harry dont like you you are forgotten Like Bentley who has just got man of the match forhis loan club . Harry nearly loaned Bale to Forest Keane the ex Ipswich manager rated him highly and he played with a few good ones at Utd.

  • Muser

    A guy from Barcelona I met last summer told me that the problem with Gio is not his talent but his application and tendency to do the latter in bars ( as friend ‘dangerous’ suggested ). If he knuckled down he could be as good as … his younger bro who is apparently one to look out for…pity Barca didn’t sell us him…

  • LeeRomeno

    Its completley different case with Fabregas, Barca never wanted to sell either Pique or Cesc, but it is not legal to offer real contracts for minors in Spain, while it is legal to make it so in UK, which means Wenger just could offer more for Cesc.
    Fabregas has always been considered a very talented and good player, while Gio was a talent at youth game, just like Gai Assulin, but never really made that jump to adult football.
    He has very bad personality and his tricks will not do vs good defenders. I am starting to think Bojan might have the same fate 🙁

  • Jakobsen

    Yid -> Barcarole didn’t “allow” Fabregas to leave for nothing, Arsenal signed him on a free transfer as he was too young to sign a professional contract in Spain. This meaning that there was nothing barca could do about it legally.

  • Tittenhm HotSpurt

    Sort your grammar out:
    “hierarchy must of preferred the similar Bojan ” It’s must HAVE preferred”

    Just trying to help you on journalistic way.

  • benjamin

    If he played, Totenham would be leading the league.!!!!What a waste of talent!!!!

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