Girl of the week – Dylan Hardy

by Mystical Mike

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

It’s not very often we are lost for words but when the stunningly beautiful Dylan Hardy sent her pictures in we were all left totally speechless.

Neuroscience student Dylan is a dead ringer for Bridget Bardo and looks certain to take the modelling world by storm. So remember where you heard the name first!



Dylan Hardy






Neuroscience student and model



Fav player

Jason Kumas


Fav film

Swordfish & Legally Blonde

But I have just started watching Heros because we got the box set and its amazing!

Fav band

The Strokes, Missy Elliot & Eminem

Finest hour

Passing my driving test, my zoo double page spread, the night i got really drunk and pole danced in front of the whole club at Zoo bar in Leicester Square and my friends watched dying of shame hehe (i was loving it though really).


To become a famous glamour model and travel to America regularly. I would love to be on TV beauty adverts I have the ‘L’oreal…because your worth it’ perfect!

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  • Stevie

    she’s lovey, she looks amazing in that black n white shot!

    best one yet?

  • PJ

    sizzling hot like soup in a pot!!!!

    🙂 🙂

  • Tomo

    marry me, I have a ford Escort and I work in Tescos. I can be your manger and we can tour the world!

  • dylan

    awwww I’m loving all the lovely comments 🙂 Bridget Bardot! she’s hot its good xx

  • croftsy

    hey dylan, you probably get lads doing this all the time but you seem to be smart and very good looking, i’m a student myself at warwick, we could go 4 a beer and talk about astrocytes?

  • stevie

    good to see the lovely back on our screens

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