Girl of the week – Harriet Letheren

by Mystical Mike

Friday, September 19th, 2008

This weeks hotty is 18 year old travel consultant Harriet Letheren . Harriet is a Miss Intercontinental GB finalist which takes place later this month. She has modeled for UK Football Finder recently, hand picked to represent her fav team Everton in the Sexy League, watch this space as you may be seeing more of the lovely Harriet!



Harriet Letheren




Devizes in Wiltshire


Travel Consultant



Fav player

Tim Cahill


Fav film

Transporter, Green Street, Sister Act and Pretty Women

I a big film fan!

Fav band

The Kooks & We Are Scientists

Finest hour

Making it to the grand finals of Miss Intercontinental GB later this month


To become a well established model who all the guys wanna be with and all the girls wanna be!


Click here to vote for Hazza in the Sexy Football League



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  • Stevie

    she can arrest me any time!

  • tef1on

    Best one of all time in my opinion. She should win this season! Absolutely Gorgeous! 10/10

  • Rich Cockayne

    I think you’re really really lovey and would love to say hello to you.

  • Jay

    The girls do seem to get better week by week!!

    Good luck Everton in the sexy league, good battle with Sunderland going on


  • John McGalway

    ‘ave ye seen me lucky charms?

  • Grant Smith

    Hi it’s Grantos! Can I take you out for a sausage dinner sometime? By the way, I like ginger muffs me. RIGHT ON!

  • Stevie Wonder

    Hey baby

    I can’t see you winning

  • Bathboy

    You live near me, seen the weather, lovely isn’t it. I get the bus to Goodison, wanna sit with me in the main stand and we’ll go halves on a hot dog?

  • Fat Rich

    Bathboy loves hot sausage, I should know, he’s had mine a fair few times!

  • Gwladys_Street_

    Although I find men more attractive, I’d love to see your chocolate hoop

  • Imran

    Allah would not condone such behaviour, where is your black curtain?

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