Girl of the week – Kaylee Ann Miller

by Mystical Mike

Friday, August 8th, 2008

This weeks lovely lady is 20 year old fitness instructor Kaylee Ann Miller from Staffordshire. The gorgeous Kaylee was Miss Stoke-on-Trent in 2007. Kay also knows her stuff when it comes to the potters and has appeared in various magazines and websites modelling the latest Stoke City kit.Kay


Kaylee Ann Miller




Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire


Where do I start?……. I’m a Full Time Student, Part time Fitness Instructor/Receptionist, Part time Pageant girl and wanabee Model!!


Stoke City

Fav player

Carl Dickinson – for his dedication and love for the Club,
Ricardo Fuller – for his goal record
Liam Lawrence – Our Player of the Season
“Come on you Potters!”


Fav film

“Honey”,” Save the Last Dance” and the best football movie ever “Football Factory”

Fav band

I love dancing, so if it makes me move like Beyonce and shake my booty like Shakira I’ll be listening to it!!

Finest hour

Winning the title of Miss Stoke-on-Trent 2007 which secured my place at the Miss England Final.


To become “Miss UK Football Finder 2009!!!” of course and hopefully have the chance to make modeling my full time career.


Click here to vote for Kay in the Sexy Football League



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  • Parks numero uno

    I must say that the girls are getting lovelier by the week!!!!!
    this is the only league where there are no losers.

  • Stevie

    I agree, babe central!! Kaylee looks different in every shot, very pretty girl, and a true Stoke City fan, really good to see!!

  • Stevie

    ps: and what beautiful brown eyes!

  • Darren

    why are there no fitness instructors like Kaylee at my gym, thats what I would like to know!!

  • dee

    you’ve got my vote Kaylee, I love pretty brunettes with brown eyes.

    Good luck in the sexy league!

  • Parks numero uno

    yet again my working day has been brightened up by an absolutely gorgeous young lady!!!!

    Thankyou UKFF, you are legends!!

    I love Kaylee’s smile, it turns my legs to jelly.

  • dee

    i think she looks best in the Yellow away top, very natural and oh so pretty!

  • dexylongshot

    The greatest thing to ever come out of stoke since Gordon Banks, that includes Robbie Williams.


  • Parks numero uno

    i think i need to move to stoke

  • dee

    Roobie Williams is the worst thing to come out of Stoke

  • Parks numero uno

    Ha Ha!!!!

    Robbie Williams is a national treasure and should be loved………..NOT!!!!!

    Kaylee is a national treasure and should be worshipped like the goddess she is

  • dee

    have you seen this? someone posted this on a blog on here, I almost pissed myself.

    Martin O’Neil legend!! Williams mugged up! Classic

  • Foxy (not from stoke)

    I think i would marry her she is the fittest thing i have ever seen in my life OH MY GOD her eyes hypnotises her smile mesmerises her body makes my willy rises!!!!

    stoke to win!!!!

  • dexylongshot

    Isn’t he a Port Vale supporter (so called supporter). I wonder how many games he gets too.

  • dexylongshot

    I’ve set up a free fantasy league if anyone fancies a bash. Pass onto whoever.

    Set a team up, register it, get all your login details and then join this one.

    League – ukfootballfinder league
    Pw – ukfootballfinder

    I’ll do a proper blog on it later in week along with our wicked new premiership predictor game that goes live this week, you can get to meet the UKFF girls on a photoshoot if you win!!!!!!!!

  • Kaylee (Stoke City)

    Hi all thanks for all the above comments, was really interesting to read the conversation about Robbie Williams 😀 and that “you-tube” clip was a right laugh!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE….keep voting as I would love to gain a place at the final. Thank you all for your support!!!! It’s really appreciated as I know I have huge competition as ALL…. of the girls are beautiful and I know I’m counting on each and every single vote to get me to the top of the table!!!

    Thanks again
    Miss Stoke City!!!
    “Come on you potters”
    Finally, I would like to wish all of the lads the best of luck in the Premier League!!! I hope to see them at the top of the table tooooooo!!!!!! I believe in you boys!!!!!

  • KillaOatcake

    you have my vote hun.. Youre easily one of the sexiest women i ever saw. good luck ” duck ” 🙂

  • Darren

    I can’t believe you lot beat us 2-1 yesterday!

    Voting for Miss UKFF will start in Jan, 3 heats over 3 months, 10 girls per heat, winners go through to the final and best 2 runners up will also make it.

    Good luck Kay, you also made it down to the final 5 for that shoot in Gilbralter but they only chose 4 girls in the end.

  • Kaylee

    Gutted about not making it to Gibralte!!!, but youve just got to believe that us lot beat you 🙂 See you again at the end of the season lol X

  • Darren

    how do Kay? it didn’t happen in the end.

    We are crap, Cesc is the new captain, what are the odds he leave in January like our last 2 captains did

  • kaylee

    hahaha no captain likes it wen the team loses!!!! u have to be strong to take on the pressure!!!! do u fink they torture them wen the team doesnt perform lol 😀

  • Darren

    oh dear Kaylee, looks like the Potters are going to pot! Oh well, there’s always Miss UKFF 09 which starts this weekend!!

  • kaylee

    Think they are just going through a bit of a bad spell 🙁 when ive had a word with Mr Pulis it will all change you see, watch this space! Just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I can do well for Stoke in Miss UKFF 09, there has got to be a light at the end of the tunnel!!!!!! lol

  • the kid

    ur sooo beautiful i think im obsessed..oooo kaylee i want u so bad…ooo kaylee i need u in my life oooo kayleee im in love

  • the kid

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx how tall are u kaylee???

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