Girl of the week – Identical twins

by Mystical Mike

Friday, August 29th, 2008

This week we have a double treat with the stunningly cute McGee twins from Liverpool. Now there’s no need to clean your glasses, you are not seeing things, Beki & Hannah are identical twins. We believe we have found the sexiest twins alive. Both girls caused a stir at Liverpool fashion week recently and look set for big things.

Both girls are representing Liverpool in the Sexy Football League, have you noticed they are in fact 2 different girls?

The Twins


Beki & Hannah McGee






Students and models



Fav player

Steven Gerrard of course!

The Twins

Fav film

Dirty Dancing

Fav band

Arctic Monkeys and floorfillers in the clubs

Finest hour

Taking part in Liverpool fashion week


To lead a happy and healthy life and be a success in the fashion or modelling industry


Click here to support the twins in the Sexy Football League



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  • Stevie

    wow, Ive not seen a set of twins as nice as those before!!

    Good luck girls, smashing!!


  • Parks numero uno

    They are nice but not as nice as Keely Marie from portsmouth.

  • Justin Dupre

    Hottttttttt.. nothing beats identical twin! woo

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